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[YesAuto Car Collection] Can't use a new car after mentioning it? Watch us take you to experience a car in 30 days and let you get started quickly. In this issue of “30 Days of Getting Started”, I borrowed a Dongfeng Honda INSPIRE to see what kind of functions this car has, how to use these functions, and how it feels to drive.

Who is Dongfeng Honda INSPIRE suitable for?

Dongfeng Honda INSPIRE is the same platform model of Guangqi Honda Accord. It has the same power transmission system and provides two versions of 1.5T fuel version and 2.0L hybrid version. If you are interested in Accord's product strength, you can buy either of the two cars. After all, they are all Honda's technology and quality. If you prefer a little sporty style, then naturally INSPIRE is more sporty.

The 1.5T top version of INSPIRE that we borrowed this time can well show the difference between INSPIRE and Accord. It can be seen from the configuration that INSPIRE has more variable suspension and steering wheel shift than Accord. These two items The configuration can greatly improve the sports fun of the vehicle, and the Accord does not have these configurations.

Vehicle hands-on inspection and first experience

After getting a new car, in addition to checking the integrity of the exterior and interior parts, it is also to check various oils and filling ports. Otherwise, if some oil is missing, it is very likely that the car will not drive or even damage the car. For the inspection and introduction of the oil, when the car is picked up at the 4S shop, responsible sales will generally open the engine cover to explain.

After the basic inspection, we started to use it. Below we introduce the main functions inside and outside the car, how to use them, their effects and precautions.

Open the door and enter the car, we are about to start driving this car, but don't worry, we have to get to know this car well before then.

To drive a car, the most important thing is to confirm the field of view. The driver is often unfamiliar with the new car, so we must first have a concept of the size of the vehicle, especially the distance between the driving position and the 360° boundary of the car body. Cognition. Compared with SUVs, cars have a lower sitting posture. In the driver's vision, the front of the car feels longer. Therefore, it is necessary to have a stronger perception of the boundary.

After the seat is adjusted, the viewing angle is fixed, but some people do have a poor sense of space, or are not proficient in driving skills, especially if they are blind as soon as they arrive in the parking lot, what should I do? Naturally, it is assisted by reversing radar, reversing image, etc.

It is worth mentioning that INSPIRE also has a blind spot observation on the side of the car. This “car side” refers to the right side of the vehicle, an area that is difficult for the driver to observe. This function can further expand the driver's observation range.

Function area introduction

Having finished talking about the main functions related to driving, let's talk about the various functional areas in the car, where are they, what functions they are responsible for, how to use them, and precautions for use.

The panoramic sunroof is a configuration that can improve the sense of spaciousness in the car, but many people don't like it very much. I guess it may be mainly the driver. I will talk about passengers' views in detail in the next issue.

There are not many functions that can be controlled in the rear, and the two aspects of comfort and entertainment can be met. In fact, it is the air conditioning and charging interface.

The luggage compartment of INSPIRE is quite large, and there are still some small organs, which can allow it to be used flexibly and expand more space.

How does INSPIRE open?

We have always said that INSPIRE is more sporty than Accord, how can it be more sporty? First of all, the INSPIRE equipped with the steering wheel shift function can be manually shifted through the paddles, which is already very sporty at the level of operating experience. Secondly, the steering wheel, shift logic, chassis tuning and variable suspension make it a sporty feel.

Don’t worry about the steering wheel being too heavy. Ladies are easy to get tired when driving their arms. INSPIRE has a variable steering ratio and can be adjusted to a comfortable and economical mode.

INSPIRE is equipped with a variable suspension, which can adjust the softness and hardness of the suspension according to the switching of the driving mode, providing different control experiences.

