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[YesAuto Race] 2012 Dakar came to an end, a new history was created again, and all records were broken again. Looking at the drivers who can hardly hide their excitement on the finish line, the joy of success is released at this moment. Now let us travel through time and space, go back to this year's competition, and experience the charm of Dakar Rally again.

2012 Charm of Dakar-the racing car that conquered nature

In 2012, the number of vehicles registered for the Dakar Rally reached 469, and the final vehicle was 246, and the completion rate was only a little over 50%. Therefore, every player who insisted on completing the race was a winner.

In the Dakar race, in addition to fighting against the desert and scorching heat, the drivers must also overcome the fear and loneliness of facing the vast desert and mountains.

We often see scenes of solitary smoke in the desert, where the riders ride alone in the uninhabited desert and Gobi, along the ruts on the road, to the end. No matter how beautiful the scenery on the road is, I will never stop.

2012 Charm of Dakar-a driver who challenges himself

2012 Charm of Dakar-Game with Death

Dakar is known as the most difficult car race in the world. Every time the stage begins, the drivers are actually an expedition to greet the drivers. In the stage, the drivers are always playing with death.

In this competition, another motorcyclist and three spectators were unfortunately killed. And there are countless drivers who have encountered car accidents and retired from the race. The completion rate of this race is only over 50%.

2012 Charm of Dakar-the customs of South America

2012 the charm of Dakar-pleasant scenery

As the country at the beginning of the competition, Argentina's five stage design is not very difficult. Under the pleasant scenery, the players can enjoy the competition more.

The first stage from the Argentine coastal city of Mar del Plata was just a warm-up for the drivers, but under this seemingly beautiful scenery, it also eliminated a large number of players who were not fully prepared.

When Dakar entered Chile, the race also ushered in the most difficult part. In addition to dealing with the desert, the more difficult Gobi and the cascading mountains, as well as the extra-long special stage mileage in each stage, the drivers were tired. In response.

Chile in the western foothills of the Andes is the narrowest country in the world. In this country with a land area of only 750,000, its coastline is 10,000 kilometers long, 4352 kilometers long from north to south, and 96.8 kilometers narrowest from east to west. Its natural shape is like a race track.

In the Chilean stage, the Gobi and Sand Mountain are undoubtedly the biggest test for the drivers. And the 9th stage in Chile is the longest 556-kilometer special stage of this year's competition. It took four and a half hours before the first car completed the race.

This year, the 11th stage of Dakar started and officially entered the territory of Peru. Since Peru is hosting the Dakar Rally for the first time, the environment here is unfamiliar to every driver.

Peru borders the Pacific Ocean to the west and has a coastline of 2,254 kilometers. However, the western coastal area is a long and narrow tropical desert area due to climatic reasons. The Andes mountain range that runs from north to south occupies one-third of Peru's area.

In this mysterious and ancient place where the Inca civilization originated, the organizers of the Dakar Rally took full advantage of the natural environment here and designed a challenging route.

2012 Charm of Dakar-Exploring the Team Camp

2012 Charm of Dakar-the joy of successful people


With the new historical record being written, the 2012 Dakar race has come to a successful conclusion. Every driver who successfully completes the race is the winner of this Dakar Rally. The next Dakar Rally will not be held again until early next year, when the dust in South America will rise again, let us continue to look forward to the new journey.