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[YesAuto New Energy] Smoke (ran), motor failure, brake failure, incorrect hardware version, patent disputes, car owners' rights protection… The electric vehicle market in the first half of 2020 seems to have been infected with a virus. It's too peaceful. Recently, there has also been an issue with the Zero Running car. Some car owners have exposed a series of quality, safety, and service problems of the company's Zero Running S01 model through the media. So what are the reasons for these problems? How does the official plan to solve it? To this end, we have conducted in-depth verification of the person in charge of the Zero Run Auto.

◆A quick overview of events:

On the afternoon of April 27, some media released a video on social platforms. The content was that a consumer named “Xiao Guo” bought a leading car in August last year, but unexpectedly half a year after using the car, it was officially declared as “standard”. Part of the assisted driving technology is still not online, so it hopes to retreat. After the video went online, it attracted public attention, and we also followed up with the report ( portal ).

On May 11, Leaper Motors held the T03 new car launch conference. On the same day, an “open letter” from the first batch of owners of Leaper S01 was circulated on the Internet. In addition to questioning the official false propaganda on assisted driving functions, It also raised numerous complaints about product quality issues and functional configuration of the Zero Running S01. Afterwards, Auto House immediately inquired the manufacturer about the user's feedback, and obtained official information ( transportation ).

We had a more in-depth exchange with the product manager and after-sales manager of Leap Motor. We hope that through this article, we can let car owners and netizens understand as much as possible the cause of the product problems of the zero-run car? Is it serious? And how to deal with the follow-up of the zero running car.

◆Quick questions and answers when car owners complain about products:

●Q: How many failures of the booster pump have occurred? Is it a common problem?

Answer: There is no failure problem, and the booster pump has never been replaced by the car owner. The problem has been solved by replacing the signal switch and OTA, which is not a common problem.

●Q: What is the cause of the overheating alarm of the power battery system? Are there hidden dangers?

Answer: The safety threshold of the alarm setting is too high, so it will alarm when the internal temperature of the battery rises due to scenes such as charging or violent driving. It has little to do with the external environment. The alarm problem will be resolved in the recent OTA, not the battery There are hidden dangers.

●Q: Why is the screen black? Does it affect vehicle safety? How to deal with it?

Answer: After the OTA at the end of March this year, the vehicle system will have a black screen due to occasional bugs, but the vehicle can still drive normally. This problem will be resolved in the recent OTA.

●Question: Why is there a control system failure? Is there a safety hazard of suspension? How to deal with it?

Answer: The signal switch causes false alarms and will not affect the owner's control of the vehicle, so there is no parking situation (the description of this situation does not match the owner, and the owner is welcome to provide us with more evidence). Zero Run will deal with the problems of different models in a targeted manner, not limited to subsequent OTA software repairs.

●Question: Is the cooling circuit design of the air conditioner a series connection of the battery pack first and the cabin behind? How to solve the problem of slow cooling?

Answer: It is not a series method of temperature control. There is no cooling method of battery first and cabin. The overall control logic is consistent with common industry practices and meets the design goals. It is planned to upgrade the hardware in June to address the slow cooling problem of car owners, and will take the initiative Contact the owner to upgrade.

●Question: Is the camera stuck and malfunctions common? Can it be solved in the future?

Answer: Occasional problems will be solved by OTA in the near future.

●Question: Is there a design problem with the finger vein recognition rate? Can it be improved?

Answer: The design is no problem. Under individual conditions, such as low temperature and severe cold, the recognition rate may occasionally be low and will not increase.

●Q: What is the cause of the body shake problem? Is there a solution?

Answer: Although the vehicle will be inspected after it is offline, the tire dynamic balance data will fluctuate during the transportation of the vehicle, resulting in occasional tire dynamic balance problems after the vehicle is delivered. PDI inspections of vehicles have been strengthened to prevent similar situations from happening.

◆Five key questions to ask zero running car

Through the above questions and answers, we have learned the causes and solutions for most of the problems caused by the car from the perspective of zero running cars. But I believe that many netizens also want to know the answers to more critical questions about product safety, false publicity, and maintenance capabilities. Therefore, in response to these key issues, we will continue to ask further questions.

