[YesAuto Test Drive] GAC Honda's own brand concept (EVERUS)'s first production car concept, S1, officially rolled off the production line on the 26th of this month, which means that it is only one step away from the official launch. As the concept brand's first mass-produced car, it has already attracted much attention when the concept car was released, and of course it has also been controversial.

The reason for its attention is that it is a self-owned brand established by a joint venture car company. This inherent advantage has made many consumers wonder whether this car can be closer to the joint venture brand in terms of quality, technology and service, and the price will be more reasonable. Or interested in issues such as being relatively cheaper. And it is controversial, of course, that it originated from the Guangzhou Automobile Honda Site, which has been discontinued for several years, and is suspected of being “pseudo-autonomous”. But if you make a judgment now, it would be a bit sloppy. In this case, you might as well be patient and read the entire text to see how it performs.

Appearance: Make appropriate modifications on the basis of Sidi

The appearance of the Concept S1 is the most controversial place, its appearance design is obviously derived from the early discontinued Guangqi Honda Sidi. In the past few years, when Sidi was still on sale, its appearance has been questioned by domestic consumers. Although it is the sedan version of Fit, the design of the sedan is also more in line with the tastes of the Chinese people, but the slightly “personal” design does not make it favored by too many domestic consumers. But now the design basis of Concept S1 is derived from Sidi, and it is inevitable that it will be controversial.

Fortunately, the designers have not forgotten to assign the current fashion and popular elements to the concept S1. After most of the details are modified, the concept S1 has a style that is different from that of Sidi. Its brand new chrome-plated central grille embeds the concept car logo in the center, making it look more atmospheric; although the headlights are from Sidi, the visual effect is also enhanced after being blackened. As for the new fog lights and lower bumper design, it is slightly conservative, perhaps for the sake of closer home use.

The overall size of the Concept S1 is 4420*1690*1495mm and the wheelbase is 2450mm, which is consistent with the data of Sidi. The 2450mm wheelbase data may have some advantages on the Sidi of the year, but at the moment, this is already a clearly lagging number.

The design elements of Sidi can also be clearly found in the rear of the Concept S1, but in terms of details, it has also been modified accordingly. The change of the tail logo is no problem. Its most prominent change is the design of the taillights. The more concise taillight shape adds a sense of fashion to it. Compared with the old-fashioned rear design of Sidi, the Concept S1 should look younger. some.

The five double-ribbed aluminum alloy wheels are simple and stylish. Both the front and rear use Michelin tires with a size of 185/60 R15. The use of tires is quite honest. From the perspective of tire size, width and aspect ratio are more comfortable. In addition, its brake system uses the configuration of the front disc and the rear drum, which is also a common brake system configuration for small cars nowadays. Does this also mean that its positioning will be lower than the fit? It is important to know that the front and rear wheels of the Fit use a disc brake system.

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Interior and configuration: the interior is home-style and practical configuration

Open the door and sit in the cabin, and the familiar feeling emerges spontaneously. In addition to the appearance is derived from Sidi, it is not difficult to find that the interior of the Concept S1 is also derived from Sidi, and its center console is 90% similar to Sidi. In addition, from the storage compartment on the center console, it is not difficult to see that this design is biased towards practicality.

Except for the logo on the leather steering wheel, everything else is exactly the same as Sidi. People may think that I am looking for faults or probing, I cannot deny this, but the facts are true.

But to be honest, I really like this steering wheel. Although it does not involve multi-function buttons, it fits its positioning. The most important thing is that it has a good texture and feel. This is the reason why I like it.

For the multimedia system of Concept S1, I suggest that you don't ask too much, after all, its positioning is already in front of you. But don't be disappointed by what I said. In fact, its multimedia system has all the functions it should have. CD, radio, USB external connection and other functions are complete, and home use has been satisfied.

Seat: good comfort

As a small family car, its leather seats perform well. In terms of comfort and wrapping, it meets its positioning requirements, and the overall performance is quite satisfactory.

Space: It has an advantage over cars of the same class

Although the concept S1 is only at the level of a small family car, the space is still worth looking forward to. It is considered that the Fit of its brothers has a very good performance in this respect. How about its performance? After reading the experience below, you will be Know.

The height of 1.75 meters, the overweight experiencer sits in the front row and adjusts the sitting posture to suit them, there is a punch left in the head, and the performance of the front row space is satisfactory; while keeping the front seat adjustment unchanged Under the premise, when the same experiencer sits in the back row for the experience, there is about 2 punches and a half space in the legs, and the head feels a little depressed, and the overall space in the back row is satisfactory. In general, the interior space of the Concept S1 has greater advantages compared with cars of the same class.

Speaking of this, many of my friends may have doubts. Didn’t the above say that its wheelbase has no advantage? Isn’t it the 2450mm wheelbase data? How can there be such a space performance in the back row? For this specific reason, we can only speculate and analyze. It may be that the center console is short, or the C-pillar is moved back a bit and has no such large inclination. These factors will make the space larger.

In terms of storage compartments in the car, Concept S1 still has a lot of room for improvement in terms of humanization. The position directly in front of the co-pilot's position, the open glove box performs well in terms of practicality and convenience. If the glove box directly below it can also increase the space slightly, I believe users will be more satisfied.

