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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] After the turning point of the epidemic, we finally ushered in our first huge holiday! Eight days of National Day! After holding back for more than half a year, I believe everyone is eager for this trip. For many people, the closure during the epidemic has made many people a little confused about the trip. Where should they go? Can my car go? How should I prepare? What should I pay attention to? In response to these problems, we have carried out a comprehensive sorting and sharing for everyone, let's go!

Editor's summary: Come and go safe!

After experiencing the baptism during the epidemic last year, it seems that everyone is pointing to this year’s 10.1 National Day to vent their long-suffering dream of traveling. You will think so, and others will also. At this time, you must pay more attention to the details, whether it is personal protection. Pre-departure preparations are particularly important. I hope that through the brief sharing in this issue, you can have a clear idea before the departure. I wish you all a happy National Day! Safe travel!