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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] In everyone's minds, BMW is the king who has always focused on vehicle control. So, if I tell you that BMW may make efforts in the home furnishing sector in the future, don't you think this is a joke. BMW’s future products may also maintain close contact with your home’s air conditioner and your mobile phone.

Today we always love to imagine the life of tomorrow. Designers and engineers are the dreammakers who help us realize our dreams. In the minds of the BMW development team, the future of automobile intelligence is a matter of course. Their question or the direction of their efforts is how intelligent cars should be. Judging from the answer given by BMW today, it seems that cars should have the same abilities as human beings, and should communicate with many things that also serve the master, and understand the needs of users.

The communication and interconnection between cars and things announced by BMW is the Internet of Things that is often talked about. In fact, this is not a new term in the past two years. As early as 1999, 17 years ago, this meant that things depended on each other. The concept of internet connection has emerged. After the continuous introduction of concepts such as home intelligence and automobile intelligence, BMW demonstrated its new Internet of Things technology at this time. It’s just that BMW’s mind is tied to the car not just the silly furniture, but the diversified lives of the car owner.

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In recent years, the concept of Internet + traditional industries becoming Internet + has been frequently mentioned. The Internet has not only changed the survival mode of traditional industries. With the continuous increase in the number of data and information acquisitions, human life styles have been changed. , Driving is one of them. In the future, the popularization of the Internet of Things technology can help people plan routes more reasonably, reduce energy consumption, and even vehicles may become the little secretary to prevent you from missing appointments. Of course, after vehicles are integrated into our lives, our daily travel routes will also become a kind of information. Therefore, the privacy and security of information will inevitably become key research and development projects for car companies in the future.