In contrast, the door storage compartment is slightly inferior. Due to the narrow opening design, there are not many items that can be accommodated in the storage compartment of the front door. For daily use, only mobile phones, wallets or small cans of beverages can be placed in the picture. The practicality is average, but it can also meet the needs of daily use. . In addition, if there are storage compartments on the rear door panel, the rear passengers will be better taken care of, and I believe consumers will be more willing to buy.

It is officially announced that the luggage compartment space of the Concept S1 is 510L. I will not comment on the truthfulness of this data. After all, the data is only a reference value, and whether it is practical is the most worthy of attention.

In order to increase the strength of the body, two large iron rods were installed in the luggage compartment, thereby canceling the reclining function of the rear seats. However, the flat luggage compartment floor, considerable length and width, make the luggage compartment practicality not missing because of those two irons. It can definitely meet your daily needs, even a family traveling with a lot of luggage. No problem. No matter the size of its luggage compartment or its practicability, it has a great advantage compared with cars of the same class.

Daily driving experience: enough power and high noise

Concept S1 uses a Honda VTEC naturally aspirated engine model L15A1, which has a displacement of 1.5L. The maximum power that this engine can output is 77kW (105 horsepower), and the maximum torque that can be output is 136 Nm. This data is not outstanding. It is a common power parameter in cars of the same level, and from this parameter, it is a This model favors high-speed engines.

For this type of product, the gearbox often becomes the key to determining dynamic performance. In this link, the concept provides two different options of 5-speed automatic gearbox and 5-speed manual gearbox, and I only tested the automatic transmission model this time. Obviously the 5-speed automatic transmission is nothing new, but considering that most of its competitors are still in the 4-speed automatic transmission, the 5-speed automatic transmission of the Concept S1 has a little advantage.

The effect of real running is just like its engine parameters, and it will not bring too much excitement. Of course, this is to be expected. After all, it is only a household transportation tool. Who would drive this kind of car to pretend to be a drag racer? But having said that, although its power parameters are not outstanding, it can still meet the needs of daily normal use. At least in terms of starting and acceleration, its performance is fairly comfortable.

Its throttle is relatively light and fast, the output of the engine is gentle at low and medium speeds, and the acceleration ability is slightly lacking. However, as the speed increases, its performance is obviously much better. When the engine speed reaches the mid-to-high range, its driving will be brisk and the acceleration feeling is relatively good. But if you want to get passion and a sense of pushing back from it, it's really embarrassing for it.

The 5-speed automatic transmission is nothing new, and its ride comfort is within an acceptable range. If you don't feel the slight frustration too deliberately, it will basically not affect your driving comfort. Compared with the negligible sense of frustration, the high-speed noise is obviously more serious. When the engine speed exceeds 2500 rpm, engine noise and wind noise from outside the car will pass into the cabin without any hesitation, and even cause trouble. The solution is very simple, that is, turn up the audio volume. Of course, if manufacturers put more effort into sound insulation, I believe this so-called solution is empty talk, and consumers will prefer it.

If you don’t want your comfortable driving to be disturbed, you might as well control the output of the throttle. The 5-speed automatic transmission will control the speed within a reasonable range to ensure that you are not disturbed by noise and fuel economy is also guaranteed. .

After talking about the power, it is time to talk about its driving control experience. First of all, the accuracy of the steering system and the size of the power assist are satisfactory, which is more in line with the positioning of its family car. Its rear suspension adopts H-shaped torsion beam semi-independent suspension. This type of suspension is more common in cars of the same class. The advantage is that the hardness is sufficient for support and the cost is relatively low.

Suspension springs with sufficient stiffness effectively suppress the body's roll. Of course, this is not to say that the side tilt is completely gone, it just doesn't interfere much. However, this also largely undermines the ability of the chassis to deal with bad roads. Especially when passing speed bumps, the blunt performance of the suspension can make people feel tight. However, as long as the road surface maintains an ideal level of flatness, the flexibility and integrity of the chassis can be considered satisfactory, and it is also in line with its identity as a family car.

In general, the driving experience of the Concept S1 is not fun, the power output of the engine is flat, and the suspension adjustment is more comfortable. But for small cars for home use, its performance can be considered competent. If we can do a little better in noise suppression, then I believe consumers will be more willing.

Full text summary:

As the first mass-produced car with its own brand concept, the Concept S1 naturally undertakes a very important task. It will be the forerunner and pioneer of the idea brand, and it will play the most critical role in the promotion of the idea brand image and quality service. From its official debut at the auto show to its off-line and official release on the 26th of this month, it is obvious to all that the manufacturers attach importance to this car during the whole process.

As for the reason why Guangqi Honda Concept chose a Concept S1 similar to Sidi as its early product, I think the answer should be very simple. First of all, although Sidi has ceased production, it still has the ability to continue to serve in terms of its positioning and strength. In addition, the idea brand uses 90% of the common resources with Guangqi Honda to build the idea S1, but it is an independent brand. If it appears, the price will definitely be a certain distance away from that of Sidi. In this way, its audience will be wider and its competitiveness will be improved. Finally, from the analysis of the current second-hand market conditions, Sidi has a good reputation in the second-hand market. The performance, the preservation rate is also higher. A dress-up product created on these foundations, I believe it should also have its own living space. (Photo/Picture/Text/Car Home He Jiarong)