[YesAuto Technical Lecture Hall] Before the Spring Festival, I came to the Mazda headquarters, where I listened to a speech full of dry goods by the “Father of Chuangchi Blue Sky” Ren Jian Mitsuo. In the PPT presentation document he prepared, the so-called environmental protection concepts such as “small-displacement turbocharging” and “pure electric” that are popular in the automotive industry have been mercilessly slammed by this technical madman…

As the chief technical officer of Mazda, Renjian Guangfu first introduced Mazda's three-step strategy for the development of internal combustion engine technology. The first step, the i-STOP intelligent start-stop system has been basically completed.

The second step: i-ELOOP deceleration energy recovery technology. At present, Atez and Angksela have been equipped, and will continue to be promoted in the future.

The third step is Chuangchi Blue Sky + Hybrid, which is obviously the product of Mazda and Toyota's cooperation. At present, only the hybrid version of AXELA is sold in Japan.

In addition to the three-step strategy that has been completed above, Ren Jian Guangfu believes that there is still a lot of potential for the internal combustion engine in the future. It also revealed some of the characteristics of the second-generation Chuangchi Blue Sky gasoline engine: higher compression ratio (up to 18:1 ) And lean compression ignition, etc., each of which is extremely challenging.

Ren Jian Guangfu believes that if the efficiency of the traditional internal combustion engine is further tapped and the actual fuel consumption is reduced by 25% compared with the current one, then the carbon dioxide and other emissions will be equivalent to that of a pure electric vehicle.

Regarding the current phenomenon of “small-displacement turbocharging” sweeping the entire automotive industry, Ren Jian Guangfu said that the main reason is that the European NEDC test mode is more focused on low load, so it is more advantageous for small-displacement turbocharging, while the US FTP test mode It's closer to actual usage.

If Chuang Chi Blue Sky Engine introduces “cylinder-breaking” technology in the future, it will completely crush other 3-cylinder 1.0T or 4-cylinder 1.4T engines in terms of fuel efficiency. At this time, would you still say that small-displacement turbocharging is more environmentally friendly?

In addition, from a cost point of view, the inherent cost of small-displacement turbocharging is higher than that of natural aspiration. I believe you all know this. This is why Mazda’s Chuangchi Blue Sky Engine has to stick to the path of natural aspiration.

Then everyone saw Guangfu turned his attention to the electric vehicles that major automakers were engaged in the “Great Leap Forward”. First of all, although electric vehicles are on the surface zero-emissions, power generation from power plants actually has carbon emissions. The graph lists the carbon emissions per unit of power generation in countries around the world. The subsequent analysis will take Japan's data as an example. You can pay attention to China's figures.

The results of the analysis are amazing. According to Japan's current power generation energy composition, the carbon emissions indirectly caused by electric vehicles are almost the same as those of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles! Electric cars are not as environmentally friendly as we thought!

Some people may say, then change the energy structure and introduce more clean energy to produce electricity. Renjian Mitsuo also made an analysis of this: suppose that half of the cars on the road in Japan become electric vehicles, and the electricity used comes from clean energy such as solar or wind energy, and see what happens.

The result is that 44 million electric vehicles are basically charged at the same time at night, and the corresponding installed capacity of power generation needs at least 132 million kilowatts. The pressure on the power grid will be extremely huge. If this part of the demand is to be met, it seems that it still has to build a new thermal power plant to deal with it.

Ren Jian Guangfu finally came to the conclusion: Under the current energy structure, relying on the large-scale popularization of electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions is completely upside down! A reasonable solution should be to reduce the carbon emissions generated by power generation while finding ways to improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines. For China, whose carbon emissions per unit of power generation is almost twice that of Japan, should we make a leap forward in electric vehicles?

In addition, Europe's carbon dioxide emission measurement standards for plug-in hybrid vehicles have also made people complain about it. If according to the actual use, the carbon emissions of most plug-in hybrid vehicles will be much higher than the standard measured value. From a certain perspective, the public's emission gate is exactly the evil result of this “exam-oriented education”.

From the perspective of the actual interests of users, Ren Jian Guangfu also made an analysis: now there is no big difference between burning oil and charging in terms of cost, is there anyone who would be willing to charge every day? Qin can be seen everywhere on the roads of Shanghai. How many of them only burn oil?

In the end, people see Guangfu’s summary in simple terms: 1. The internal combustion engine still has more than 30% potential to be tapped; 2. Taxation based on emissions is a no-brained policy, and taxes should be collected based on emissions; 3. Emission testing standards require Closer to actual usage; 4. The energy structure of electricity production does not change, and the environmental protection of electric vehicles is a false proposition.

Everyone sees the theories mentioned by Mitsuo, even the technical colleagues of other Japanese automakers may not fully agree with them. But from another angle, if people saw that Guangfu did not have such unique insights and persistence, Chuang Chi Lantian would not have been born. In fact, whether it is people who see Guangfu or Mazda, they are trying to be themselves.