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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] On September 26, Huawei demonstrated its HUAWEI HiCar travel solution at the launch site of the new phone. It builds an open ecological platform through technologies such as “mobile phone + car + N terminal” interconnection, non-inductive connection, etc., to provide consumers with a safer and more convenient travel experience.

HUAWEI HiCar is a brand-new platform created by Huawei. It relies on the powerful virtualization capabilities of the EMUI operating system to allow cars and mobile phones to share mobile phone AI, communication, and security capabilities. It is different from the current “projection function” such as CarPlay. HiCar extends the mobile phone applications and services to the car, enabling the interconnection between the car and the mobile phone and other IOT devices. At the same time, Huawei hopes to build HUAWEI HiCar into an open platform solution, allowing car companies, Tier 1 suppliers, and application developers to gather together on the HUAWEI HiCar platform to form a shared ecosystem.

Through on-site demonstrations/introductions, HUAWEI HiCar will provide for example, after playing songs on mobile phones, Huawei audio and other devices, they can be automatically and seamlessly played in the car; when the mobile phone GPS signal is weak, HUAWEI HiCar can superimpose the vehicle/mobile GPS signal, so Positioning is more accurate; when the microphone of the mobile phone is not well received, it can automatically switch to the microphone in the car to improve the recognition rate; after parking, the vehicle's external camera automatically takes pictures and records the parking space and other functions.

For car companies only, HUAWEI HiCar can lower hardware costs, research and development costs, and shorten the cycle. With the help of the computing power of mobile phones and other peripherals, mobile Internet ecology, and full-scenario smart life, HUAWEI HiCar can provide users with a better experience. It is reported that by the end of September this year, HUAWEI HiCar will support hundreds of models from dozens of automakers (including pre-installation and retrofitting). Its partners include Volvo, Audi, SAIC, Changan, and Great Wall. (Photo / Zhou Churan, the home of the car)