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[YesAuto用车宝典] For those who don’t know much about cars, if you see a car but are not sure whether it’s suitable for you, what should you do if the ten-minute test drive in a 4S shop is too short? That 30 days, not too long, will be enough for you to get started, right? Based on a newly purchased vehicle, on the one hand, we will discover the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle from the actual use experience within 30 days. On the other hand, we will show how to deeply experience and analyze whether the vehicle is suitable for them, so that new car users can get started as soon as possible. As for how to experience 30 days before buying a car, it is a good choice to find a friend to borrow it or rent one on a shared car rental platform.

Everyone must choose a car carefully on the Internet first, so how to choose? Is it really okay to just look at the budget? What dimension should we filter from? Some friends buy a car are very emotional and only look at the eyeballs, but often find that they are not suitable, dislike or can't afford it at the end of the purchase. The car selection still needs to be selected based on rationality (the local tyrants are at will), and the rigid conditions are almost screened. Follow the edge of the eye.

So, how to filter in the first step? Looking for a car within the budget? wrong! It should first calculate how much budget you can actually afford. This budget is easy to calculate, based on the household's disposable income, combined with the purchase cost and the use cost. Generally speaking, a family with a monthly disposable income of about 4,000 yuan can easily afford a car with a bare car of less than 100,000 yuan. 30% down payment, 36 instalments of loan, and monthly repayment of less than 2,000, including the cost of car maintenance, is it enough? Generally speaking, a family has only one car, so this car needs to take into account most of the functions as much as possible, and it should be cost-effective. Therefore, we focused on the Chinese brand compact SUV.

Through the preliminary audition, we have selected four popular models of these four brands that have a high degree of attention among Chinese brands, and then we will begin to further in-depth selection. For home users, space is a very important indicator. The wheelbase is a strongly correlated data of the interior space of the car. From the above data, the Haval H6 Coupe has the longest wheelbase, followed by BYD Song Pro, and the outer dimensions are slightly better.

In terms of power, Geely Boyue 1.8T is the strongest, while the remaining three models are not much different. Although Changan CS35 Plus's 1.4T performance is very good, unfortunately it uses a non-independent rear suspension. If you are pursuing power performance, then Geely Boyue is a good choice, but if you feel that the power is enough and do not pursue such a strong acceleration, we will continue to look down. Most of the friends who would choose the Haval H6 Coupe are people who want a large family car under the same budget and value the price-performance ratio.

It can be clearly seen from the comparison of the configuration that the comprehensive advantages of Haval H6 Coupe are very high, especially the configuration of panoramic image, steering wheel shift, automatic anti-glare of the inner rearview mirror and steering assist lamp, which is convenient and interesting for driving. And safety is very helpful, the air-conditioning temperature zone control, the whole window one-button lift and the rear backrest adjustment, etc., have greatly improved the internal comfort.

On the whole, Haval H6 Coupe is more suitable for users who don't have much pursuit for acceleration, but want to give the whole family a larger ride space, and want to enjoy a more comfortable and convenient use experience, and occasionally bring some fun to themselves. This is a vehicle that can clearly feel the high cost performance.

After talking about the suitable car owners of the Haval H6 Coupe, we can finally get started. This step is actually the running-in between people and cars.

What is the first step to get started with a new car? Of course, clean up the car first, and add enough oil. Generally, a 4S shop will help you get these things done, but it’s best to check it yourself.

Running-in between people and cars

The vehicle is checked and cleaned up. Now we need to study the size of the vehicle. Someone may be surprised. Didn't we talk about the size parameters of the vehicle before? Why do you want to do it again. This time I didn't look at the parameters on paper, but seriously felt the size of the vehicle and the distance between front and rear, left and right.

In environments such as underground garages, narrow roadways, and crowded parking lots, larger cars will encounter difficulties in moving and moving, especially those with a weak sense of space. When it is difficult to judge the field of view, it is easy to misjudge the body and the car. The distance of surrounding objects.

People who don’t drive or who seldom drive large vehicles often see other people turning or reversing on the road or in the parking lot. They will find that there is still a long way to go, so why stop and move back slowly? Slowly, at this time, you will subconsciously complain about the driver's level. However, the reality is that you can drive your food. It is really difficult to grasp the distance when you just drive a big car.

