[YesAuto Appearance Modification] Golf 7 has been on the market in China for a long time. After many successful modification cases of Golf 6, the modified parts of Golf 7 are slowly released. H&R factory has carried out a very thorough chassis upgrade for Golf 7.

First of all, H&R installed a set of twisting motion shock absorbers for the Golf 7, and lowered the front of the body by 25 mm and the rear by 27.5 mm. With a 26 mm anti-roll bar produced by H&R, the Golf 7 can be more controlled. Flexible and robust.

The rim is a 19-inch Rotiform three-piece forged, and the tires are Michelin Pilot 225/35 R19 high-performance sports tires. The large rims are filled with a set of 328 mm Brembo GT brake kits to improve braking performance while also adding aesthetics. .

The mid-mounted double-sided exhaust optimizes the exhaust sound and improves the combat performance. The sales of Golf 7 in China have been very good, but it is difficult to see the modified Golf 7 car. I hope that the Golf 7 will continue to create modified legends and successfully take over the modification. The banner of classic cars.