[YesAuto Test Drive] The topic of this article today is very clear. The heavyweight model that will be launched in October, the sixth generation of FAW-Volkswagen Golf, finally has the opportunity to test drive for the first time in China. Although this event is called “Golf Discovery Perfect Journey”, it is just a marketing campaign organized by the manufacturer before the launch, not a targeted test drive. But to experience the domestic sixth-generation golf up close, especially its driving performance is the sole purpose of my trip.

Recently, there has been no interruption in the news about golf in the car home, from the experience of the auto show to the real shots in the 4S store, and the attention of netizens to golf has been heating up as the listing approaches. Through these previous introductions, I believe many people have a deeper understanding of golf. There are also many people in the community who have gone to the 4S shop to see the car and initiated various discussions. What is confusing for the new Golf now may be its power, driving performance, and price.

So let’s get started, let’s talk about the combination of 1.4TSI engine and 7-speed DSG gearbox. The parameters of the 1.4TSI engine have been mentioned countless times, 130 horsepower, 220N·m. The power is equivalent to a 1.8-liter naturally aspirated engine, and the torque is even comparable to a general 2.4-liter engine, and the peak torque appears at 1750 rpm, which is incomparable to a naturally aspirated engine. The Volkswagen Group’s engine Downsizing strategy is to replace traditional naturally aspirated engines with small-displacement supercharged engines to reduce displacement and weight. This is also the current development trend of automobiles. According to the traditional concept, this is a typical “small horse-drawn cart”, but the current technology can do this, and the pony can pull the cart.

In actual driving, the performance of the engine is exactly the same as the data shows. The power of the 1.4TSI engine is completely fine. Not only that, the 0-100km/h acceleration time given by the manufacturer is also within 10 seconds. As a family car, the results within 10 seconds are absolutely satisfying. The torque output is also completely consistent with the data. 1750 rpm is a watershed. Below this, the power performance is very ordinary. After the speed increases, the power also rises by a step, and you can still experience a small push back feeling. After that, the power output has become very stable. It has continued performance until 4000 rpm, and it seems that it will not decay at all. It seems that there is a growing trend until 6500 rpm.

The allure of the 7-speed DSG gearbox is greater than that of the 1.4TSI engine. I think it is the biggest highlight of the new Golf. It is definitely a challenge for those who prefer manual gearboxes. With the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, I don't want to touch the clutch pedal and gear lever anymore. In addition to smooth shifting and fast shifting, it has more advantages.

The D gear, S gear and manual mode of this gearbox are quite different, and the gear shift program is designed very reasonable. The D gear is designed solely for daily driving, with special attention to fuel consumption. Except for the moment of starting, as soon as the car moves, it will immediately go to second gear, and then frequently upshifts. After less than 50km/h, it has entered sixth gear, and when the speed is 70 or 80 kilometers per hour, it has already entered seventh gear. When the speed is 100 kilometers per hour, the speed is only a little bit more than 2000, and the speed is 2500 rpm when the speed is 120 kilometers per hour. Conversely, when decelerating, the gearbox always delays shifting. Use D gear to drive normally in urban areas, usually the speed will not exceed 2300 rpm, often around 1500 rpm, so sometimes people feel that the acceleration is weak. If you want to accelerate suddenly, you have to press the accelerator to the end before the gearbox is willing to downshift.

Under normal circumstances, the S gear should be kept two gears lower than the D gear, and the speed is basically maintained above 3000. At this time, the power will be abundant, and the timing of the upshift will be maximized and delayed until the red line. If you suddenly step on the accelerator while driving, the gearbox will sometimes go down 3 gears directly.

The manual mode basically reduces the intelligence of the S gear. Between 1000 and 6500 rpm, the gearbox only obeys the driver's instructions. Only when it reaches the two extremes, it will move up and down autonomously. In the 7-speed high-speed cruise, if the accelerator is suddenly stepped on to the end, the gearbox will jump directly to the third gear. This is also the unique ability of DSG, which is generally not possible with automatic transmissions. Suddenly accelerate at this high speed, and the power can fully keep up.

The differentiation of the three modes of the gearbox can fully meet the different driving preferences and purposes of different people. After using the 7-speed DSG, you may not have the slightest nostalgia for the manual gearbox. It's a pity that the 1.4TSI automatic luxury models we have seen so far are not equipped with shift paddles, and the manual mode with the shift lever up and down is not so smooth. The paddle shift is the perfect partner for the 7-speed DSG, and I hope it will appear in the configuration list of the 1.4TSI sports version.

