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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] Onboarding on many general-purpose models, Anjistar is one of the earliest in-vehicle interconnection systems to enter the country. It has long been known for voice operations and manual services. In this Asia CES exhibition, the latest generation of Anji The star system has increased the gesture operation function, which means that you can directly “get started” when operating OnStar in the future.

It turns out that this is the latest App released by OnStar, which supports gesture operations. At present, it can use gestures to control the vehicle to turn on dual flashing lights, open the trunk cover, and complete functions such as unlocking and unlocking the vehicle. It relies on the multi-axis position judgment system of the smart watch interior. However, currently it only supports the iOS operating system. Don't be disappointed by the majority of Android fans. This system with a huge user base is also under development.

Full text summary:

Onstar, which has always been known for voice control, released an app that supports gesture operation this time. This is one of the results of the automotive field advancing with the times under the wave of mobile and wearable devices this year. Judging from the results, it cleverly applied the multi-axis positioning system of smart watches. However, as the technology of keyless entry and recognition of foot movements to open the trunk lid has emerged today, apps that support gesture operations will only be able to control more in the future. The function will not be uncompetitive.