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[YesAuto Engine Technology] In most racing games, the Bugatti pursued by players is often listed as one of the ultimate weapons. And I believe that most people's desire for it only exists in the game, because a car with more than 1,000 horsepower is not something everyone can control. It may be a racer or a lunatic. In fact, the craziest thing is the engineers who built the Bugatti engine, because recently they installed more than 1,500 horsepower engines into the car.

● Who loaded this brand new W16 engine?

In the current passenger car field, most manufacturers are more and more willing to use engines with fewer cylinders. Six-cylinder engines are replaced by four-cylinder engines, and even four-cylinder engines have begun to be replaced by three-cylinder engines. In order to save more space, the subsequent reduction in emissions is in line with the trend of “energy saving and emission reduction”. However, this trend has not affected a sports car brand such as Bugatti in the slightest. The W16 engine is still the exclusive and exclusive of Bugatti, because it is destined to be born only for speed.

Behind the proud data is the unremitting pursuit of every horsepower by the engine engineers. Although the fastest production car record of the predecessor Weihang 16.4 Super Sport is lost, I believe that a slight adjustment to the basic version of the Bugatti Chiron will do it. Break this record easily. The launch of the Bugatti Chiron and the new W16 engine it carries seems to prove that last year's Volkswagen “emission gate” incident did not affect its investment in product development, because building a stronger Bugatti is absolutely cost-free. thing.

The predecessor Weihang is also equipped with a W16 four-turbocharged engine. The strongest version of the engine has a maximum output of 1200 horsepower. Why did the Bugatti Chiron directly increase its value to 1521 horsepower as soon as it debuted (the 1500 marked on the hood is British horsepower)? ? Let's take a look at what innovations Bugatti has made to the new W16 engine?

● Four turbo to twin turbo?

Compared with the predecessor W16 engine, the new engine has been upgraded in terms of turbocharging technology. We know that the use of turbocharging to improve engine power will bring about a drawback, that is, turbo lag at low speeds.

Bugatti Chiron’s turbocharging technology uses a different idea. In order to allow the turbo to work faster at low engine speeds and to ensure continuous power output at high speeds, Bugatti uses two-stage turbocharging technology , namely Engine 3800 turns to the dividing line. Below this speed, only two of the four turbochargers will intervene in work; and above this speed, all four turbochargers will be fully functional.

The effect achieved is that in the 2000-6000 revolution range of the engine, this 16-cylinder monster can output the maximum power of 1521 horsepower and 1600 N·m of torque, and the focus is on the 2000 revolutions of the engine, and its power output curve is very linear. .

● “An engine that circulates about 1455 bottles of mineral water every minute?”

Behind such an engine with abnormal performance parameters is that several components must be able to withstand harsh working intensity and working temperature. If you want to ensure the normal output of 1521 horsepower, you must first keep the engine at normal operating temperature. Bugatti Chiron has designed a powerful cooling system whose maximum performance can circulate 800L of coolant in one minute, which is equivalent to cooling in one minute. The pipeline circulates about 1455 bottles of ordinary 550mL mineral water capacity.

● “Abuse” of titanium alloy and carbon fiber

For a super sports car, the weight of the body will directly affect the acceleration and control level of the vehicle. Therefore, lightweight design is a permanent design requirement for sports cars. Moreover, the new Bugatti Chiron W16 engine has improved performance and increased functions. Compared with predecessor engines, it will bring about an increase in weight, which puts forward higher requirements for lightweight technology. Regarding the killer of weight, Bugatti's response is to use carbon fiber or even titanium alloy materials to create this powerful “heart” regardless of cost.

In addition, Bugatti also re-designed the weight of the Chiron engine crankshaft; even the exhaust muffler also uses expensive titanium alloy material, which weighs only 20kg, and if it is replaced with steel material, its weight will increase by at least one. About times. In short, the Bugatti Chiron still keeps the weight of the vehicle within 2 tons under the premise of ensuring performance improvement.

● Match the gearbox with the highest torque

● Summary

There is no doubt that Chiron equipped with this new W16 engine with more than 1500 horsepower has become Bugatti's new generation of supercar idols. Through the improvement of turbocharging technology and the improvement of light weight level, its power parameters are sufficiently daunting. However, as the hybrid technology becomes more mature and can easily increase hundreds of horsepower by adding one or two motors, The Bugatti Chiron may not be able to dominate the car industry for a long time with its power level as before. However, out of perseverance and perseverance to tradition, Bugatti’s engineers have created a super machine that is extremely spectacular and can be called a work of art. Perhaps in the future, such perseverance will become less and less, so in this era Those who can own them are lucky. (Auto House Text/Picture Xia Zhimeng)