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[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] Innovation is the source of power to promote world progress. Cars can make life more convenient, so every bit of innovation in the field of automotive technology can make our future better. At this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, in addition to the new models that attracted attention on the booth, we should also see the efforts of manufacturers and suppliers in technological innovation. Some of these technologies can make vehicles and drivers online in real time, some can make driving safer, some can make vehicles lighter, and some seemingly simple technologies and improvements can bring more comfortable driving to consumers on a budget. Feel. Therefore, the following content will likely change your future car life.

What can car networking do?

Today's people are accustomed to using mobile devices to keep themselves online in real time. With the popularity of smart phones and the convenience of App development, more and more things can be solved through the square inch screen of the palm. If cars are also connected to this network, it will undoubtedly further enhance the convenience of people's lives. This is also an area where component suppliers have been committed to breakthroughs in recent years.

-Remote windshield defrosting in winter

In some areas with low winter temperatures, car owners will encounter the trouble of defrosting the front windshield in winter. Under normal circumstances, the car owner needs to start the engine first, wait for the water temperature to rise, then adjust the air conditioner to hot air, open the air outlet under the front windshield, use hot air to heat the glass to melt the frost on the front windshield, and then use a shovel Shoveling frost is very troublesome, and you will catch a cold if you are not careful. At this Frankfurt Motor Show, Valeo launched a technology called “Remote Clean4U”, which allows car owners to remotely activate the vehicle's defrosting function through a mobile phone App and automatically defrost the vehicle, which is very convenient.

· Valeo remote automatic defrost function demonstration video:

Remote Clean4U technology really provides convenience for car owners, so they don't have to worry about defrosting the car. It is worth mentioning that this technology requires special wiper blades (with multiple spray holes on the wiper blades) to perform its functions, and the corresponding wiper blades need to be replaced when the wiper is maintained. If the defrosting fluid is used up, a special defrosting fluid must be replaced.

-Tap the screen to adjust the seat

At present, even the most high-end SUV models require more or less manual operations when adjusting seats. At this Frankfurt Motor Show, Brose showed us a set of seat adjustment system for a 7-seater SUV that is fully controlled by a computer. All the user has to do is to tap the screen a few times with a finger to realize various seat placement modes, which is quite convenient.

· Demonstration video of Brose seat automatic adjustment system:

Obviously, in order to realize the seat adjustment system introduced above, a corresponding control motor must be added to control the seat back, cushion and other components, which will inevitably increase the cost. But for luxury SUVs or MPVs that emphasize functionality and ease of operation, Brose’s system is indeed an attractive highlight configuration.

-Mobile phone authorization to unlock the vehicle

NFC is the abbreviation of Near Field Communication, which is short-range wireless communication technology. The technology evolved from contactless radio frequency identification (RFID), which was jointly developed by Philips Semiconductors (now NXP Semiconductors), Nokia and Sony, and its foundation is RFID and interconnection technology. Continental’s latest smart key system is based on NFC technology, which can authorize vehicle unlocking, driving, and use of in-vehicle functions, facilitating vehicle rental and use.

We have introduced the InBlue smart virtual key launched by Valeo, which can also authorize multiple mobile phones and realize the functions of using mobile phones to unlock vehicles and start driving. Compared with Valeo, the mainland favors the security of NFC technology, but currently not every mobile phone will have the NFC function as standard, so there will be some limitations in use, and smart cards are slightly less convenient in terms of convenience.

-Do not take detours when looking for parking spaces

When there are more and more vehicles in the city, not only the pressure on road traffic increases sharply, but parking spaces are also a headache. Finding a suitable parking space smoothly and quickly saves time and improves efficiency, while also reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions when looking for a parking space. Therefore, Bosch chose to use interconnection technology to solve this problem.

When will the day when it is easy to find a parking space? Obviously the idea of this technology is good, but the popularization of equipment will be a problem that restricts its function. In addition, if there is a huge traffic volume and need to “grab a parking space” environment, whether the selected parking space is still free when the driver arrives is also a problem.

-Control the vehicle status at any time

There are many people who take great care of their vehicles and always want to be able to know the health status of each part of the car at any time; some people are very concerned about the cost of using the vehicle, if they can, they want to understand that every penny is spent Where is it. For these two kinds of people, the new aftermarket products launched by Bosch should meet their needs.

With Drivelog, every person who loves a car can play the role of a “health doctor” for his car at any time, monitoring the health of the car at all times, and those who plan carefully may see it on the screen of their mobile phone. Are you nervous about changes in gas prices? However, once a car is connected to the Internet, there is nothing more stressful than gas bills than being attacked by hackers and viruses, so we must be prepared to deal with it:

-Refused to hack your car

I have heard of hackers hacking into the car's in-vehicle network system. Once the in-vehicle network system is hacked, the hacker can control various functions of the vehicle at will, and even completely control the steering, accelerator and brake systems of the vehicle. Recently, Magna cooperated with an Israeli company called “ARGUS” to launch a vehicle network anti-virus technology that can actively detect and prevent hackers from intruding into the vehicle network.