One: Does it endanger the safety of the vehicle?

In this incident, although the car owners have reported many problems, we are most concerned about the safety of the car. We found that the car owner raised four items that may involve safety related issues, namely “brake system failure, vacuum booster pump failure”, “power system failure, battery overheating protection”, “vehicle machine system failure, main control screen black screen” “And “The control system failed and the vehicle was stopped for no reason.”

Although these false alarms will bring a relatively large psychological burden to the car owner, it does not actually affect the car owner's control of the vehicle. Therefore, the official believes that “there is no serious quality and safety problem with many vehicles as reported by car owners.”

As for the failure of the booster pump mentioned by the user, the official said it was not the case, but it was working abnormally. The official received a total of two such cases. After learning about the problem, the official has also solved these problems through software OTA and replacement of the corresponding signal switch.

Two: Why do problems occur frequently after OTA?

Summary of the previous OTA content of ZeroRun Auto
time version number content
2019.7.27 V1.00.41 1. Optimize the experience related to the power system 2. Fix the problems related to the display of the central control screen 3. Optimize the experience related to the co-pilot's portable in and out function 4. Optimize the display logic of the instrument cruising range
2019.10.10 V1.00.56 1. Optimize the power system control strategy to enhance the driving experience 2. Optimize the cruising range display strategy and enhance the display smoothness 3. Optimize the refrigeration system control strategy to improve the cooling effect 4. Update the APP icon style 5. Fix known problems and increase system stability Sex
2020.03.31 V1.01.20 1. Optimize the “Hello, Xiao Zero” intelligent voice assistant 2. Optimize the driving mode of the vehicle 3. New automatic parking experience 4. Optimize the air conditioning function 5. New music atmosphere light function (only high configuration) 6. New vehicle quick control Interface 7. New user manual 8. Optimized meter interface display 9. Optimized wiper function 10. Optimized air conditioning interface 11. More other optimizations
Tabulation: Autohome New Energy Channel

We learned from the official that since the zero-run car started to be delivered at the end of June last year, the official has carried out a total of 3 OTA push upgrades. We can see from the previous push content that Zero Run has indeed optimized the car owner's car experience and repaired the problems encountered before. However, car owners are still quite dissatisfied with the OTA strategy of zero-run cars. First, the upgrade frequency is low, and secondly, new problems will appear after the upgrade.

We understand that the other party's implication is that the frequency of future OTA updates will not be significantly different from the present. In addition, the other party said that after the current industry upgrades through OTA, there will be problems such as black screens and errors in vehicles, so this problem does not exist in the zero-run car family. At present, Leap Auto has been actively collecting software problems encountered by users and has established a channel for reporting the problems, such as establishing a group of car owners to solve them as quickly as possible.

Here, the editor also wants to add some information to you. In the smart cars that we have tested in the past that can OTA, including Tesla and Weilai, there have indeed been system crashes or similar problems, including the editor himself. I have personally experienced similar situations, and even the vehicle will restart more than two times due to a crash during a trip. However, over time, these situations have rarely appeared.

As for the zero-run car, it is almost a year from delivery. Judging from the feedback from the car owner, the current software bug still exists. The good news is that the official said that there will be an OTA update in the near future, mainly to solve these problems. As for the specific update plan, we will leave it to the next question.

Three: How to solve the problem?

When the zero running S01 460 version was launched on April 15th, it was officially announced that the owners of the 380 version will be given free lifetime maintenance, free lifetime power battery warranty, free lifetime road assistance, and car purchase vouchers. But these seem to have not calmed the anger brought by some old car owners due to vehicle problems. What they need is a solution to the problem in addition to the official explanation.

In this exchange with the official, we deliberately asked for solutions to various problems. Among them, in response to vehicle quality and safety issues reported by vehicle owners, officials said that most of these issues are caused by the vehicle safety strategy logic and do not affect the normal driving of the vehicle. The problem will be solved by adjusting the safety threshold.

