[YesAuto Special Report] “Fast4ward” 0-400m straight acceleration race (hereafter referred to as 04) was held in Beijing for the first time in April 2015 (click to review), and has been committed to creating the most professional and best straight acceleration in China Race. I still remember that their main creative team with only a few people talked with us about their preparations for the first straight-up race. Up to now, they have successfully hosted many races and established an operating company with more than 20 people. The more influential they are, they have been working hard to get closer to their dreams step by step. Not long ago, they successfully held a drag race at the Shanghai International Circuit, which may make your eyes shine.

● Enable new competition system, more professional

● Vehicles that have traveled far and wide to compete

● Unexpected final duel

Written at the end:

Fast4ward has always been committed to creating the most professional 0-400m straight-line racing in China. They are also using actual actions to prove this point. The holding of exciting races has also brought them closer to their dreams. The first game that was “childish” and the professional performance so far, they have paid so much for this, and I wish them better and better! Come on, fast forwarders! (Photo/Text/Photographed by Guo Feng, Car Home)