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[YesAuto News] Nissan Nissan unveiled the all-new X-Trail at the Geneva Motor Show. The new car will be launched in Europe this summer. Due to the excellent sales performance of the previous generation models in Europe, for the first time in Nissan's history, it was the first to release a new car outside of the country.

X-Trail uses the same chassis as the previously announced Nissan Qashqai. The wheelbase of the new car is slightly increased by 5mm compared with the previous generation, reaching 2630mm; the body length has also increased by 175mm, reaching 4630mm, and the corresponding interior space has also increased.

The approach angle of 28 degrees and the departure angle of 23 degrees, coupled with a ground clearance of 200mm, allow X-Trail to overcome harsh roads and terrain. With the new generation of All Mode four-wheel drive system, DSS downhill descent system and USS uphill start system, the driving performance of the vehicle is even better.

The new X-Trail has three engines to choose from, with power ranging from 140 hp to 169 hp. It is worth mentioning that Nissan Nissan provided X-Trail with two turbocharged engines for the first time.

With the rear seats stowed, the storage space of the new X-Trail has reached 603 liters, an increase of 193 liters over the previous generation. Consumers can choose the most suitable space change according to their needs.

At present, X-Trail is sold domestically by import, and we also look forward to introducing new cars into China to replace the old X-Trail.