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[YesAuto concept car real shot] At this BMW summit in Munich, in addition to those mass-produced models, BMW also brought several concept cars, the most important of which is the Vision M NEXT concept car we are going to talk about today. To describe the car in the words of Mr. Hoytonk: “It will show that cutting-edge technology can also make the driving itself purer and more appealing.”

The concept car maintains the style of a BMW super sports car, so you will see some i8 shadows in it. When you approach the vehicle, it can be automatically unlocked through facial recognition, which is also a direction for BMW's future intelligence. Press the touch sensor button on the door, and the door will open automatically. In addition, this cool way of opening the door diagonally forward is a must for sports cars.

The iconic kidney grille will inevitably appear, and the irregular shape also gives the front of the car more line changes. For the first time, the headlights use innovative laser line technology to produce new ultra-thin headlight elements with precise shapes using phosphor-coated glass fiber. In addition, from the bottom of the A-pillar, we saw a camera, which should be used to replace the traditional rearview mirror to reduce wind resistance, while the field of view should be wider and clearer.

In terms of color matching, the concept car uses a bold color block design, the rear and the lower part of the front are surrounded by bright orange, and the middle is a silver-gray transition. In addition, the color of the front and rear wheels is also obviously different, and the rim shape is also different, which brings a very large visual impact.

The two-tone rear end is very eye-catching, while the exaggerated bottom diffuser achieves good results in both functionality and visual aspects. The taillights also use laser line technology. In terms of design inspiration, the double-circular lights of BMW Turbo and BMW M1 are used for reference, and they are interpreted in a new way. The interior of the lamp cavity is also designed with the BMW logo.

The cockpit is called the BOOST cockpit, and the new design concept is used to allow the driver to focus on driving while driving. And “focus logic” represents the new form of BMW's iconic “driver-centric” concept.

All control options and driving information are displayed in three levels. The first level is displayed on the steering wheel with two display screens; the second level is the transparent curved screen behind the steering wheel. The third level is the full coverage AR head-up display on the windshield. The relevant information displayed by the vehicle changes automatically according to the speed of the vehicle-when the speed of the vehicle gradually increases, the position of the information display will become more concentrated and move toward the center of the driver's field of vision.

The seat adopts an ergonomic design, and the integrated shape can better fit the driver's body. In addition, in terms of practicality, some storage space is also hidden on the door.

In terms of power, the concept car uses a four-cylinder engine to transmit power to the rear wheels. In addition, there are two electric motors on the front and rear axles to output power. The final integrated power reaches 447kW (600HP). It will accelerate from static to 100km/h. It can be completed in 3 seconds. Under the pure electric drive, this sports car can travel 100km, which can meet the needs of pure electric urban transportation for medium and short distances.

Edit summary:

The Vision M NEXT concept car interprets the possibilities of driving pleasure in the future, such as how driving information is more accurately and intuitively transmitted to the driver through the instrument, and the technological content of the product is improved through new technology to make driving easier. Electrified design ideas also make it in line with future trends, and these novel technologies will appear on BMW's future generations of models.