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[YesAuto Design Decode] I have forgotten when “greasy middle-aged” began to become a buzzword on the Internet. It does not matter. Its popularity indeed reflects the deep anxiety of middle-aged men. What are the characteristics of the “greasy middle-aged”? Big belly, wearing various skewers on your wrists, thermos cups soaked with red dates and goji berries, reading poems at parties and then starting to cry… Please be seated. In our subconsciousness in the past, whether it is a traditional van or an evolved MPV, compared to other models, there is a bit of a “greasy middle-aged” existence. First of all, its own “shape” gives people the feeling of wantlessness, and secondly, the owner of the car is in line with the “greasy” characteristics. How to fight against “greasy” has become a deeper problem. Today, let’s talk about the design story of Trumpchi GM6 and see how it says no to “greasy”!

◆ GAC design center and team introduction

The design of GAC Trumpchi is well known to everyone. Let’s start with Zhang Fan’s joining. He not only created a family design language for GAC Trumpchi, but more importantly, he established a design team with a high right to speak within the group. , Which shows that the value of the team has been adequately recognized and supported in the development process. Since its establishment in 2006, GAC DESIGN (Guangzhou Automobile Engineering Research Institute-Concept and Modeling Design Center) has developed into a professional team of nearly 300 people. Its product design has also been widely praised by the market, and its sales speak for itself.

In April last year, GAC's Los Angeles Forward Design Center was officially inaugurated for operation. It will undertake forward-looking styling design, interaction and experience design and brand visual design, so as to allow domestic and foreign cutting-edge creative resources to communicate, transmit diversified ideas to the country, and help GAC integrate overseas superior resources. This is also another layout of GAC's internationalization strategy after the establishment of the Silicon Valley R&D Center.

Many manufacturers have set up design centers in Shanghai, and GAC is no exception. The reason is simple. Shanghai is a gathering place for overseas returnees, with a large number of high-level creative design talents. The establishment of a forward-looking design studio in Shanghai can quickly complement the design talents of the GAC Research Institute and coordinate with the Guangzhou headquarters. Compared with the Los Angeles studio, the Shanghai studio has more relevance and interaction.

◆ Light and Shadow Sculpture and Ling Yunyi's Theory of Evolution

As one of the most well-known auto designers in China, Zhang Fan has now changed his role from designer to manager. Now his work at GAC is more about management and control of design trends, not as before. I'm drawing a picture. The front-line work is more often handed over to a group of energetic and creative young designers, such as today's two keynote speakers Danka and Feng Yu.

When Zhang Fan joined the GAC design team, there were only 26 people in the team, and he was the 27th. Zhang Fan smiled and called this a “guerrilla team.” When the “guerrillas” of the past became “regular forces” with more than 300 people, the GAC design team also emerged with many outstanding new-generation designers. It was also in 2012, but Ka and Feng Yu came to GAC almost back and forth. They have grown rapidly and have now become the backbone of the team. They absolutely have a say in the evolution of GAC's family design language.

From “1.0” to “3.0”, from the perspective of an ordinary consumer, the changes that can be clearly perceived are actually much weaker than the message conveyed by the designer. This is normal, most people are not sensitive to design. It can not be denied that after so many years of accumulation, Trumpchi models have been highly recognizable. It is reported that “4.0” will have a breakthrough in style, and the direction will be more concise and pure.

◆ Trumpchi GM6, strive to be an MPV with design pursuit

People in middle age can be uncles, but don't be greasy. Objectively speaking, most of the owners of Trumpchi GM6 are uncle-level users. The purchase of MPV must be based on family needs. The first appeal of car purchase is naturally practicability. How to create an MPV that looks energetic but can take into account practicality, which has been labelled by the society as greasy, is a topic that the design team has been thinking about.

Now people are becoming more and more rational when buying cars, and the herd mentality is not as strong as before. This is also a kind of self-awakening. But Ka said that if he considers MPV, he will list all the MPVs he is interested in, and then choose according to his own needs. In fact, in the end, you will find that many things are related to design, whether external or internal. Brand is the first element, and then it may be styling.

