[YesAuto in-depth experience] We often use the phrase “heroes are sad for the beauty off” to describe how the “great heroes” of ancient and modern times have fallen under the pomegranate skirt of beauties. For a “tough guy” model that has a history of 60 years and has developed to the sixth generation, market demand has become the vane that it has to follow in its remodeling and replacement.

Just as entertainment stars always act and sing for excellence, in recent years, stars in the off-road vehicle industry are no longer willing to just show off on the rocks and in the mud. They increase the size, increase the configuration, and improve the suspension of the chassis. Constantly improve their comfort to adapt to the use of cities and highways, hoping that they can also develop off-road and urban amphibious development. This is true for “Road Tour” and “Daqie”, as is today's protagonist, Patrol.

Who is Patrol?

Speaking of Patrol, many non-fans may not be familiar with it. Is this Nissan's new flagship SUV? It really isn't. As mentioned in the introduction, the first generation of the Patrol was born in 1951 and came out the same year as the familiar “Road Tour”. After 60 years of baptism, the Patrol in front of us is already its first. Sixth-generation model. Those who want to know the history of the Patrol models can [click here].

The domestic market has introduced a small number of fourth and fifth generation models of Passo, their positioning is also very clear, that is off-road, so in the field of off-road vehicles in the country, Passo gives people the feeling of being a tough guy, pure off-road. Many off-road players even directly purchase the short axle version for modification.

The introduced Patrol is the sixth-generation model originally imported from Japan. It was officially released in 2010 in its main market, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The current global market is mainly concentrated in the Middle East and parts of Asia. A discerning person can see the relationship between it and the Infiniti QX56. The main technology and even the interior of the two cars have a high degree of similarity. The relationship between the two is similar to Toyota's LC and Lexus' LX series.

Dimensions: a huge, typical Nissan SUV

The shape of the Patrol can be described by two “very”, one is very Nissan, the other is very big. The reason for the very Nissan is that the three-hole family air intake grille that has been used for many years, if there is no other model as a reference, from a distance, it is even somewhat similar to the familiar Paladin.

As for the size, we have to talk about its size. The length of the car is more than 5 meters, the width of the car is more than 2 meters, and the height has reached 1.96 meters. Not to mention BMW X5, Audi Q7, these big guys in the eyes of Europeans, even if compared with full-size SUVs such as Escalade, Land Cruiser, and QX56, the size of the Patrol is mutually beneficial.

If the front face of the Nissan is still original, then the side of the Patrol completely exposes its relationship with the QX56, and the side lines of the two cars are almost the same. The use of tyres finally maintains its own tough guy characteristics. The A/T all-terrain tyre size from Bridgestone is 265/70 R18, and the flat ratio of up to 70 also ensures that the thickness of the tyre is enough to cope with more. Shock.

The new Tuile retains a more sturdy non-load-bearing body design, but the suspension is changed from the previous generation’s front and rear integral bridges to the front and rear double wishbone suspension with better road performance, and the HBMC hydraulic body dynamic control system is both comfortable and stable. Has been a huge improvement. Open the fuel tank cap. I have to mention a bit of regretful news. Xintuo does not have a good stomach that can eat No. 93 coarse grains. The engine with direct injection technology clearly requires non-97 gasoline not to be drunk. This seems reasonable in the Middle East. The requirement at home may be a reason for many people to give up it.

Note: What is HBMC?

The full name of HBMC in Chinese is the hydraulic body dynamic control system. When driving on the road, the main function of the system is to suppress the body roll and ensure the driving stability of the vehicle. On off-road roads, the system will maximize the suspension travel. , So that the four wheels keep the grip as much as possible and improve the vehicle's ability to escape difficulties.

The nature of the car will also bring some problems that do not exist in the car, such as entering and exiting the basement or in the building with limited height signs, there is always some worry, such as some height limit columns with a height limit of 2m, which are only 4 cm from the roof of the car. , That really means that the briquettes have to hit the roof of the car. The problem of getting on and off the car that some friends worry about is not serious. With the help of pedals and A/B-pillar handrails, getting on and off the car smoothly is basically not a problem.

