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[YesAuto Design Decode] The status of the cow in the hearts of the Chinese people has always been sacred. Its steadfast, hard-working spirit is a model for us to learn from, and it has been the same throughout the ages. When we describe a person serving the people wholeheartedly, we will call him “ruzi bull”; and for those with pioneering and innovative spirit, we will describe it as “pioneer bull”. What about a car? As an industrialized product, the SAIC MAXUS T90, nicknamed “SAIC Niu”, is a cold and savage machine? Or your partner on the road, today we will show you the charm of it through design interpretation.

SAIC Maxus MAXUS T90 (hereinafter referred to as T90) is based on the SAIC Maxus MAXUS pickup concept car. This concept car first debuted at the 2020 Chengdu Auto Show. At that time, we had a close experience when we were in the museum. It was indeed full of technological sense. However, in recent years, the gap between the concept car and the actual car's final display has also been nicknamed “concept Lin Moumou, real car Luo Moumou.” It can be seen that everyone is disappointed with many cars after mass production. Then the T90 What is the degree of reduction of the previous concept pickup truck? Can it make people shine?

Early user research and participation are important

Let's first introduce the design leader of SAIC MAXUS T90-Luo Jian. He entered the Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center in 2001 and has led and participated in the design and development of important models such as Regal, Excelle, Yinglang and Cadillac CT6. He joined the design team of SAIC Commercial Vehicle Technology Center in 2016 as the design director. The design and development of the familiar D60, G50, G20, T90, EV30, V90 and other Chase brand models are all done by him.

Netizens who are familiar with SAIC MAXUS know that their C2B concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Each product has different options from the inside to the outside, ranging from the power structure to the chrome decoration of the windows. They will provide users with a variety of choices. . The same is true when building a car, as early as when the D90 was built, allowing potential users to participate in the design of the vehicle, and by listening to their opinions and suggestions to improve their own products, that is, to integrate the strengths of users. After all, the final product is also To face them. This is also what Luo Jian mentioned many times in the introduction to “open the door and build cars” to allow more different sounds to come in, and the design is also a collision of many different views and ideas.

The same is true after the establishment of the project on T90, but the information collected from users is mostly vague and more demanding. For example, this pickup needs to be tough, atmospheric, large in size, etc. These are not concrete things. However, how to reflect these demand points into products requires more ideas from designers.

It's really a bit “bright”

Nowadays, competition in the auto market is very fierce. How to make people impress people at a glance is particularly important. T90 adds a lot of chrome decoration to its appearance, which also adds a personality to it. Among them, the front grille is especially representative. The addition of a large number of chrome-plated bright strips makes it highly recognizable. In addition, the position of the window, door handle and door skirt line on the side of the car is also the case. Cars, especially pickup trucks, are rare in the market.

In addition, the design language of Zhiju Bafang continues to be extended on the brand-new pickup truck. SAIC MAXUS started the family design of D90, and later we launched G50/D60/G20 and commercial vehicle V90 products. We have seen it one after another, so we are not surprised to adopt such a design on the T90 this time. However, the design ideas have been further transformed compared to the previous ones. Each line shape inside the front grille has more and more processing, and the transition of the octagonal corners is smoother and more natural, visually It will also bring a more refined feeling.

There are even more rim design schemes. Luo Jian frankly said that what made him most entangled at the time was whether he wanted functionality or a sense of refinement. The final 18-inch wheel rim, its creative sense comes from the ice axe commonly used in outdoor climbing, and it also reflects the sense of power. In fact, for such a pickup truck, the 18-inch wheels are not big, and it takes more time and energy to complement the overall match. This rim was designed with the engineering team for multiple rounds of “fierce battle” on the level of craftsmanship, strength, stiffness, and cost, etc., and multiple rounds of modification were carried out. After milling, it was approved by the two teams and finalized. This program.

In fact, compared to the front, I think the design of the rear of the pickup truck is more difficult. In addition to the lower enclosure, the designer has very little room to play, and only the tailgate door panel and the shape of the lights on both sides are left. . Usually, we can also see that the practice of many manufacturers is to press on the brand logo or make a smooth transition.

As for the tailgate of the T90, we can see that the designer still took some careful thinking. The plasticity is better than steel plate, and the contrast between the black plastic and the body color is used to further enhance its layering. In the real car, we can see that the C-shaped width indicator light and the middle light strip decoration match the popular through-type rear effect, but it is limited by the internal longitudinal space, and there is not enough space inside to install it. The light strip can only be used as a decoration.

The interior is more SUV/add more soft bags

Compared with the exterior design, the engineering and collision safety must be considered more. The interior decoration of the T90 is more reductive. The entire interior still has an enveloping design style, and sitting in the car will give you a feeling of being embedded inside. In the interior style, more soft cover has been added, and more suspended design elements with a more high-end sense have been added.

Editor's comment:

SAIC MAXUS T90 “SAIC Niu”, as the second-generation pickup product of SAIC MAXUS, has completely departed from the previous tool-type pickup truck in terms of shape. More avant-garde mainstream and technologically-sense techniques have gained a lot from it. Good presentation. Judging from the product positioning and the information conveyed to us, it is a pickup truck with obvious passenger style, and it is not inferior to passenger cars in terms of configuration. In addition, it will also launch a pure electric version in the future to provide users with more new choices. In recent years, under the tide of the use of Chinese brand pickup trucks, new products have been launched one after another. It can be said that this is the best era in the Chinese pickup market and the time when products are most competitive.