[YesAuto Car Race] Many friends who like cycling know the “Tour de France”, which is the most famous cycling event in the world. Now some elements of this race will be introduced into the car race. The WTCC World Touring Car Championship organizing committee announced that it will introduce a “team time trial” mechanism similar to the Tour de France in 2016.

The team time trial is based on the interval of the team as the unit, and the shortest time to complete the given distance is the winner. In the new WTCC rules, this time trial session will be inserted after qualifying and before the race. It is called “MAC3”, which is the abbreviation of Manufacturers Against the Clock. The race will consist of a team of three cars and run the specified number of laps on the track. The timing starts with the first car passing the starting point, and the third car completes the last lap to stop the watch. The number of laps is determined by the track. In principle, it just exceeds the total course of 10km. The first team to complete will be awarded 10 points in points, the second to complete 8 points, the third place 6 points… until the sixth place is 1 point.

The significance of introducing time trials is also to improve the viewing of WTCC events, in order to win more viewers' attention. In response to this new competition system that is rare in automotive events, the teams must be intensively formulating some targeted strategies.