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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] Many models today are emphasizing sports characteristics. For cars to become sporty, decorations that reflect sports elements are indispensable. These elements, whether superficial or functional, will inevitably be different from “normal” vehicles. At present, there are not a few sports models on the market, so what do they rely on to reflect sports? Today, let us take a closer look at the various elements that embody sports.

Design is a very artistic thing. Sometimes even a small detail change will make the vehicle look more energetic and dynamic. For many of the sports elements that people agree to talk about today, I actually don’t I don't know why it can embody movement, but the actual effect does give people such a feeling, maybe this is the charm of design.

Big Siege

The big enclosure is a sports kit that everyone is more familiar with. Relatively speaking, it is less difficult to install, but it has a more obvious effect on improving the visual sense of sports. Therefore, many modified cars on the road also have this option. Equipment, of course, there are not a few of the original models that emphasize sports, such as the TYPE-S version and Kaisersi, and the previous Bora R.

For most of the daily models, the addition of a large enclosure is just to achieve a more sporty visual effect. From the perspective of aerodynamics, it is actually a spoiler, whose main function is to reduce the reverse airflow generated when the car is driving, and at the same time increase the downforce of the body, which has a positive effect on improving the driving stability of the vehicle.

Since it is called a big encirclement, packaging elements not only on the front face, but also on the side and rear are indispensable. Many models also do this. It is undeniable that those supercars and sports guns must be strictly calculated by aerodynamics, and most civilian-level sports cars are more of a visual gimmick.

The materials of the large enclosure mainly include resin fiber, PU plastic, ABS plastic, etc. Resin fiber is also commonly referred to as glass fiber reinforced plastic material. Its price is relatively cheap and it is easy to repair after damage. It is often the first choice of many car owners; the flatness of PU plastic is very good. Excellent, small collision may not damage, but high temperature and long-term easy deformation are its weaknesses; ABS plastic is not high in cost, but the cost of the mold is relatively expensive, it is very important that it is not easy to deform under high temperature, which is regarded as performance A more balanced product.

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● Spoiler

The spoiler is a very familiar sports element. It refers to the additional board above the rear of the car, and it is also used to become the rear wing by many people. As the name implies, the role of the spoiler is to improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle during the movement, increase the downforce of the vehicle, of course, it is almost ineffective at low speeds, but it will increase the resistance of the vehicle during the movement.

The role of the spoiler in high-speed driving cannot be ignored. The speed must reach at least 140Km/h. Therefore, we will see that the spoiler of many racing cars is very powerful. The aerodynamics of real sports cars are all refined. By calculation, most of the models with spoilers in our daily life are mostly just for visual pleasure. Not to mention, many cars with a rear spoiler can indeed add a lot to the overall effect of the vehicle.

Southeast Mitsubishi's Lancer Wingshen is a family car with a more prominent sportiness. On its more powerful 2.0-liter model, the rear wing has naturally become an indispensable equipment. While strengthening the sport, it also makes a lot of money. Return rate. The Octavia RS just launched, in addition to using the powerful 2.0TSI + 6-speed DSG power combination, a major change in appearance is the addition of a tall spoiler to highlight its sporty flavor.

Of course, the spoilers of many cars are not necessarily tall and bulging. For example, Audi A4L and other models have a slightly bulge at the end of the trunk, which can be visually more dynamic and can also play a certain role in spoiler. For many hatchbacks, in order to avoid the monotony on the side, a small spoiler will be installed at the rear end. Regardless of whether it really works, at least it increases the dynamics of the vehicle from a visual point of view.

In some mid-to-high-end sports cars, the spoiler also contains high technology. The vehicle computer will sense the speed of the vehicle and automatically control the raising and closing of the spoiler. For example, Porsche Boxter and other models have the spoiler when driving at low speeds. It will be hidden inside the vehicle to reduce wind resistance and obtain better fuel economy; when reaching a certain speed, the spoiler will automatically rise to provide stronger downforce and better handling performance.

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Honeycomb grille

Attention to detail is very important for everything, and the same is true in the field of design, even if it is a change in a polyline or a slight change in shape, it may give you a new understanding of things. This is certainly not the case for car design. A small detail change may produce another visual effect.

The honeycomb grille is undoubtedly an important element to enhance the sense of sport. I still don’t know why it can make people feel more sporty. Maybe it’s people’s default recognition of honeycomb, or it’s on sports cars. The technique that has been used has left an inherent impression on people. In short, the honeycomb grille is almost indispensable in my mind when it comes to sports elements.

The honeycomb shape of the grille is just a change in shape. Compared with the horizontal and vertical grille, it can not improve the actual heat dissipation efficiency, but for civilian sports models, it is also good to be eye-catching. Of course, not all models pursuing sports have to have a “honeycomb”, this is just a common phenomenon. In addition, after all, aesthetics is a perceptual cognition. Everyone has different perceptions of beauty. You can also disagree with this honeycomb pattern, but most people should still accept it.

