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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Unknowingly, Hummer, an American car brand known for producing off-road vehicles, has disappeared for nearly a decade. I think the Hummer H2 was once included in the luxury car camp in China, but now it is difficult to see a big figure on the street.

There must be hardcore car fans who are still obsessed with the Hummer brand. This is an exciting news for Hummer fans. According to Reuters, General Motors plans to build an electric vehicle production line at the Detroit Hamtrak plant (which has produced Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac CT6 models) by the end of 2021. General Motors intends to revive the shelved Hummer brand, but future Hummer owners will no longer have to worry about finding gas stations, because the future Hummer will be an electric car… (The picture in this article has nothing to do with Hummer electric cars)

As soon as this news comes out, some Hummer fans may feel a lot of chills. The internal code of the project is BT1 electric truck/SUV, which is an electric truck and SUV project built by General Motors at a cost of 3 billion US dollars. This is also part of the agreement reached between General Motors and the United States Workers' Union (UAW). The content of the agreement is that General Motors will invest a total of US$7.7 billion in the United States in the next four years.

GM will produce BT1 electric pickup trucks in small batches starting in 2021, under the internal code name Project O. The BT1 high-performance electric pickup truck will be launched in 2022, and an electric SUV model will also be launched in 2023. These models will all be launched under the GMC brand name. GM is also planning to revive the Hummer brand, but the plan has not been finalized.

Due to the high profit margins of pickup trucks and SUV models, the world's major auto brands are all brainstorming in the development of electric vehicles. It is a wise choice for General Motors to launch electric vehicles for pickup trucks and SUV models. General Motors told the American Workers' Federation that in the future it will arrange the production of electric pickup trucks at the Hamtrak plant in Detroit, and the production of batteries will be allocated to the Lostown plant in Ohio. We must know that General Motors previously planned to close or sell these two factories, and now they are again in production because of union pressure.

Affected by the leading American electric vehicle company Tesla, General Motors intends to restart the Hummer brand when entering the high-end electric vehicle market this time, and it has also taken a fancy to the brand recognition of Hummer. For General Motors, it is more cost-effective to create a new brand for its high-end electric vehicles than to build a new car on the basis of Hummer. With Hummer's brand influence, he paid for it. Even the former oil tiger Hummer will have an electric car. Does this mean that the gasoline engine era will eventually come to an end? Really fragrant V8 is really seen once less once… (picture from Li Haopeng, home of the Internet text car)