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[YesAuto Technology] In recent years, hybrid models with power performance as their selling point have emerged one after another, including the superb hybrid supercar “Three Beasts”, the Chinese brand BYD’s Qin and Tang, and the recently launched steel gun model Volkswagen Golf GTE, these models make good use of the output characteristics of the electric motor to achieve the goal of power improvement. Now, the French have also joined this camp and brought a superb 308 R HYbrid.

Although it is still a concept product, it can be seen that the shape design of the 308 R HYbrid has been very mature and is very close to the mass production state. Compared with the mass-produced ordinary version of the Peugeot 308 S, the fierce exterior design is obviously one of the reasons for its eye-catching, but the inner strength under the exterior is what makes this concept car really staggering.

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid has 4 driving modes to choose from:

-“Hot Lap” mode allows the driver to freely call the 507Ps power and 730N·m torque released by the engine and two electric motors;
-“Track” mode limits the power of the whole vehicle to the level of 400Ps and 530N·m. The vehicle is mainly driven by the engine and the rear axle motor, while the front axle motor only provides additional power supplement when necessary;
-“Road” mode “seals” the full vehicle power to the limit of 300Ps and 400N·m, which is mainly used for general road driving. In this mode, the engine is the main force driving the vehicle, and the rear axle motor will intervene when needed, but the front axle motor will not start;
-The “ZEV” mode is mainly driven by the rear axle motor. The system will judge the demand for power based on the driver's accelerator pedal stepping degree, and the front axle motor will intervene when needed. In addition, the hybrid system of this vehicle has 5 working modes. The engine and the electric motor cooperate with each other during driving to jointly complete the vehicle's acceleration, power generation, and charging.

to sum up:

According to Peugeot officials, this 308 R HYbrid releases only 70g of carbon dioxide per kilometer. Obviously, this is a high-performance car that is very friendly to polar bears, and it should not attract protests from environmentalists. However, when you step on the accelerator pedal to the end, you will find that it is completely different from the hybrid cars that promote fuel economy. From the parameter point of view, it obviously far exceeds the German rival Golf GTE. Will such a crazy hybrid steel gun be finally mass-produced? The French are obviously ready to let you see it on the road in 2016.