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Barrel Meter

The barrel type instrument is mainly for its style, because the shape is a bit like a barrel, hence the name. In the early days, barrel-style instruments appeared more on sports cars or high-performance vehicles. The deep design was more or less ostentatious, and the sense of power was created from then on. Because the shape of this barrel does not have any difficulty in design, it is not surprising that it is adopted by more and more civilian models.

When the barrel-type instrument was first implanted in a civilian car, many people may feel a bit ostentatious like me, but now that I have been watching it for a long time, I am used to it. Instead, I think it is very beautiful. While enhancing the visual effects, it is also helpful for practicability, because its meter “canopy” is very long, which avoids reflection problems to a certain extent, and makes the data in the meter easier to read.

Even though the barrel gauge is very common, it is still mostly applied to cars that highlight the handling and sports performance, so that they can better reflect their sports characteristics and give the driver a stronger desire to drive. Many miniature and Small cars also use the barrel instrument design, which undoubtedly adds a bit of vitality to the originally practical car.

Red element

When it comes to colors related to sports, many people will naturally think of red first. This color seems to always be a symbol of passion, vitality and sports. Whether it is history or now, the appearance of red elements is naturally indispensable on all sports-related car bodies. In terms of body color, the most famous is Ferrari Red.

You can completely think that black is the best color to reflect the interior sports. Many sports cars or sports models of a certain car do this too, but if you add red embellishment, it will undoubtedly give people a stronger vision. I feel that in this regard, the opinions of car designers around the world seem to be more agreeable. Of course, you can't rigidly think that sports should be red and black.


Performance Testing
0-100Km/h acceleration time 8.2 seconds 8.29 seconds
Hideo XT 1.6T Hideo GT 1.6T

Looking back at our real civilian models, those sporty players undoubtedly also adopted this red and black color combination, which always makes people feel passion and vitality in the deep sense of black, such as the relatively hot model Yinglang recently. For the 1.6T model, the center console and seats use a large area of red and black tones, which can arouse people's enthusiasm for sports. For family cars, in addition to the slightly expensive price, Yinglang is in control and acceleration performance. They are all good too, with a good balance between sports and visual effects.

As a high-performance golf GTI, red decorations are naturally indispensable in the interior. Red threads are used to sew the leather on its steering wheel and handlebars, giving a stronger color contrast; the same situation is still in it. This is reflected in the Sagitar Champion Edition, the 2010 Champion Edition. Compared with the previous models, the 2010 Champion Edition has mainly changed in some details. One of the important changes is that the original white thread is changed to red thread sewing, which has a sporty atmosphere. Enhanced.

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Paddle shifter

If the first few sports elements are reflected in the visual effects, then use paddles to shift gears and operations. It used to be an equipment only available on F1 racing cars and super sports cars. It is added through the paddles placed behind the steering wheel. The work of reducing gears can therefore avoid the movement of the arm to save shifting time. Today, this former “high-end” configuration is no longer in the high and low range, and can be seen in many of our common models.

At present, we see that most models with paddle shifters provide a manual shift mode based on automatic transmission (different from many super sports cars). Compared with the use of shift levers for shift operations, The paddles can better experience the fun of driving and have a civilian-level racing addiction. Moreover, without leaving the steering wheel, the driver will inadvertently make the driver pay more attention to the road ahead and concentrate on driving.

For most models, you can enter the manual mode by directly flipping the shift paddle in the automatic mode. The shifting of the gear shift between left and right increases is also consistent with that of the car. If you forget to reduce the gear, the computer detects When the speed is too low, it will automatically downshift. After all, it is still an automatic gearbox, but the manual mode is transferred to the steering wheel.

Among domestic family cars, there are not a few models with paddle shifters. Of course, most of them are reflected in sports-related models. Although they may not really have excellent handling performance, at least sports-related work must be done first. . Some small cars have also added paddle shifts to their models in order to seek more driving pleasure. The 1.5 Cool Sport version of the Fit is an example.

However, what’s more interesting is that with the advancement of technology and production levels, the gearbox has more and more gears. For example, the BMW 535Li executive model that we just tested has a total of 8 gears. The scale ratio is very small. Although the manual mode is hardly used for this type of executive-level model, if one day you want to experience the paddle shifting, then you can switch in 8 gears, you can't mess up your position, hehe .

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● Summary

Although the configurations introduced today may not have an impact on the performance of the whole vehicle, for ordinary people, these sports elements can still stir people's visual nerves in many cases. After all, the design often leaves a first impression on people. It is also a very important score, and maybe you will really be attracted by one of these elements, which will become the inducement factor for your car selection.