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[YesAuto Industry] According to foreign media reports, Hyundai Motor recently announced that it has officially developed a “smart air purification” system. The system can detect the air quality in the car through a laser sensor and automatically purify it until it reaches the “excellent” level.

According to Hyundai Motor, the intelligent air purification system uses innovative filtering technology to continuously remove fine particles in the air, whether it is before passengers board or during driving. At the same time, in order to enhance the visualization of air quality, passengers can also visually see the changes in the concentration level of inhalable particulate matter in the car on the AVN screen or heating controller in the car.

In addition, after long-term driving, a large number of fine particles will adhere to the sensors inside the air purification system. In order to solve this problem, Hyundai Motor has developed a semi-permanent sensor based on laser technology. At the same time, in order to ensure a good purification effect in low and high temperature environments, the system also uses components such as fan motors and laser modules with better durability and reliability.