The working principle of this vehicle network anti-virus system is similar to the anti-virus software we commonly use on computers. It prevents hackers from attacking the vehicle network by intercepting abnormal data communication in the vehicle network. Through the Internet of Vehicles technology, the system can update the database of the anti-virus system in real time to ensure the communication security of the vehicle network and prevent hackers from taking advantage of it.

How to help the car “weight loss”?

For humans, maintaining a good body and weight can avoid many diseases and discomforts, so what are the benefits of car weight loss? There is no doubt that a lighter body can reduce fuel consumption and can also make the vehicle's dynamic performance better. Therefore, many OEMs and suppliers are striving to study lighter body structures, and advances in materials science and processing technology have also brought more space and possibilities.

-Steel-aluminum hybrid body

The three departments of Magna, Ford, and the US Department of Energy (“DoE”) have cooperated to develop a Multi Material Lightweight Vehicle (hereinafter referred to as “MMLV”). This MMLV is based on the 2013 Ford Fusion (US version of Ford Mondeo). Through the use of aluminum alloy materials on the body-in-white, the body-in-white weight is reduced by 23.5% while ensuring the strength of the body. A lighter body brings better fuel economy and makes a greater contribution to reducing vehicle emissions.

· Introduction to Hot Stamping Technology Video:

The use of aluminum alloys to manufacture parts on the body-in-white is nothing new. Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have already adopted them in production cars. Luxury car brands like Jaguar have also launched Jaguar XE models that use 75% of the body-in-white aluminum. Like the MMLV introduced above, the Jaguar XE also uses a large number of riveting techniques to connect steel and aluminum components. With the increasingly stringent emission regulations, the technology of reducing vehicle carbon emissions by reducing body weight will gradually become popular. I believe that we will be able to see similar technology applications in some low-end and medium-end models in the near future.

-Carbon-aluminum hybrid body

Although aluminum alloy materials are lighter than traditional steel materials, there is obviously a well-known material in the world that is lighter and stronger than it. This is carbon fiber. For a long time, carbon fiber materials have been used in professional racing and high-end sports cars due to their complicated manufacturing process and high cost. However, with the development of technology, more and more manufacturers have begun to apply carbon fiber materials. At this auto show, Kia exhibited its own achievements in lightweight body.

It should be said that compared with many models that use carbon fiber materials in the load-bearing parts of the body, such as the new BMW 7 series, Kia's RM15 is relatively rudimentary in the application of carbon fiber materials. The carbon fiber materials used only for the cover require the production process. Lower costs and correspondingly lower costs. Therefore, this combination of carbon fiber coverings and aluminum alloy body structure is also a more practical lightweight body solution.

-The door partition is also lightweight

At this Frankfurt Motor Show, Brose brought us door partitions made of fiberglass materials. The new material door partition reduces the weight of the components without reducing the sound insulation performance and structural strength of the components, which makes a contribution to reducing the weight of the entire vehicle.

New applications in materials science have further developed automobiles, which have a century-old history, and made lighter and more fuel-efficient automobiles a reality. According to on-site engineers, this technology has now been able to achieve small-scale production and is expected to be applied on a large scale in 2020-2025.

How does the car tame the air?

In addition to reducing body weight, air is also a factor that cannot be ignored if you want to improve the fuel economy of a vehicle. When the vehicle is running, the resistance of the air to the vehicle will affect the power experience of the vehicle, increase driving noise, and increase fuel consumption at the same time. Therefore, for civilian passenger cars, reducing the drag coefficient is a compulsory course for major car manufacturers.

-Aerodynamic concept car

The works of car inventor Mercedes-Benz in recent years can always give people an amazing feeling. At the same time, thanks to the excellent aerodynamic design, both mass-produced cars and concept cars have very good drag coefficients. And this year's Frankfurt Motor Show In the previous year, Mercedes-Benz even launched a concept car with aerodynamics as the main body.

Perhaps IAA’s “transformation” skills will not be passed on to Mercedes-Benz's mass-produced models soon, but this concept car is still very helpful for the research of vehicle aerodynamics, and it also contributes to the overall shape and air of Mercedes-Benz models in the future. Kinetic design provides a blueprint for reference.

-Learning in the door handle

In order to optimize the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and reduce the drag coefficient of the vehicle, the exterior design engineer of the vehicle can be said to have done his best. The design from the body line to the curved surface strives to comply with the design principles of aerodynamics. At this Frankfurt Motor Show, Brose showed us a door handle that can improve aerodynamics.

This door handle uses two technologies that Brose is proud of-motor technology and electromagnetic induction technology. The motor mainly controls the two cover plates near the door handle. Due to the narrow space in the door, this puts forward higher requirements for the miniaturized structure design of the motor. The electromagnetic induction element is located inside the door handle. When a person's palm stretches out the door handle, it will change the magnetic field generated by the induction element. The receiving element learns that someone is operating the door handle according to the change in the magnetic field and completes the corresponding operation.

How to make driving safer?