However, the difference in the chassis of the sports mode is not as huge as expected. In fact, it is because the chassis of INSPIRE has been tuned to be relatively tough and resilient, and the support and handling in the non-sports mode are also very good.

to sum up:

From the operating style of INSPIRE, it can be seen that this is a model that meets the needs of home use, light play and business as much as possible. The functional layout and design of the car also adopt the style and function settings that conform to the habits of users in China. , The operation method and logic are also as simple as possible, there will be no dazzling operations, the configuration style is simple but not simple, and can satisfy the driving of the whole family. It is not an exclusive car for a male owner. (Picture/Text Car Home Wei Jiangpeng)

[YesAuto Car Collection] It has been a month since Dongfeng Honda INSPIRE has been in operation since the beginning of autumn to the heating season. Have more in-depth experience of this car. In the next issue of “30 Days of INSPIRE”, I will have an in-depth conversation with you about how this car is driving, how the space is used, and fuel consumption.

A mid-size car that is fun and comfortable to drive

As mentioned in the last issue, INSPIRE is more interesting to open, so it is inevitable that people will doubt whether it will be weakened in terms of comfort. It just so happened that during the National Day, I went back to my hometown. I drove about 2500 kilometers for the round trip and vacation. It gave me a deep feeling about the long-distance driving experience of INSPIRE.

The elders in the family have given quite a high appreciation for the comfort of INSPIRE, the main reason is that she does not get motion sickness in this car. After inquiring, I found that this elder, like many people with motion sickness, would cause motion sickness when the vehicle shook a little while driving. SUVs with softer chassis adjustments and even cars are not suitable, even on flat paved roads. Therefore, for such users, the most suitable vehicle is a vehicle that can provide a “senseless” ride.

The panoramic sunroof is regarded by many people as a tasteless configuration, and those who hold this view are often drivers who rarely sit in the back row. In fact, this is also a great tool to alleviate motion sickness. Many people get motion sickness because they feel depressed in the car and feel bored, so it will appear. It is clear that SUVs have more cabin space than cars, but after cars have a panoramic sunroof, they will immediately appear more spacious than an SUV without a panoramic sunroof. Transparent.

INSPIRE allows drivers to be comfortable on long distances is the Honda SENSING safety super-sensing system, which includes ACC active cruise control system (with LSF low-speed follow function), CMBS collision mitigation braking system, FCW pre-collision warning system, LKAS lane keeping Auxiliary system, LDW lane deviation warning system, TSR traffic sign intelligent recognition system and RDM lane deviation suppression system, etc.

The operation mode also continues the common usage habits. Compared with the cruise control, there are only two buttons for distance adjustment and lane keeping assist. The learning cost is very low, and you can operate it proficiently with a little familiarity.

It should be noted that these intelligent driving assistance systems are only to relieve driving fatigue, not to make the driver lazy, and far less than the level of automatic driving. Drivers still have to keep their attention and control the steering wheel at all times.

Space in-depth experience

Whether it is a business or family car, space performance is a very important indicator. Here is not only the size of the space, but the humanized design of the space is also very important. Next, I will analyze the space design of INSPIRE for everyone.

The central cup holder area in the front row has always been a high-frequency storage space. After all, most people will carry water cups, mobile phones, bills and other items while driving. Once the design is not good, the experience will be poor and it is easy to be criticized .

In the middle of the front row, a control area with many functions of the vehicle is integrated. The design difficulty here can be imagined, but for people's storage needs, the designer is required to “dig out” a little space as much as possible.

In addition, there are some small functions and designs that are easy to be overlooked. In fact, they are all very useful. If they are not used, it would be a shame.

to sum up:

We have already introduced the usage of the various functions of Dongfeng Honda INSPIRE for everyone, and hope to help you netizens who have already bought or are interested in INSPIRE. Judging from the 30-day experience, the various functions of INSPIRE are designed more cleverly, with a lot of functions, but most of them are integrated into daily use habits, so that users can use them naturally, such as adjustable suspension, Honda SENSING The safety super-sensing system makes daily use of the car more convenient, but the disadvantage is that it is easy for users to have a weak perception of various functions. This requires the brand to have enough confidence in the product, and such confidence only has long-term market promotion and reputation. , To be able to establish.