In response to system software bugs such as black screens, camera freezes, malfunctions and other system software bugs reported by car owners, Zero Run will be optimized in the near future OTA. As for the problem of slow air-conditioning and cooling, the official plan will provide hardware upgrades for old car owners in the future, but the specific upgrade content is currently unknown.

Four: Is there any false propaganda?

In this incident, whether there is false propaganda in the assisted driving function of the zero running car is the focus of controversy. We checked some information and found that when the previous models were released, the official PPT and offline sales channels indicated that the S01 Pro version of the listed model was equipped with 11 assisted driving functions as standard. Such information makes people think that these functions will be available when the vehicle is delivered, but in fact, since the launch of the S01, the car still cannot achieve the four functions including ACC adaptive cruise. Many consumers who value the selling points of these technologies have been deceived and have not implemented these functions for a long time.

Regarding this issue, the official said, “The functional configuration of this product is officially launched on January 3, 2019. We have announced the various channels for all consumers, including the official website, mini program, and App. In the synchronous announcement, we have clearly mentioned these functions in the vehicle configuration table. We will carry out follow-up OTA upgrades. We have clear remarks on this. In the current progress, these functions have actually been implemented at the software level. But to ensure safety and stability, more verification is needed.”

The official believes that there is no false propaganda, but we did find that apart from the official reminder in the remarks in the configuration table that these functions will be followed by OTA, we did not find any relevant descriptions in other places. We think that for reminding users of the futures function, Zero Run Auto has not done enough.

In addition, it can be seen that there are still differences in the definition of standard features between car owners and car companies. From the perspective of Leap Motor, the S01 Pro version has the hardware to implement these functions, and these functions will definitely be opened to consumers in the future. So they claim that there is no problem with these features as standard on the car. However, for consumers, even for late OTA push, the official did not inform consumers of the exact push time at the time of delivery. This is the key issue between users and brands.

What needs to be stated is that we are opposed to car companies propagating unrealized technologies in an ambiguous manner, and we encourage car companies to have a clear time limit while giving functional expectations. However, I also need to remind everyone that smart cars are a new species in the industry, and continuous updating is its biggest feature and advantage. Therefore, there will inevitably be some car companies to pre-promote the functions that future vehicles can achieve, the most typical example It is Tesla's fully autonomous driving capability. So when consumers buy, they must do their homework on these functions in advance, and distinguish between the functions that will be implemented and the functions that have been implemented, so as to avoid unnecessary disagreements.

Five: Does the battery have the ability to maintain it in the future?

Among the demands of car owners, there is a car that has adopted multiple brands of battery cell suppliers in its own products, so it is worried about the subsequent maintenance capabilities of car companies. In our understanding, the car owner’s concern lies in whether multiple battery cell suppliers will reduce the versatility of the battery. When a certain supplier no longer supplies the battery, the car owner using the battery will not be able to perform repairs.

Officials said that some users are worried about the stability of battery suppliers, mainly because there have been rumors that the Shenzhen BAK battery has closed down, and the early delivery of the S01 model used the battery provided by BAK. In fact, BAK Battery is still able to provide services for Leaper Auto, and Leaper Auto will also follow the normal warranty business process, and will not be unable to maintain subsequent maintenance due to supplier issues. We followed up and asked what to do if the BAK battery really “falls down”. The answer was that the car companies currently have enough spare parts for follow-up maintenance services.

◆Full text summary:

Through the communication with the official personnel, we found out that many of the problems found by the owners of Zero Run have given clear solutions and time points, demonstrating their responsible attitude. However, as far as their products are concerned, problems such as crashes and system errors really shouldn't occur. Fortunately, most of them can be solved through follow-up OTA. We call on ZeroRun to solve these problems as soon as possible to avoid more similar incidents.

However, from the perspective of product strategy, the zero-run car is too radical. In a sense, the current situation has its inevitability. However, in today’s new energy market, there are wolves before and after tigers. The fight is fierce. It does not choose market segments as a way out, does not choose self-developed core technologies, and does not cut into the approachable price range, so for a new car company , Where is its hope? (Picture / Hu Yongbin, Home of the Car)