[YesAuto Engine Technology] To say that Porsche has attracted the most attention of car fans recently, it must be the launch of the Porsche 718 Boxster. In the eyes of ordinary people, it may just be a modification of the styling and a more “Porsche” number name, but in the eyes of car fans, let the newly developed horizontally opposed 4-cylinder turbocharged engine replace the classic horizontally opposed 6 Cylinder naturally aspirated engine, this can definitely be regarded as an earth-shaking change. I believe that many people want to ask the same question as I do: Is this kind of change progress, or is it just for compromise?

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The new Porsche 2.5T horizontally opposed 4-cylinder turbocharged engine does not seem to be a simple compromise. From this engine, we can see that Porsche is preparing for the next big game: VTG technology is decentralized from the high-end Porsche sports car to the entry-level sports car, and the future Porsche 911 series turbo. Porsche is very clear that if it wants to seize the future sports car market, a high-tech sports car that is more suitable for daily use is bigger than the extreme pursuit of purity. But doing so does not mean that you have to give up all traditions. The retention of the opposite level and the VTG technology can show that Porsche has put a lot of thought on inheriting traditions in the process of compromising with the future.