When the sixth-generation Golf was launched in Europe, the noise reduction film used on the windows was promoted as a key point, and domestic consumers were also very concerned about this. This test drive failed to verify whether the domestically-produced model has such a film. However, according to the actual driving situation, the silent and noise reduction performance of the domestic Golf can be said to be second to none among the current models of the same level, and it is not an exaggeration. If you drive normally in an urban area, the car is very quiet, no engine sound can be heard, and the road noise from the chassis is also very slight. Golf's performance in this regard is at least not inferior to mainstream mid-size cars that are one-tier higher.

In terms of noise control, the 1.4TSI engine also plays a key role. Its vibration and noise are much smaller than the previous two TSI engines. Coupled with the fine gear ratio of the 7-speed DSG, the engine is generally The voice is easily overlooked. But what is even more wonderful is that while sound insulation and noise reduction, the new golf has not lost its due auditory pleasure. As long as the engine exceeds 3000 rpm, there is also a pleasant sound accompanied by power. The exhaust pipe seems to be able to figure out the driver's psychology and start playing at the right time.

The new batch of golf we drove just arrived in Chengdu from Guangzhou non-stop, and the journey was more than 2,000 kilometers, all the way down. I asked, I have been using No. 93 gasoline along the way for more than 2,000 kilometers, at least nothing happened on the road. Of course, the label in the fuel tank cap is recommended to add gasoline above 95.

The performance of the chassis and the feeling of driving can be said to have been anticipated, and there is no accident. Most of them are similar to the fifth-generation product, the Sagitar, and the steering and suspension seem to have become a little more delicate. The comfort and stability of the chassis are very good, the vibration filtering is quite thorough, and the support is also very strong. If you desire a very sharp and direct feeling, then I am afraid you will be disappointed. After all, the 1.4TSI is still an ordinary family car, and it is impossible to give you the feeling of GTI.

After talking about power and driving, let's talk about other things.

The domestically produced Golf fully meets expectations in terms of workmanship, and is no different from the German-produced model that was first unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. There is no doubt about this. You may have experienced it personally from our previous real shots or have already gone to the 4S store. And this time there are two options of all-black interior and two-color interior. The all-black interior model we tested looks more refined, especially with the aluminum decoration on the center console. Friends who are going to buy a new golf should look at the right time to start. The quality of the first batch of off-line products is absolutely excellent.

This time the test drive models are all 1.4TSI deluxe version, with abundant and reasonable configuration. The new multifunctional steering wheel is not only good-looking, but also very versatile. In addition to being unable to control the air conditioner, the steering wheel function of the new Golf does not seem to be much inferior to Ruiyi's “the strongest steering wheel in history”. And the golf steering wheel is easier to use, you don't need to read the manual, or even use your brain. The RNS 510 navigation system is also very easy to use, with a clear interface and easy search method, except that the synthesized voice is blunt. The lateral support of the leather seats is very good, the driver's seat is fully electric, and the co-pilot also has electric lumbar support adjustment, and finally there is no need to turn the knob. But I searched the car and didn't see the likable bottle opener with the VW logo in the front cup holder. I don't know where it is.

Compared with the fourth-generation golf that we are more familiar with, now due to the increase in the wheelbase, the interior space has also been fully supplemented. The driver's seat has a large adjustment range, which can definitely meet the needs of most people. The rear legroom is no longer a disadvantage. There is no problem with four ordinary-height adults in the car. However, the expansion of cockpit space also affects the luggage compartment, which is much smaller than the fourth-generation Golf. There is no problem with the daily use of ordinary families. You can basically carry the luggage of two or three people when you travel. As long as you don't use it to move, you will not feel embarrassed.

While I am writing this article, the golf team has set off from Xi'an to Shanghai, and then through Beijing, back to the old parents spring, to complete the “Golf Discovery Perfect Journey”. According to the plan, the team will arrive in Changchun on October 25, and the sixth-generation golf will be officially launched, and the price will also be announced at that time. We did not find a 1.6-liter model in the fleet. It seems that it is indeed the same as previously reported. Only the 1.4TSI model was launched in the first batch. For more information about the sixth-generation golf, we will bring more detailed content in the next test drive and subsequent tests.

Golf VI parameter configuration table (unlisted models, some configurations are uncertain)