The panoramic imaging system of the Haval H6 Coupe is activated when the R gear is engaged. After it is activated, the D gear will continue to run for a period of time. It will shut down after the speed rises. It is helpful to reduce driving difficulty and reduce accidents in a narrow driving environment. Incidence rate.

Operating space in the car

After getting acquainted with the spatial relationship between the vehicle and the outside world, we then become familiar with ourselves and the environment inside the vehicle. It doesn't matter to the passengers, just enjoy the ride, but the driver needs to control and control the various functions of the vehicle through the various facilities in the vehicle.

Handy storage space

The storage space around the driver also needs to be familiar. You need to pick up items when you are driving or paying. In addition to the conventional large storage compartments under the inner panels of the four doors, the four most commonly used storage formats for drivers are the handle grooves in the door, the front storage compartment of the handle, the slot on the right of the handle, and the front of the central armrest box. Two cup holders, of which the slot on the right side of the handle is most suitable for placing mobile phones.

People often pay attention to the size of the storage compartment, and the convenience of access to the storage space around the driver is often ignored. In fact, this attribute will have a very large impact on driving safety and convenience. If access is not convenient, then The driver is easily distracted to observe, and his attention will leave the road.

How to find some fun

Although this is an urban SUV that emphasizes comfortable home use, in the face of greedy drivers (especially home owners), Haval H6 Coupe still provides some interesting features to satisfy their desire for driving.

Use of smart functions

Now the smart car system is also an important function of the vehicle, and many functions will greatly help driving and daily use of the car. Let's talk about how to use these important functions.

The function display of the trip computer is switched by the previous item and the next item on the left side of the steering wheel. Note that it is not the Mode button in the middle. Move this button up and down to switch tracks. The volume buttons on the left have a convex-concave design, and you can know which one is plus or minus at the touch of your hand, which is convenient for blind operation.

The right button area is mainly responsible for the adjustment of the cruise control function, and the operation is also very simple. Just click the activation button to enter the standby state, and then press the speed adjustment button to start the cruise. The speed adjustment button also adopts a concave-convex design, which is convenient for blind people. operating. When the accelerator is depressed, the vehicle speed will continue to increase, but when the accelerator is released, it will return to the set speed. When the brake pedal is depressed, the cruise control exits to the standby state, and the speed adjustment key is pressed again to continue the cruise.

The smart central control screen can be operated by touching the screen, but there is a safety hazard in doing so while driving, so a quick operation area is provided behind the handlebar. If you are proficient, most of the functions can be operated blindly here.


That's it for the last issue. In this issue, we mainly talked about familiarity with body size, riding space, driving style, and the use and functional characteristics of smart cars, hoping to help you strengthen your understanding of vehicles. In the next issue, I will talk about long-distance driving, carrying space, fuel consumption, noise and other aspects of experience and usage guidelines, and will also select representative questions from netizens to answer. I hope you will actively ask questions.

[YesAuto Use Car Collection] Dear netizens, after a week, we will continue to talk about “How to get started with a Haval H6 Coupe in 30 days”. In the last issue, we mainly talked about familiar body size, riding space, driving mode, and the use and functional characteristics of smart cars. Then after more than two weeks of actual use, I will tell you about long-distance driving and carrying space. , Fuel consumption, noise and other aspects of the experience and user guide.

Functions used for long-distance driving

We often say that we should check the car's condition, especially the tire pressure before long-distance trips. In fact, the ideal state is before each trip, but that is too troublesome. After tire pressure monitoring, this problem has been solved. This problem can be solved by pressing a few buttons. .

I need to self-quarantine for 14 days when entering Beijing from other places during the epidemic. In order to avoid accidentally bumping into Hebei’s mobile phone signal when driving in the suburbs of Beijing, which may lead to self-quarantine after returning home, I dare not drive too far when I am driving, so this is a long-distance driving. In fact, it is from the city center to the suburbs. Of course, due to the drastic reduction of inter-city mobility, it is not too cool to drive on the roads of Beijing during this time.

