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[YesAuto Power Modification] The BMW M4 is a well-recognized high-performance vehicle. This time the VOS team is ready to make the performance of the BMW M4 shine.

The VOS modification team has adjusted this in-line 6-cylinder 3000cc turbocharged engine to 550 horsepower, an increase of 119 horsepower compared to the original factory parameters of 431 horsepower, and the torque from 550N·m to 710N·m.

In terms of chassis, the VOS team chose a German KW brand shock absorber for this BMW M4. This shock absorber is of the Clubsport super sports level. It can be adjusted in terms of high and low soft and hard. Of course, it can also adjust the front wheel angle to improve Handling performance increases the road feel when driving.

The VOS team also upgraded this car with 20-inch BBS brand wheels. Although the brake system has the VOS trademark, it is designed by Brembo's OEM for the front six and rear four pistons. The brake discs are all 380 mm, this brake system can effectively shorten the braking distance.

The rear mirrorcaps brand carbon fiber diffuser increases the aesthetics. Below the diffuser is a set of double-sided variable valve exhaust system with four outlets, which can ensure low-speed torque and increase power at high-speed. Since the BMW M4 has just been introduced, many modifications are not yet mature in China. However, in the near future, the BMW M4 will continue the modification trend of the previous generation E92 and become the most combative model in the BMW M family.