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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] In this Beijing Auto Show, Changan Automobile showed us its self-developed hybrid four-wheel drive technology. Everyone should be familiar with the hybrid power system, which means that two or more power forms are mixed and output. So how does the hybrid power technology collide with the four-wheel drive system? See what Chang'an said.

Since my country began to vigorously implement the new energy policy, major domestic auto companies have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, showing their strength in the field of new energy. As a well-known company in my country, Changan will naturally not let go of every such performance opportunity. At this auto show, Changan demonstrated its latest understanding of hybrid and electronically controlled four-wheel drive systems.

In other words, this system can be simply understood as adding a set of motors to the front and rear axles under the traditional front-wheel drive layout, so as to achieve both hybrid and four-wheel drive functions at the same time. In fact, this technology is not the first case. Many manufacturers in my country have adopted this so-called hybrid four-wheel drive form, which is relatively simple to develop.

Of the two motors at the front axle end, one (ISG) motor is mainly responsible for energy recovery, charging additional power for the battery pack, and the other drive motor is judged and executed by the control unit, coordinated with the gearbox to adjust, and realizes the connection with the front axle end of the engine Hybrid power output.

The rear axle control unit is to cooperate with the front axle control unit to realize the driving logic of the electronically controlled four-wheel drive. Relying on electric energy consumption, this form has great advantages in terms of fuel consumption. In theory, even pure electric four-wheel drive is not a problem.

Changan CX75 PHEV four-wheel drive system performance parameters
Engine power 143Ps
Front axle drive motor power 95Ps
Rear axle drive motor power 95Ps
Pure electric cruising range ≥60km
Maximum cruising range ≥600km
Comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers 1.9L/100km

Edit comment:

Although this set of technology can achieve a win-win situation for both four-wheel drive and hybrid drive at the same time, and the development difficulty is small, this system is based on the control strategy of the front and rear axles to achieve power and economy due to the independent structure of the front and rear axles. The balance between sex and four-wheel drive coordination. From a strategic point of view, it is not easy to achieve high attainments. In the face of complex actual working conditions, it is definitely not a good way to cope with ever-changing changes. No matter how good the data is, it is not really a technology that benefits people.