The front face of Trumpchi GM6 is also “Ling Yunyi”, but compared to the ordinary sedan in the family, it will be wider in vertical and horizontal directions. If you pay careful attention to the MPV models on the market, you will find that it is actually difficult to make a design sense, and if you are not careful, it will appear to be too hard. Therefore, GAC’s design team did not want to complicate the problem, but instead created a more overall visual symbol by extending the horizontal and vertical directions.

But the card believes that MPV must ensure the sense of integrity and value, and the design of the side of the body is very important. It cannot be made into a square box like a van, so the designer tried to create a more vivid surface with light and shadow, and this is also the best expression of the modeling language of “Light and Shadow Sculpture 3.0”. In addition, through the outline of these details of the waistline, I hope Trumpchi GM6 will give people a sense of high-spirited posture.

If there are two words to describe the tail of Trumpchi GM6, it is broad and steady. The through-type taillight is a popular design nowadays. It is made up of 230 LED light sources, and the blackened treatment is also very fashionable. The wide rear windshield and suspended roof also allow onlookers to get a better look and feel no matter where they stand at the rear of the car.

◆ MPV needs “face” and more “lizi”

Compared with the appearance of “face”, Trumpchi GM6 is a bigger challenge for designers to create the “lining” of this car, so that its internal space can also reflect the internal “character” of the owner. The appearance is good for people, the interior is good for people, and the details must show more care.

Whether it is designing GM8 or GM6, the design team emphasizes the need to be “flexible on the outside”, so that car owners and passengers can feel at home and warm when entering the car. Therefore, the GM6's central control embodies a horizontally developed design, coupled with the elegant interior color matching, does not make people feel very irritable. As for the panel treatment, its chamfer is also as rounded as possible to avoid garishness and harshness.

GM6 interiors provide users with two color choices, one is the light color series for elegant homes, which reflects elegance and warmth; the other is the more fashionable dark series, which reflects the modern sense. Presumably a more warm beige interior will be the choice of most home users. It should be noted that in the luxury version and above, only 7-seater models can choose this color scheme.

Undoubtedly, the one-piece large screen composed of two 12.3-inch LCD screens is the visual focus of the entire center console and one of the highlights of the interior. Because this article is mainly about design interpretation, the functional stuff will not be introduced here. If you are interested, you can click to view the Trumpchi GM6 test article, which has a detailed function introduction.

In terms of riding space, Trumpchi GM6 is mainly developed around “comfort” and “high utilization.” Among the 10 models on the market, the ratio of seven-seater and six-seater models is 6:4, and the difference between the two is the third row. The seven-seater model has three seats in the third row, while the six-seater model has only two seats. From the perspective of the created sense of space and our actual experience, its performance is worthy of recognition.

The official volume of the Trunk GM6 trunk is 324L-1100L. During the previous test, we found that it still has good storage capacity when the three rows are in normal use, and it can even put three suitcases of different specifications at the same time. When needed, the third-row seats are folded up. There is no need to worry about the storage volume of the trunk. The depth, width and height are all more than 1.2 meters, and the internal flatness is relatively high. Through the physical display in the picture above, you can see that the storage capacity of GM6 is even faster than that of Odyssey and Big Brother GM8. This is entirely a surprise created by the designer through the reasonable and clever layout of the space!

Full text summary:

Users always think about the best of both worlds, and in the end they will inevitably fall into the trap of gains and losses. Sometimes, even if a designer becomes a magician, he may not be able to meet the needs of users. Therefore, it is actually the greatest success to be able to prevent customers from feeling that they are losing each other. As an MPV, Trumpchi GM6 has a very clear positioning and role. Through its shape and the concept of interior details, what it presents to everyone is not a “greasy middle-aged” image, but more like it can accompany you at ease. The “warm man” who lives his life.