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[YesAuto Travel Notes] The more you grow up, the more lonely you are! The more you grow up, the more you get lost! The more I grow up, the more I want to find the simple and happy self I used to be! Many people want to take a self-driving trip alone. I just want to say: “Don't hesitate, go!” While you are young, you can run and climb while you are young. Try, how to get rid of the confusion of this age, how to find that simple and happy self?

However, the reality is always cruel, and now I feel that traveling alone is actually far less simple and romantic than imagined, because there are far more things to consider and pay attention to than traveling in a team. To give the simplest example: a car is stuck, how can you help yourself?

Friends who have been paying attention to Far Travel Notes will find that after some minor upgrades to the explorers in the previous issues, we went to camp in Sandaochuan near Laozhanggou. The road conditions there are more complicated, with gravel and mud. Sand will encounter, and for some friends who are not experienced enough to drive bicycles, they will encounter a more embarrassing problem on complex paved roads-the car gets stuck. Today, I will take the explorer as an example to simulate a few car trapping scenes and talk about how to save ourselves after a bicycle is trapped!

Editor's summary: Cycling is “a lot of embarrassment”

I like to drive by bicycle, but what should I do if I don’t want to go wrong? Full paving + no cross-country + mature route, but even so, you can't guarantee that there will be no problems during the bicycle self-driving process. In the absence of external force, many times it will make us particularly embarrassed, such as unable to catch fire, such as the wheel holding ( If there is a winch, it will come out in a short time), such as sliding down the roadbed, for most SUV owners, some common trapping situations are actually not too dangerous, but because there is no external force + no teammates, they are often particularly embarrassing and depressed. .

Could it be that it is so difficult to go out for a stroll on your own? Not really! The premise is that we must evaluate the route, vehicle conditions, vehicle passing capacity, and our own technology in advance, and then make necessary preparations based on the general situation of the destination. For example, in the sand, a board, rope, and shovel are very necessary. If it is a mountainous area, monkey climbing poles, winches, etc. are necessary. Anyway! It’s okay to go out by yourself, it’s crucial to do your homework in advance! If you want to have fun, you can't let yourself go through fluke.