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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] It was previously reported that Audi intends to abandon Le Mans and DTM and intends to join F1. We also released the news “Audi intends to enter the F1 race in 2016”, but a dramatic scene appeared, Audi just denied After receiving the news, he said that he has “just some interest” in F1 but “no financial support”.

Audi Sport said on their Facebook that rumors of Audi joining F1 have been circulating in recent years, but they are still loyal to the World Endurance Race (WEC), DTM and GT series of events. Audi once again emphasized that they will start the Audi TT Cup in 2015 (click here for related reports) to express their resolute attitude.

This is just like a scandal in the literary and artistic circles. First, the person broke the news, and the person concerned immediately came out to refute the rumors. The true and the false may be difficult to distinguish in the mist. In any case, in 2015, we will continue to look at Le Mans and DTM, and everything will be clear in 2016.