Interior, configuration experience: BOSE audio can be windy, new off-road mode selection

The design of the center console of the Patrol is 90% similar to that of the QX56. This is only a conservative estimate, because in addition to the car logo on the steering wheel, the differences in other parts are more due to the configuration and color. The off-white interior is noble, but it also completely cuts off the owner’s idea of driving it in the wild. Think about the effect of the white countertops, door panels, or seats stained with black back. It’s like driving a new model. Porsche 911 to participate in the WRC sand and stone stage, anyone who loves a car will denounce you for violating the heavens.

The style of the leather steering wheel is also exactly the same as that of the QX56, and there is no difference in workmanship and feel. The slender, white and tender steering wheel looked so pitiful that I couldn't bear to hold “her” directly with dirty hands after I had finished scraping the sand, and I had to take out a wet paper towel and wipe it down. The electric heating of the steering wheel may not be used in this spring and summer season, but don’t forget that in the winter that has just passed, users in the north have a particularly strong demand for this function.

I won’t introduce too many functions on the steering wheel, such as audio control and cruise control. The newer configurations are the three major systems of front collision warning, lane departure warning and merging reminder, although they have been seen on other brands. This is the first time it has been used on Nissan.

The front collision warning system will start when it detects the threat of a rear-end collision, and it has a high degree of intervention. At the same time, it can help the vehicle to stop completely when the accelerator brake is released. If the driver insists on stepping on the accelerator at this time, It will also give the accelerator pedal an upward thrust to prevent you from continuing to refuel. Of course, this force is resistant. As long as the driver insists on depressing the accelerator, it will still obey your dangerous actions after a resistance.

Another configuration that is very suitable for Patrol is naturally the AVM body surround monitoring system. Although Nissan as low as Qashqai is now equipped with this configuration, considering the huge body size of Patrol, I still insist that this is a few days away. I think There is not one of the most indispensable equipment for the Patrol.

The air conditioner and audio system of the Patrol are all made by Nissan, and the workmanship is excellent and the hand feel is excellent, but it can only be regarded as a million-dollar SUV. There is an overhead air supply function in the lower right corner of the air conditioner, which is very practical. The air conditioner will not blow directly to the body, but the temperature in the car will drop significantly. When this function is turned on, several air outlets do not supply air, but you can still feel that the air conditioner is working, so where does the wind come from? In the BOSE speaker! This is not a joke on April Fools' Day. The wind does blow out of the BOSE speaker, but to be precise, it should be the air outlet of the air conditioner hidden in the BOSE speaker cover.

On the basis of QX56, Patrol has further enriched its off-road functions. In addition to electronically controlled four-wheel drive switching, New Patrol also adds functions such as four-wheel drive lock and driving mode switching. There are four modes of road, desert, rock, and snow. Available to choose from, basically covering common road conditions.

Looking up at the problem, the problem comes. The ordinary sunroof of the Patrol is really out of grade. Is it because of the rigidity of the car body? In short, consumers do not listen to the explanation. It is certainly unpleasant to spend more than one million on an SUV without a panoramic sunroof. The sun visor that can be extended at this time comforted me a little. When I drive on weekdays, I am often blinded by the sunlight between the two sun visors. At least I don’t have to worry about this problem on the Patrol.

Ride: 3075mm wheelbase PK third-row seats

The ride experience of the Tourer can be described as a variety of comforts. This kind of sofa-like ride experience is something you can't find on how expensive a German car body. In fact, Nissan cars are already very “sofa” at the level of Sylphy and Teana, but the seats of the Patrol are thicker, especially the first row of seats, they are also equipped with three-level adjustable heating and ventilation functions.

For such a full-size SUV, there is no need to worry about the space for the first two rows of passengers. The 175cm-tall experiencer has more than two punches in the front head space when riding in the first row, and the space for the second row of passengers is also unnecessary. Because the angle of the seat back can be adjusted, passengers have a more comfortable riding experience.

The real test is actually the third row, because 99% of full-size SUV owners are not worried about the space of the first two rows, but the practicality of the third row is really poor. Tula has a wheelbase of more than 3 meters that is superior to its class, but unfortunately, as long as you are more than 170cm tall, then sitting in the third row can still only feel cramped, the head space is acceptable, but there is no more room in front of your legs. , The feeling of knees against the second row of seats is also really bad.

