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[YesAuto News] According to foreign media reports, in view of the recent spontaneous combustion of a Tesla Model S in Hong Kong, on May 15, US time, Tesla’s official spokesperson stated that the company is launching the Tesla Model S and Model X. Wireless software updates to adjust battery charging and thermal management system settings to further protect the battery and extend battery life.

In response to the spontaneous combustion of the Tesla Model S in Hong Kong, Tesla said that only a few battery modules of the damaged vehicle were affected by the fire, and most of the remaining battery packs were not damaged. However, the official has not yet determined the cause of the fire or found the battery. If the group has any problems, Tesla said that experts are analyzing the data to thoroughly investigate the entire process of the accident and understand the source of the problem.

Tesla also stated that the software update was launched out of caution. The software update can protect the battery and extend its service life, but this software update is only for the Tesla Model S and Model X, and does not involve the Tesla Model. 3. As for why Model 3 is not involved, Tesla did not elaborate. (Source: techcrunch; text/Autohome You Dongqing)