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[YesAuto News] The Lynk & Co brand was born only 4 years ago, but the impression it left us was vivid and deep. From the first 01 and 02 to the later 03 and 05, the unique design style made Lynk & Co's return rate on the road very high. The power level of various models also reflected its lively appearance. The appearance of Lynk & Co 03+ has made people realize that Lynk & Co is serious about the interpretation of sports performance. No, Lynk & Co recently established the Lynk & Co Performance Car Club, and at the same time it has also released a series of new measures to promote motor sports. This can not help but make me a performance car fan feel a little bit, and also launched a new plan for Lynk & Co. Reverie.

Lynk&Co's latest plan

In order to better promote motor sports, Lynk & Co established its own performance car club at the recent new car launch. At the same time, this club will join the China Automobile and Motorcycle Federation “China Performance Car Club” and become the first member to join the club. . At the same time, members who participate in the Lynk & Co Performance Car Club can not only enjoy the exclusive icon certification of the Lynk & Co APP, exclusive preferential experience for national territory partners, but also exclusive professional driving training guidance and modification consulting services for club members. Club members also have the opportunity to obtain exclusive seats at the Lynk & Co conference site, product experience officer status, and exclusive rights such as domestic and foreign competitions and track experience.

In addition, the “E Sports WTCR Lynk & Co Cup” online e-sports event has been added to the already opened 2020 Lynk & Co Driving Camp. The winners selected through this event will represent the Chinese racing e-sports team in the E Sports WTCR world event. Finally, the motor sports experience center built by Lynk & Co at Ningbo International Circuit will be officially opened at the end of 2020. In the domestic arena, the Lynk & Co 03TCR racing car will participate in the 2020 TCR China event. It is worth mentioning that the car home has also formed a racing team, using the Lynk & Co 03TCR racing car to participate in the annual event.

There is no doubt that such a wealth of welfare programs is another magic weapon for Lynk & Co, who cares about user groups, to narrow the distance with consumers. In the past two years, the “hardcore fans” won by Lynk & Co through precise positioning have formed a highly viscous community. The number of daily active users on the Lynk & Co App has reached 90,000, and many of them are quite interested in motor sports. Consumers, and this can be regarded as a good soil for cultivating motor sports enthusiasts.

Sportiness of Lynk & Co products

Lynk & Co's response to the pursuit of sportiness at the product level is still worth pondering. There are “Jin” models in ordinary models. The front and rear bumpers are similar to the 03+ model and the slightly sporty interior design brings users a perceivable sports atmosphere. At the same time, in terms of power and handling, the “Jing” series models also use adjustments that are relatively sporty (of course, other models can also experience the sports side of Lynk & Co), as an ordinary family car. The point-to-point style is actually appropriate, because too prominent individuality is not conducive to the expansion of the product in this level of market.

When it comes to Lynk & Co's sportiness, one has to say its achievements in international competitions. Lynk & Co launched the 03 TCR racing car in 2018 to compete in TCR events. Cyan Racing also successfully won the trophy of the annual team championship for Lynk & Co in 2019. The outstanding performance on the field not only remembered the name of Lynk & Co 03, but also remembered the bright blue that represents speed on the field.

What's more exciting is that Lynk & Co has launched the 03+ model, with 254 horsepower and 350 Nm of peak torque giving it the ability to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. The most important thing is that the sportiness of 03+ is not only reflected in the straights, but the balanced performance and steady handling on the track also left a deep impression on people.

The recently launched customized version of the champion also has a dark gray paint with a very combative visual effect. According to the manufacturer’s news, black will be added in the future. This should make it possible to expect to buy 03+ but hesitate about the dazzling golden car paint. The user is determined to swipe the card to pick up the car. The question about the color of 03+ needs to be said here: I heard that this time 03+ will launch a new color before the launch of the new car. At that time, I guessed whether blue will appear on the brand-new model, but unfortunately Yes and no. But from this I thought of the mysterious model that had appeared on a ppt before-a 350-horsepower Lynk & Co 03-using the original Cyan Racing blue. I wonder if Lynk & Co will directly put the most exciting blue on the field into the civilian car market through this mysterious model?

Looking forward to the future

As we all know, you can only think about “lust” if you are full of warmth. For the automobile manufacturing industry, only after earning enough money will manufacturers have sufficient funds and thoughts to develop some sports models that can satisfy a small number of consumers and enhance their brand image. The Volkswagen Group has golf to build the Bugatti Veyron, and the Corolla and Camry are sold all over the world to have the birth of LFA. For the same reason, Lynk & Co must first make enough money to bring more exciting high-performance products.

Since the launch of the first model, Lynk & Co has gained the hearts of more than 300,000 users in less than three years. This result is admirable. However, if you want to extend the display of more high-performance sports models beyond 03+, the current 01, 02, 03 and 05 car series are not enough. Therefore, the Lynk & Co 06, which will be launched in September, and the mid-to-large SUV to be unveiled next year, not only carry Lynk & Co’s ideals to enter more markets, but also pin the expectations of whether performance fans can usher in more Lynk & Co high-performance models. .

And through the Lynk & Co track driving training that has been officially opened to the public and the Lynk & Co experience center that will be opened at the end of this year, I have new expectations for Lynk & Co’s investment in sports. For example, Lynk & Co’s driving training will not Will it be as famous as some driving training courses of overseas luxury brands and make waves among enthusiasts in advance? This expectation is mainly based on the following points: 1. The hardware conditions of Ningbo International Circuit are first-rate, and the location adjacent to the Geely factory also has an advantage. In addition, Ningbo, located in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai region, has a developed economy and convenient transportation, which makes it easy to attract interested car fans to come here. 2. Lynk & Co has been cultivating the young consumer market since its inception, and with the further increase in the purchasing power of consumers born in the 80s and 90s, and the gradual rise of generation Z (people born in 1995-2009) consumers, they are becoming more youthful Related motor sports are gradually becoming a topic of discussion for the target population. Although the foundation of our motor sports is still relatively weak, Lynk & Co provides a relatively low threshold, which makes it easier to promote.

Edit summary:

The sports image of Lynk & Co is on the right path from the current point of view, because sportiness is not only a kick in front of the traffic light, but also manipulation, excitement and experience. Lynk & Co 03+ has done a good job in these aspects. And when we look at the market segment of Lynk & Co 03+, we can find that there are very few real sports cars worth about 200,000 yuan. If Lynk & Co can use its rich peripheral products and services to drive people's sports With a deeper understanding and love, then with Lynk & Co’s own advanced technology and Chinese brand appeal, as well as the wonderful performance on the field, then the story of Lynk & Co in sports is well unfolded.

Finally, I hope that Lynk & Co 06 and even more products in the future can achieve better sales performance, because only in this way can we drive more impressive Lynk & Co cars.