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[YesAuto original test drive] Dongfeng Fengshen H30 has been on the market for one year. During this year, Fengshen H30 and its brother S30 are fighting in the highly competitive autonomous compact car market. After the S30 launched the facelift model, the 2011 H30 was also officially launched recently (January 17, 2011). What are the 15 upgrades of the 2011 Fengshen H30? What kind of surprises will the 2011 Fengshen H30 bring us? Let us understand together:

2011 Fengshen H30 changes

In the previous listing article, the changes of the 2011 Aeolus H30 have been introduced in detail. Generally speaking, these changes are very subtle, and the main body parameters and configurations have not changed.

● The appearance has not changed much-a “tourmaline brown” color is added to the old model, equipped with a short rod antenna

The appearance of the 2011 Fengshen H30 can be said to be basically unchanged. It is still a front face with a U-shaped mouth and two ridges on the engine cover. The headlight adopts a headlight group with separate far and near beams. Since it is basically similar to the old model, please refer to the previous real shots for the details of the appearance, so I won't introduce more here.

Click to enter the detailed test drive article of Fengshen H30 :

In the rear part of the car, we can see that the 2011 Fengshen H30 is replaced with a “short rod antenna”, which is more concise than the old model. A new body color-“tourmaline brown” has been added, which is also the new car color equipped on the 2011 Fengshen S30. At this point, the 2011 Fengshen H30 will have 7 body colors to choose from: China Red, Tourmaline Brown, Silk Silver, Ink Grey, Glazed Gold, Duan Inkstone Black, and White Marble.

In addition, like the old models, except for the Zunya version, both the premium version and the electronic navigation version are equipped with electric sunroofs and have an anti-pinch function. It is also commendable that all the Fengshen H30 series come standard with front fog lights, 4-probe reversing radar, four-wheel disc brakes, and high-position LED brake lights.

Interior——The display is changed to background light

In terms of interiors, the changes in the 2011 Fengshen H30 do not seem to be particularly obvious. The black interior is still used, and the central control design idea of the ink painting line shape is continued, and it is decorated with silver. This is also in line with the positioning of the H30. As a hatchback model, the H30 is more in line with the tastes of young people than its sedan version, while the black interior is more popular among young fashionable people.

Although the interior of the 2011 Fengshen H30 seems to have not changed at a glance, it does not mean that there is no improvement. The background lights of the display screens in the center control panel of the 2011 Fengshen H30 are all changed from the original orange to blue. The technology is full of sense, and the font is changed to white. In addition, the driving computer display has also been upgraded, and the Chinese language is adopted. word.

At the same time, like the 2011 Fengshen S30, the H30 also uses a black background and white backlit instrument panel. Just as my colleague Wang Shen said with emotion, this combination has become a fashion, but it does look more sporty than before. , And also more modern.

In addition, let's take a look at a small detail improvement on the upper left side of the driver's seat of the 2011 Fengshen H30. The added sunglasses and spectacle case provide users with some convenience. The efforts made by the manufacturer here on the humanized configuration are worthy of recognition. , We believe that only manufacturers that constantly consider users and effectively improve the quality of new cars will eventually be recognized and supported by consumers.

We also have a small change on the inside of the door. Originally, the four-door electric window buttons did not have a one-button lift function. However, the 2011 model has added a one-button window lowering function to the driver’s side. I also sigh again here. Humanized configuration and efforts to listen to the voice of consumers. But at the same time, we also found that many consumers’ complaints about the inconvenience of the horn position have not changed on the 2011 model.

Test drive part

The models provided in this test drive club are all manual transmission models. The engine still uses the 1.6L 106 horsepower (78kW) inline four-cylinder engine that the old model is equipped with. This engine provided by PSA is widely used in Dongfeng. On all 1.6L models of joint ventures with PSA, the maximum output power is 78kW (106 horsepower) and the maximum torque is 142Nm/4000rpm.

Although the engine technology is mature, but because the technology is relatively backward, the power output is slightly insufficient at low speeds, it is difficult to find the so-called “push back feeling”, and the power is slightly lagging at the start. However, as the engine speed increases to a certain level, the situation improves significantly. After the speed increases to a certain level, you will feel more confident in accelerating and overtaking. All in all, this engine seems to remind us to drive smoothly during the entire driving process, but it is completely sufficient for driving on daily city roads.

In the previous test drives of the old H30 and S30, the editors all questioned the strong vibration of the manual transmission when shifting gears. In the 2011 model, the official stated that the “soft shaft-controlled manual transmission” was used to deal with this The ills have been improved. In actual operation, the problem of the shift lever jitter of the vehicle for this test drive has been solved, and it seems that the soft-shaft transmission, which has been repeatedly emphasized by the official, has achieved better results. At the same time, this 5-speed manual transmission shifts smoothly and has a good suction feel, which is still worthy of recognition.

Regarding the body noise issue, although the official stated that the NVH performance control optimization has been carried out on the 2011 model, it is actually an assessment of the vehicle comfort, including noise, vibration and other parts. According to the editor’s personal experience, the 2011 Aeolus The noise of the H30 is relatively obvious when the engine speed is high, but since the editor has not tested the old H30, it is not known whether it has been improved in this respect.

Although it snowed the night before the test drive, due to the southern weather, there was no icing phenomenon, but there was some water on the road. This kind of weather seemed to be a test of our protagonist today. And the H30 with 205/50 R16 wide flat tires has a good grip performance (it needs to be reminded here that the official configuration shows that the elegant type is equipped with 195//60 R15 tires), turning in daily driving intersections, And behave calmly when accelerating.

The Fengshen H30 is equipped with a front Macpherson and rear dual torsion bar longitudinal control arm independent suspension / with a stabilizer bar (from the actual situation, it should be a torsion beam semi-independent suspension with a stabilizer bar), and at the same time in the place where the shaft is connected A twistable device is installed. From a structural point of view, such a device helps the vehicle to corner.

In terms of tuning, the suspension of the H30 tends to be tough. The advantage of this is that the transmission of road information is still good. On the paved road, the road conditions such as manhole covers and speed bumps have been well responded to. For a family car, the editor even felt that the tuning was a bit overdone. Maybe male consumers are more inclined to this driving experience.


Most of the upgrades of the 2011 H30 are reflected in the configuration and some small appearance/interior. There are no changes or improvements in power and chassis structure. In addition to the improved jitter of the manual transmission, the driving experience will not be the same as that of the old model. Obvious difference. In addition, we are very pleased that those upgrades on the configuration that are too small to be small in our opinion are the changes made by the manufacturers within one year after listening to the opinions of consumers. This is worthy of our affirmation.

All in all, Fengshen H30 is a hatchback model suitable for young people or families. Although it does not have sufficient power and stylish and dynamic appearance, its practical configuration, mature technology and continuous improvement attitude will still Many consumers are tempted.