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[YesAuto Auto Insurance Interpretation] Not long ago, we reported on the news of the new auto insurance reform policy. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission) announced the “Guiding Opinions on the Implementation of Comprehensive Auto Insurance Reform (Draft for Comment)”. In late August, the Insurance Association of China, under the guidance of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, initiated the revision of the “Commercial Motor Insurance Comprehensive Model Clauses (2014 Edition)”. Now the “Commercial Motor Insurance Comprehensive Model Clauses (2020 Edition) Consultation Draft” will be revised and completed. Announce (hereinafter referred to as the draft of opinions), openly solicit opinions from all parties.

What does it have to do with me?

I believe you must be confused when you see this. What is the difference between the terms of the two different years and the insurance price? This is not buying red wine. Don't worry, let's first talk about what the “Commercial Auto Insurance Comprehensive Model Clause” is. Let's erase the word demonstration first, and just talk about this clause.

So what is the special significance of removing the word “demonstration” just now? This starts with the China Insurance Association. One of its responsibilities is to formulate rules and play a supervisory role, and the objects it supervises are insurance companies. The “Commercial Auto Insurance Comprehensive Model Clause” is like a demo provided by the association to various insurance companies, and the clauses you want must follow this demo.

Since then, I believe that you have understood the importance of the “Commercial Auto Insurance Comprehensive Model Clauses (2020 Edition) Draft for Comments”. It is likely to become a document in your hands or emails in the near future, and will accompany your car’s annual report. Insurance career. Let's take a look at the important changes in the terms of the two versions for consumers.

Changes in insurance content

According to the content of the “Commercial Auto Insurance Comprehensive Model Clauses (2020 Edition) Draft for Comments”, the changes in insurance content are not trivial, which not only makes car damage insurance more cost-effective, but also introduces many types of insurance that are in line with car usage scenarios. Meet consumers' purchasing needs.

The first change in the “Commercial Auto Insurance Comprehensive Model Clauses (2020 Edition) Draft for Comments” is the disappearance of the four main insurances, and the liability for theft and rescue is officially included in the car damage insurance . This also means that the new regulations will be implemented in the future, so you don't need to purchase the thief and rescue insurance separately, just purchase the car damage.

Continuing to compare the 2014 version and the 2020 version of the “Commercial Car Insurance Comprehensive Model Clause”, we are pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to theft and rescue, car damage insurance also assumes the responsibility for water insurance, separate glass breakage insurance, and spontaneous combustion insurance. At the same time, the liability is exempted. The earthquake and secondary disasters have also disappeared. This shows that in the new regulations, the insurance company will be responsible for compensation for the losses caused by the earthquake. At the same time, if you purchase car damage insurance in the future, you will have the rights and interests that only appear in the additional insurance at this stage , such as water wading, separate glass breakage, and spontaneous combustion insurance.

There is still a nagging sentence about the wading issue. Although the wading insurance is incorporated into the car damage, the engine damage caused by the “secondary ignition” is still not compensated, and such as the driving problem encountered in the current wading insurance claim The situation where the vehicle has been extinguished by flooding is included in the scope of claims for car damage insurance.

The annoying accident deductible clause in car damage insurance has disappeared . When the insurance is changed, the absolute deductible is negotiated with the insurance company, and the price of the additional insurance will be different according to the negotiated deductible. In addition, you need to pay special attention to the fact that at this stage, the practice of being a shopkeeper after purchasing without deductible may no longer exist, and you will bear some expenses to some extent . Of course, insurance companies are by no means charities. Since they have given out benefits, they have to introduce some “commodities” to tempt you. The following is a list of all additional insurances. Let's pick a few new items to talk about.

I believe that many people have encountered tire sidewall scratches or rim scratches. In addition to quality problems, they basically have to pay for themselves. For luxury models, even rim repair or tire replacement are all the same. For a lot of expenses, the individual wheel loss insurance can fully cover the damage mentioned above. At present, the price of the additional insurance is not known. I personally think it is more beneficial to luxury cars.

In view of the large traffic volume on statutory holidays and the strong travel demand, the insurance for doubling the statutory holiday limit can obtain the “benefits” corresponding to the doubling of the insurance coverage of the three holidays. The supplementary medical insurance liability insurance for drugs used outside the medical insurance is mainly used to cover the cost of drugs used outside the medical insurance.

Major changes in additional insurance
2014 edition 2020 edition
No deductible Absolute deductible special clause
Individual glass breakage insurance Individual wheel loss insurance
Spontaneous combustion loss insurance Statutory holiday limit doubled insurance
Motor vehicle loss cannot find a third-party special insurance Liability Insurance for Drugs Used Outside Medical Insurance
Designated repair shop insurance Motor vehicle value-added service special terms
Engine wading loss insurance Special Clause for Excluding Engine Water Loss

One point of view:

The car damage insurance has changed: it covers spontaneous combustion, broken glass alone, wading, theft and other types of insurance currently on sale , while optimizing the deductible clauses for car damage. For consumers, it is undoubtedly a value-added service.

Additional insurance is richer and covers more scenarios, but I always think that insurance is a bet, and insurance companies want to make a profit. Of course, for car owners, because everyone's car environment and scene are different, these additional insurances protect the interests of consumers to a certain extent, and at the same time save a lot of things. On the whole, this change in commercial insurance clauses is still more beneficial to car owners. In fact, we don’t have to resist at all. This is a matter of getting what we need. It adds a guarantee to car owners and makes insurance companies profitable. Just rest your mind and ask for it on demand. Interested netizens can search the “Commercial Auto Insurance Comprehensive Model Clauses (2020 Edition) Draft for Comments” on the official website of the China Industry Insurance Association to view the original documents, and make reasonable suggestions by listing them. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang, source of China Insurance Association)