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[YesAuto Industry] A few days ago, auto parts supplier Infineon and Volkswagen Group reached a strategic cooperation, Infineon will become Volkswagen Group's future automotive supply chain partner. Previously, Infineon's power modules also provided electric drive control solutions for the Volkswagen Group Electric Vehicle Modular Platform (MEB). In this cooperation, Infineon and Volkswagen Group will jointly discuss the market for future automotive semiconductors Demand, promote the development of automobile electrification.

It is reported that Infineon is increasing the production capacity of its plants in Dresden, Germany and Kulim, Malaysia in order to meet the high-growth demand for power electronics from automakers. At the same time, Infineon has also established a new type of high-efficiency The plant is used to produce power semiconductors, with a total investment of 1.6 billion euros. The new plant is expected to be put into operation in 2021.

Chips are a key component of sustainable mobility. Innovative power semiconductors can reduce energy loss when converting electrical energy between charging piles, batteries and motors. In addition, they can also help cars recover more energy when braking and monitor them through sensors. For battery cell status, the microcontroller can control charging and discharging, thereby improving battery performance and service life.

Infineon said that it hopes to work together with the Volkswagen Group to further increase the mileage of electric vehicles or shorten the charging time through product development and customer demand collection. The Volkswagen Group plans to release nearly 70 new electric vehicles in the next 10 years and produce 22 million electric vehicles. Most of its electric vehicles under planning will be born on the MEB platform.