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[YesAuto News] The time has come to mid-February. Although the epidemic is still not over, many netizens have ended their lives at home and started normal work and study. The editor also brought a new issue in time. The cold knowledge relieves everyone's boredom. In the content of this issue, we bring you the little secret of the ambulance. Why is the negative pressure ambulance so important in the fight against the epidemic? What exactly is the English written on the head of the ambulance used for? If you want to understand these issues, then read on. (Want to know more cold knowledge? Click here for details)

In the cold knowledge of this issue, we have brought you all kinds of popular science about ambulances. This kind of special vehicles that are usually not paid attention to have played a great role in the special stage of the epidemic in our country, and the negative pressure ambulance The vehicle also avoids cross-infection of medical staff in the process of transporting patients. No one would have imagined that 2020 will start with a new type of coronavirus pneumonia that affects most provinces in China, and the spirit of the people across the country to fight the virus together gives us hope that the epidemic will be eliminated as soon as possible. (Pictures and texts/Jiang Che from the car home)