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[YesAuto Technology] On May 10, just before the official opening of this year's Asian Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the 2016 Mercedes-Benz Technology Day was officially held in Shanghai. In this technology day event, Mercedes-Benz officially not only brought the Concept IAA concept car, but also showed us its latest achievements in semi-automatic/autonomous driving.

Note: Due to the objective conditions of the on-site environment and time constraints, part of the content display format can only be obtained by re-photographing the on-site exhibition boards and screens. Due to the relatively short time, it is impossible to have an in-depth experience for some projects. Please understand.

● The new generation of E-class will be equipped with semi-autonomous driving function

We have learned from previous news that the new generation of E-Class that will be launched soon will have the opportunity to be equipped with a semi-autonomous driving system. In addition to the functions of automatic follow-up, active emergency braking and other functions of the adaptive function when driving on high-speed road conditions, Functions such as intelligent pilot steering and active lane change are also added. However, not all of these configurations will be provided as standard configurations in the future, and some configurations are only optional .

● Car 2 X Smart Cloud Interactive System

According to reports, the Car 2 X intelligent cloud interactive system will first be applied to domestic long-wheelbase E-class cars. In the future, other Mercedes-Benz models will also be equipped with this interactive system, and the function will be opened to other manufacturers. The main task of developing the Car 2 X system is to expand the field of vision of existing vehicle sensors, and to grasp the road conditions ahead of the vehicle through “communication” with other vehicles that also have this function.

The main function of the system is that when a vehicle equipped with the Car 2 X system has an accident, it will automatically send warning messages to surrounding vehicles that are also equipped with the system, and other vehicles of the size will slow down or go around. If there is no accident, but when the vehicle perceives abnormal road conditions during driving (for example, the road is covered with snow or oil, or causes hidden dangers), it will also issue a warning to nearby vehicles.

● Semi-autonomous driving test vehicle

The other autonomous driving test vehicle displayed on the Science and Technology Day is very similar to the S-Class test vehicle shown on the Science and Technology Day last year. It is not a vehicle capable of fully autonomous driving, but a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Tsinghua University. Models used to collect the driving habits and road conditions of Chinese drivers. In terms of equipment, the roof camera and the binocular camera behind the front windshield are basically the same as last year's test car.

● Article summary:

Although electronic assistance systems are becoming more and more perfect today, and many manufacturers and technology companies have made a lot of progress in autonomous driving, ordinary consumers are still far away from autonomous driving. On the one hand, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the technical level, and there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve mass production. On the other hand, because the real road conditions are very complicated, there are many situations that need to be dealt with and deal with, and the traffic in many areas The authorities' awareness of autonomous driving is only at a low level, and the acceptance is very low. Therefore, if we want to see fully autonomous vehicles with real mass production significance, we may have to wait for many years. However, for models such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class that can be equipped with semi-autonomous driving functions, it is helpful to improve safety and reduce the fatigue of drivers during long-distance driving. This is indeed an important step for Mercedes-Benz in its autonomous driving capabilities.