It takes three steps to enter the third row of seats. The first step is to lower the second row of seats, then open the third row of seats, and finally get in. These few steps are not too laborious. Patrol is in the flexibility of space changes. The performance is remarkable.

Storage: the open refrigerator is a bright spot

The user-friendly design of Japanese cars is very reassuring, so there is no need to worry about having no place to put the water cup. Not only do the three rows of seats provide cup holders, but they also have at least four starting points. To pick the Japanese wrong in this regard is definitely to go to the wrong door and kick the wrong hall.

The refrigerator that can be opened is a more clever design, so that the front and rear rows can easily take drinks. And the volume of this refrigerator is also very good, just can hold 6 bottles of 600ml drinks. This function is obviously to the favor of the people of the Middle East. Imagine the scorching sun, facing the endless desert, when the people are stuck in the car, everyone will come to a bottle of cold drink to ensure that the whole BUFF will be resurrected on the spot.

The trunk space can be divided into two types according to the open state of the third row of seats. When the third row of seats is opened, the depth of the trunk is naturally unsatisfactory, but thanks to the advantages of the height and width of the vehicle, you can still Put down a set of golf equipment or a 28-inch trolley case.

Of course, we spent more than one million yuan to ride 7 people, so most of the time the third row of seats is still down. At this time, the space is enough to hold two 28-inch trolley cases and a set of golf. Ball equipment, a set of testers, and two camera bags are more than enough. If this kind of space can't satisfy you, then I can only suggest that you buy a pickup truck. I have to mention that the opening of the trunk is really high, and it is really hard to move heavy objects.

to sum up:

After reading the article, you may be worried about the off-road performance of the new Patrol, is it no longer sufficient for the suspension travel of the front and rear bridges? Is it strong enough? From a technical point of view, the front and rear double wishbone suspension may not be as good as the previous front and rear integral bridges in terms of stroke and strength, but the slight weakening of off-road performance has resulted in a substantial increase in road performance. From this perspective, such a change is still worth it. In addition, the main markets of New Tule are still in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and Australia. Compared with rock climbing, which requires higher suspension travel, roads, sandy ground, and uneven grass may be what Tule needs. The main terrain it faces, I think this is also an important reason why it boldly abandons the front and rear integral bridge suspension. What's more, with such exquisite and luxurious light-colored interiors, who would be willing to be puzzled by the sandy slopes and puddles? (Photo by Wentu/Car Home Liu Yuxin)

[YesAuto Evaluation] The description of the static experience section on the previous pages clearly shows us that the new generation of Patrol has had enough to endure the humiliating hardships in harsh environments around the world, and intends to find a more high-end and glamorous position. For this reason, it has also begun to work hard to develop towards luxury in terms of driving experience, with remarkable results.

Like the Infiniti QX56, the Patrol is equipped with a VK56VD 5.6-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine, with VVEL continuously variable valve timing and direct injection technology, with a maximum power of 293 kilowatts (398 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 560 Nm. In comparison, the maximum power and torque of the 5.7-liter V8 engine of the Lexus LX570 are 367 horsepower and 530 Nm, respectively, and the Grand Cherokee 5.7 is 352 horsepower/530 Nm. It can be seen that Nissan’s engine indicators are quite advantageous. Matched with the engine is a 7-speed automated manual gearbox. The power system is obviously inclined towards power bursts and a smooth feeling of daily driving. The in-cylinder direct injection system basically means giving up the adaptability of oil products that should be provided as an off-road vehicle. I am afraid that the domestic 97# gasoline is reluctant.

When you first come into contact with the Patrol, the huge body size will inevitably cause a little trouble. Although sitting in the car gives people a full sense of security, the driver must be more vigilant. This is only a civilian car, not a tank, at most. An ostrich egg will still crack when it hits a stone, and there is really nothing around it that can afford to hurt.

The curb weight of the Patrol is more than 2.7 tons, which is heavier than the two Tiidas falling together. However, it has plenty of power as a reserve and runs much more dexterously than it looks. Its dynamic response is positive, as long as you lightly step on the accelerator, the whole car will speed up vigorously and rush out, quite a bit of aggression to see who is being abused. The feedback of the steering is very light. Like the familiar Nissan brand models, the chassis isolates most of the road feeling, and the rest is basically a relatively single feedback intensity, which is light and free.

