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[YesAuto original test drive] Subaru has always been a relatively small imported brand in the domestic market. However, some of its models are relatively popular, such as Forester, Impreza, and Legacy. The Outback model, which focuses on crossover styles, can be said to be “a niche in a niche”, and it has been neglected by the market. Now the arrival of the new Outback is likely to change its own embarrassing situation.

As a late-generation product in the family, Outback was able to learn from the characteristics of many other brothers to form a more unified family characteristic. But I believe many people can tell at a glance that this car clearly has a closer relationship with Legacy.

The front face of the new Outback looks very aggressive, and the upturned headlights leave a deep impression on people. This feature is completely taken from the design of the Lion, and it seems even more fierce when used on the Outback. . This may be due to the visual effect created by the sturdy air intake grille and the black body surround.

Compared with the old model, the new Outback has been further improved in terms of body size. The wheelbase has reached 2745 mm, which is 75 mm longer. Therefore, the interior space of the car is bound to increase significantly, which enhances the practicality of this car. .

The wheels use a relatively simple but very sturdy 17-inch six-spoke style. The whole series are equipped with the same Yokohama tires of 225/60 R17. The higher flatness is obviously designed for comfort and light off-road.

The rear style also basically continued the general layout of the Legacy, but perhaps due to the higher ground clearance, the new Outback from the rear seems to be more like an SUV and looks very powerful. This may just be a psychological effect. In fact, compared with the Legacy Travel Edition, even the taillights are exactly the same.

The new Outback not only copied most of the design elements of Legacy, but also the interior is exactly the same as Legacy. If you only look at the interior, it is impossible to distinguish whether this is a Legacy or an Outback. We do not need to complain about the lack of novelty, because nowadays this kind of uniform interior style inside the brand can be said to be very common.

Like Legacy, the interior of the new Outback is divided into dark and light colors. During the inlays, the dark peach wood and metallic luster decorative panels, the color matching and overall texture are significantly improved than the old models. To be honest, the interiors of Legacy and Outback always seem to have a strong Toyota flavor, especially the buttons on the center console, and the light blue lighting effects, which remind people of Toyota Camry involuntarily. Category.

The Outback currently on sale is divided into two types in terms of configuration: a deluxe version and a deluxe navigation version. It is actually very simple to distinguish with the naked eye: the luxury navigation version is equipped with a touch screen on the center console, and the menu style is basically the same as that on Lexus.

The most impressive thing about the new car interior is the storage compartment on the center console. It can be covered when not in use. The overall feeling is very strong. If you open it, you can find that its internal volume is really not small. Put the cell phone and wallet that you carry with you into it, and then close the lid, as if nothing happened.

The shape of the seat is relatively large, and the wrapping is not very strong. It is made of perforated leather with a soft texture, which belongs to the kind that emphasizes the comfort of long-distance driving. As for the space, generally speaking, it is expected-there is not much difference between the travel version and the Legacy. Although there are no surprises, it is definitely not cramped.

The new Outback has a spacious trunk with a volume of 1641 liters. The volume can be further expanded after the fourth and second rows of seats are down. On both sides of the rear door, there are handles for the seat to fall down. This device is now a common comfort configuration on many models.

The new car has minor adjustments in terms of power, and there are two engines to choose from. 2.5 l horizontal opposed 4 167 horsepower engine with variable valve lift and timing system, matching is new Linea rtronic CVT CVT, you may additionally be selected six-speed manual transmission. The original 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine was replaced by a more powerful 256-horsepower 3.6-liter engine, with a 5-speed manual transmission .

The 3.6-liter model is equipped with the SI-DRIVE intelligent driving lift system developed by Subaru. It is possible, the automatic transmission control unit (TCU) and the management electronic throttle system, the electronic throttle valve is controlled by adjusting an engine control unit (ECU) and the fuel supply to meet the different needs of the driver for the driving state of the driver to provide Three distinct engine power output modes: Smart mode (I), sport mode (S), super sport mode (S#).

The minimum ground clearance of the new Outback has reached 213 mm, which has fully reached the standard of an urban SUV. This made me worry about its handling before the test drive. After all, I still hope that it can have a car-like driving experience.

In actual driving, the electric-assisted steering wheel is lighter at low speeds. As the vehicle speed increases, the steering wheel's strength feedback becomes obvious, ensuring driving stability and enhancing the driver's confidence. The suspension of the whole vehicle gives people the feeling of being hard, and it can provide good lateral support in the corners. On the other hand, it also filters the road bumps in place and does not transmit too much trivial road information to the driver's buttocks. .

In terms of power, the power performance of the 3.6-liter engine is better than expected. Different power performance can be obtained by setting different driving modes. Among them, the smart mode and the sports mode can basically be classified into one category. In these two modes, fuel economy must be taken into consideration. The super sport mode is a different level of feeling: the gearbox will stay in a lower gear, and the speed will stay more than 3000 rpm.

The 2.5i model does not have a driving mode option, and there is no need to constantly think about the need to switch to a certain mode. When needed, step on the accelerator. Thanks to the tacit cooperation of this CVT gearbox, there is no lag in the response of the power. , I even think that 167 horsepower is not much worse than 256 horsepower at low and medium speeds. If you are looking for cost performance, then the 2.5-liter model is a good choice.


As we all know, Subaru’s current policy is to abandon the previous personalized design that can only be appreciated by a few consumers, and instead pay attention to the mainstream people’s needs for cars. The new Outback is no exception. From a human perspective, it is older than the old. This model has a huge leap, and the price threshold is lower. However, it may not be easy for domestic consumers to accept “heavy” crossovers like Outback. What kind of future will be waiting for the new Outback? We will wait and see.

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