People who often drive on high speeds know that when changing lanes, you must pay attention to the vehicles coming from the side and the rear. Otherwise, accidents are prone to accidents if you do not observe the fast approaching vehicles from the side and rear. Unfortunately, the side and rear are usually blind spots, so many cars are equipped with a merging assistant as standard, which helps the driver to observe the hard-to-see blind spots and the far side and rear road conditions. Once the merging is carried out, a warning will be issued.

Noise can “remind” you that you are speeding before listening to rock and going to bed afterwards

Noise during high-speed driving is inevitable. Generally, the higher the speed, the greater the noise. In addition to the noise caused by the high engine speed, there are tire noise and wind noise. According to the driving experience of many models in the past, in addition to high-end models, the noise performance of many models at 80km/h, 100km/h and 120km/h can be regarded as a stage, especially when the critical value of 120km/h is even exceeded. The internal noise will show an unignorable level, and everyone in the vehicle can feel the signal of “the speed is too fast” through the sound, which seems to force the driver to reduce the speed in this way. The noise performance of Haval H6 Coupe is this typical “setting”.

In addition, in the case of long-distance driving, it is inevitable that all passengers except the driver are sleeping. Many drivers must listen to music or cross talk to relieve boredom when driving long distances and avoid falling asleep. Sometimes they will drive loudly in order to be able to hear clearly, which will affect the rest of the passengers.

How to pull goods and animals

Many people buy SUVs because they can only have one car at home, so they need it to meet the needs of as many families as possible. Carrying space is a very important point, so when many people choose SUVs, can the rear seats be upside down? Peace is very important. It happened that my leader, Cao Cao, was going to move some things in the past two days, and it happened to be able to smooth (jiǎ) then (gōng) body (jì) and test (sī).

This kind of carrying situation is often seen in our daily life. In order to install as many times as possible, give up the field of vision directly behind, and only rely on the sight of the outside rearview mirrors on both sides. In fact, there is a certain safety risk. We strongly recommend not to fill it so full.

In addition to the main flat space of the luggage compartment, there will also be some small corner spaces. The designer will create a small storage space according to local conditions and make use of it for placing some infrequently used items that need to be accompanied by the car.

Many people keep pets, especially those who have Wang Xing people at home, and they often drive their dogs to the outskirts to have fun. However, there are a lot of precautions when driving with pets. My family does not have a dog, but there is a cat, which is connected to a certain extent.

Window and light control guide

Let's talk about the control method of doors and windows. The central control area at the top of the front row is often overlooked, and many people have bought a car for a long time without understanding the complete function here. Generally speaking, this is responsible for controlling the sunroof and interior lights, and often integrates a glasses case.

Fuel consumption analysis

From the time I picked up the car to the deadline, I filled up twice, and both times were filled up. Since I didn’t know the starting mileage at the first refueling, I couldn’t calculate the fuel consumption, so I only calculated the mileage after the first refueling. .

The main trips for this period of mileage are driving to and from get off work and driving on Saturdays. The car time is from March 10th to 20th. During this period, the rate of resumption of work in Beijing is not high, so the loop is not too congested, but occasionally. Stop and go, turn on the warm air throughout the driving period. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are many non-circular sections in the city, so the overall speed is low. One or two trips to the suburbs in the middle were considered long distances, and the fuel consumption was once reduced to 9.4L/100km.

In general, the overall fuel consumption of the Haval H6 Coupe is considered to be a conventional level, so that a car of this size can reach this level and is acceptable. New cars should perform better when they reach 2000km or more.

nitty gritty

Next, I will talk to you about some of the small details of this car. There are some complaints and details that can only be found after long-term use and thorough investigation.

Automatic parking is a very useful function that allows the driver to reduce the operation of electronic parking, but if you do not understand the design ideas or are unskilled in using it, you will think it is a tasteless function.

to sum up:

After a month of use, we have basically figured out the temperament of the Haval H6 Coupe. This is an SUV that is positioned as an affordable home. From our series of user guides, it can be seen that the overall performance, use experience and configuration of this car are based on the principles of ease of use, durability and universality, which can satisfy most families and drivers. The use needs and habits of the staff. Of course, the Haval brand generally feels more masculine, but now when buying a car at home, the hostess also has a high right to speak. It would be better if there were more designs that pleased the hostess.