After a period of adaptation, it became comfortable to ride on the road, to reach a tacit understanding with such a behemoth, and a sense of pride grew spontaneously. Driving a Patrol through the traffic, other cars around you will subconsciously evade both sides slightly. If you have seen the elephant seals roaming among the penguins in “Animal World”, you can understand the domineering.

The comfortable driving atmosphere of Tule is impressive, especially in terms of noise reduction and sound insulation. When cruising at 80 kilometers per hour, the noise in the car seems to be a little lower than the sound made by the cooling fan of my Lenovo laptop. In such a quiet environment, you work harder to use your hearing to perceive the surrounding movement, so as not to overlook anything. information.

The new car abandons the overall bridge rear axle and adopts front and rear double wishbone four-wheel independent suspension, which makes the driving more stable. In order to avoid repeated shaking like a boat, the Patrol is equipped with an HBMC active suspension system. When the car body tilts, such as when cornering, the hydraulic oil pump will increase the damping of the outer shock absorber, weaken the inner damping, and restrain the body tilt, which can ensure comfort and overcome the erratic feeling.

Anyone will be fascinated by the calm driving experience of the New Passport. Only a circular operating button behind the center console gear bar makes people suddenly recall that this car can be off-road!

The central limited-slip differential of the Patrol is a multi-disc clutch structure, usually in a full-time four-wheel drive mode, and the front and rear axle torque is infinitely adjusted between 1:99 and 50:50. Select “4H”, the front and rear axle torque is fixed at 50:50 output, and “4L” is the low-speed four-wheel drive gear to further enhance the torque.

The rear axle differential is equipped with a manually controllable locking mechanism to achieve a rigid connection between the left and right rear wheels. Even if the differential is not locked, Patrol’s electronic limited slip device will actively apply a strong braking force to the idling wheels to ensure that torque is applied to the wheel with adhesion.

In the actual test, the performance of the four-wheel drive system is almost impeccable. There is no need to set any mode. It can pass the cross axle smoothly only by electronic braking. The suspended wheels are completely locked by the brake system after only a short slight slip. After choosing the most powerful low-speed four-wheel drive + rear axle locking mode, it is more calm to go through the cross-axis project.

The four-wheel independent suspension still ensures a long enough telescopic stroke, and the tilting range in the car is controlled in a small range. The only regret is that the Patrol does not have an air suspension, and the ground clearance of the chassis is not adjustable, which is slightly inferior compared to other competitors in the same level.

Finally, let's take a look at the test results of Patrol.

◆ Accelerated test:

Nearly 400 horsepower is applied to the body of less than 3 tons, and the back feeling is still very strong. At the start, the four-wheel drive system applied all the torque to the ground, and the wheels showed no signs of slipping, and the engine speed immediately climbed and went away in a rush. The final score is 7.5 seconds, which is very exciting.

◆ Brake test:

The control of the body's attitude is very stable, and the active suspension is effective. Unfortunately, there are no surprises in the data. The average braking distance of 44.8 meters can only be considered a pass. After many tests, the score lengthened to 45 meters away, which may be related to the lack of ultimate grip of the all-terrain tires.

◆ Noise test:

The Patrol whizzed by during the high-speed cruise, the visual and auditory effects were shocking, but there was no feeling in the car. Engine noise is mixed with road noise and wind noise, making it difficult to detect.


The sixth-generation Patrol is like a special edition model: the excellent four-wheel drive capability seems to have become a symbolic meaning, the road performance is unprecedentedly strengthened, and the hardcore image of people’s impression of hard work is gone, replaced by an obvious urban style. The high-end full-size SUV.

You can say that the new Patrol is an outlier in the family, and the manufacturers also know that this car has a certain market exploration nature, so the original old models continue to be produced, and consumers who advocate the purest off-road style can still buy the classic 5 Generation models, this should be considered good news…

Due to the addition of many luxury equipment, the price of New Tuile has also soared. In the domestic market, its guidance price of 1.39 million yuan is a bit embarrassing. Brand recognition is the biggest problem. After all, Patrol lacks the glorious history of Nissan GT-R, and the price does not widen the real gap with Infiniti QX56. Although the positioning of the two is slightly different, whether the potential consumers in China are It's hard to tell if you care about that difference.