For a long time, we have been tracking, reporting and analyzing the various tests of automobile safety conducted by domestic and foreign institutions. As these test items become more abundant and the requirements become more and more stringent, various car manufacturers are constantly using technical means to improve product performance. Active and passive safety performance. Although due to the unification of test standards, the current mass-produced vehicles are becoming more and more similar in terms of active and passive safety equipment, but there are still many innovative ideas to further improve and improve the safety performance of vehicles.

-More airbags?

At present, the airbags of mass-produced models are not very adequate for the frontal protection of the rear passengers. The protection of the rear passengers during a frontal impact is mainly completed by the restraint system. At this Frankfurt Motor Show, ZF, which has just acquired TRW, exhibited a frontal airbag specifically designed for rear passengers, putting forward new ideas for the safety of rear passengers.

In theory, this new type of airbag seems to perfectly improve the safety protection of rear passengers, but in fact, there are still many questions that need to be resolved: First of all, whether the installation of the airbag inside the front seat will detonate the explosive. Front passenger causing injury? Secondly, will the reaction force of the explosion of the airbag generate thrust on the front seats, which will cause the movement characteristics of the front passengers to change, thereby causing unsafe hazards for the front passengers? In addition, when the rear passenger crashes into the airbag, will it further push the front passenger forward? Obviously this airbag puts forward higher requirements for the front seat itself and installation.

In addition to this conceptual airbag for rear passengers, ZF also exhibited another airbag product that is still in the experimental stage. This airbag is mainly aimed at occupant protection in a side collision of a vehicle. Its biggest innovation is that it breaks the tradition that occupant airbags are only used in the car. According to ZF engineers, the airbag will be deployed before a side collision is about to occur, so as to absorb part of the impact energy when the collision occurs. However, how to determine whether a collision is really about to occur and avoid the false triggering of the airbag will be a complicated calibration process.

According to ZF staff, these two airbags are still in the proof-of-concept stage and there is no specific time plan for mass production. However, we also hope that these new airbags can perfectly achieve their set goals in the future. Additional points for passive safety of vehicles.

-Stand off-road outside the car

When it comes to active safety systems, perhaps everyone will think of familiar names such as electronic stability system ESC, driver assistance system ADAS, and automatic braking system AEB. However, these systems are not applicable in the field where the road conditions are complicated and only you are the only vehicle. , Where you are not worried about whether you will hit other vehicles or pedestrians, but whether you will drag the bottom, get stuck, or even roll over and so on. In many cases, drivers cannot make accurate judgments of road conditions like professional off-road drivers. Therefore, Land Rover, which has long focused on the production of off-road vehicles and SUV models, thought of an active safety technology that can be used in the wild.

· Land Rover remote control driving system display:

This remote control driving system seems to be full of fun, but it is still practical when it comes to the field, especially for drivers with no off-road experience, it can be regarded as an active safety system with practical significance. Even in the urban area, if you encounter heavy rain like the “721” in Beijing again, using this system to remotely control the car outside the car will definitely be safer. However, it is still unknown when the system will be mass-produced on the market.

●If you have a limited budget, you must not enjoy it?

Many of us are working hard for life. Although we have dreams of supercars, we still have to face reality whenever the sun rises. Especially for many young friends, some economical cars may They are their true partners. However, most cheap cars tend to be slightly inadequate in terms of convenience and configuration. Is it true that if you are shy in your pocket, you must not have a better enjoyment? Some parts suppliers don't think so.

-Electronic handbrake that can also be used with drum brakes

Due to cost considerations, many small cars are equipped with a drum brake mechanism in the rear wheel brake, so they cannot have a configuration such as an electronic handbrake. The reason is that there was no parking brake motor that can be integrated into the brake drum before. . However, at this Frankfurt Motor Show, ADVICS exhibited a parking brake motor that can be used in a drum brake system.

With the parking brake motor, some small cars or even mini cars that use drum brakes can realize the electronic handbrake function, which was not possible before.

-The rear seats of cheap cars are also adjustable

In sedans, the rear seat adjustment function was only used in high-end models in the past, and it is generally an electrically adjustable seat. The purpose of installing this type of seat is to improve the comfort of the rear seat of the vehicle, improve the grade of the vehicle, and create a feeling of “business class on land” in the rear of the vehicle. At this Frankfurt Motor Show, Magna exhibited a manually adjustable rear seat system that focuses on the low-end car market.

· Video introduction of manual seat adjustment for Magna sedan:

Compared with the electric adjustable seats on high-end models, this kind of car has a simpler function of manually adjusting the seat in the rear, and the adjustable range is far less than that of the electric seat. However, this kind of manually adjustable seat is very suitable for configuration in low-end mid-size cars that pay attention to cost, and has become a new selling point of this type of vehicle.

to sum up:

Some of the new technologies we have counted today seem to be wild, some are close to mass production, and some are based on some perfect and innovative improvements of existing products, no matter what type of technology, and no matter how far away from us, innovative The original intention is to create a better life. Perhaps someday in the future, some of the technologies we see today will be integrated into our daily lives and become indispensable elements in our lives. (Article by Car House/Zhang Ge, Photo by Chang Qinglin/Tang Dynasty)