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[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] At the recent Shanghai Auto Show, GM officially announced to the outside world the price of the 2013 LaCrosse 3.0L Smart Enjoy flagship model. The price of 369,900 yuan is nearly 50,000 yuan higher than the old model, which is almost the same as the transaction price of the low-profile Audi A6L 2.0T. The old LaCrosse 3.0L model originally had very few people interested because of the high price. As soon as the price came out this time, the significance of this flagship model was to increase its product positioning.

In fact, GM did not neglect this change. As the flagship, the LaCrosse 3.0L V6 is almost built by Cadillac standards. After bringing together a variety of technologies and configurations that can only be enjoyed by luxury medium and large cars, its luxury feel And comfort even has a cost comparable to A6L rivals. So, let us put aside its price for the time being and see how strong this current Shanghai GM Buick flagship model is.

Daily driving experience

The V6 SIDI intelligent direct injection engine on LaCrosse is the first direct injection engine introduced by GM into the country. In the early years, it was also selected as one of the world’s top ten engines twice. It has an all-aluminum cylinder block design, dual overhead camshafts, and SIDI in-cylinder direct injection technology. After re-adjustment, its maximum power has been slightly improved compared with the old model, reaching 265 horsepower/6800rpm, and the maximum torque remains unchanged at 296 N·m/5600rpm. Looking at the parameters, this 3.0L engine can be regarded as the best in its class (Volkswagen’s 3.0L VR6 has 250 horsepower, and the crown’s 3.0L V6 has 227 horsepower), and it is equipped with GM’s second. On behalf of the 6-speed automatic manual gearbox.

From the point of view of the parameters, this GM V6 engine seems to be tuned to high speed, but the torque output is very rare and has the characteristics of double peaks. At about 3000rpm, the torque can reach a peak of 280 N·m, which is quite helpful for daily driving. The shift logic of the 6-speed automated manual gearbox is also adjusted according to this torque curve. Under normal circumstances, the gearbox will upshift at 2500rpm to ensure sufficient power. The throttle adjustment is quite brisk, but it is not difficult to control, and there will not be a phenomenon of rushing at a start. However, when the speed exceeds 2000 rpm, the entire acceleration force of the Lacrosse is still very gentle, and it does not have the power of the same displacement model. feel.

Taking into account its displacement and engine parameters, this kind of power performance should be said to be unsatisfactory. The power performance of the 2.5L Camry and Teana in the same level are significantly stronger than that of the LaCrosse 3.0. Even if the S gear is engaged, the overall power performance is not significantly improved, but the engine responds more positively at the rear of the throttle and the shift timing is delayed to 3000 rpm. The overall driving style is still relaxed and content.

The sports mode of the LaCrosse is not much different from the D gear, but the power reserve after deep stepping on the accelerator to increase the speed to 4500rpm is not bad. The sound of the V6 engine sounds rich and pleasing, and it is very satisfying. In manual mode, the old problems of the gearbox remain, upshifts are fast, and downshifts are somewhat procrastinated. In terms of ride comfort and gear shift logic alone, this 6AT is a lot better than the old model. Except for occasional setbacks at low speeds that are not obvious, you will ignore its existence at other times.

There is enough power, and ride comfort can’t pick up big problems. For LaCrosse this type of car is the most important, so even if its power performance is not satisfactory, we should not be too entangled, at least sitting in the LaCrosse, the kind of comfortable and luxurious atmosphere , Will let you automatically minimize the power requirements.

Finally, let's take a look at the fuel consumption performance of LaCrosse.

The entire fuel consumption test drove a total of 122.4 kilometers, of which the traffic jams less than 20km/h accounted for 40%, and the rest were ordinary loops and roads with signal lights. The load was 1 person plus some photographic equipment. The driving computer showed The average speed is 27km/h. The final measured fuel consumption is 12.6L/100km, and the trip computer shows 13L, which has exceeded the average fuel consumption standard of this class of models. Of course, considering its 3.0L displacement, this result is expected. During the driving process, I found through reference to the driving computer that the LaCrosse 3.0 V6 controls the fuel consumption well during high-speed cruising. The average fuel consumption once dropped to about 10. Once it encounters congested road conditions, the stop-and-go fuel consumption rises linearly.

After talking about power, let's take a look at the performance of LaCrosse comfort.

The seat configuration of LaCrosse is ridiculously high. The front seats are equipped with heating and ventilation functions, three groups of memories, twelve adjustments, and even a massage function. To say, the seat massage function on the LaCrosse is not only good, but also very practical. Although the strength and frequency cannot be adjusted, there are three massage parts, the upper, middle and lower parts. The actual massage effect is really good.

The seat of LaCrosse is very thick, and the leather material is completely comparable to that of XTS. However, the seat design still inherits the carefree feeling of American cars. The wrapping is average, and the degree of fit for the body is a little less meaningful. In addition, the seat is filled The material of the objects is also hard, especially the headrest and seat cushion. The hard “muscle” feel is obviously not as comfortable as the level of Japanese cars. I believe most people still like the feeling of being held by a soft girl.

The rear of the LaCrosse is also very luxurious. In addition to the rear entertainment system and the co-pilot “boss button”, the seats also have ventilation and heating functions. If you have to pick the bones in the egg, there are two shortcomings: one of the seat angles looks It's a bit straighter, and the angle can't be adjusted. Second, the remote control of the rear entertainment system has a strong plastic feel and a mediocre feel.

IntelliSafe forward-looking intelligent active safety system experience

IntelliSafe's forward-looking intelligent active safety system is one of the highlights of this change. I will pick a few key points to talk about, so that everyone can feel it.

This active safety system called IntelliSafe includes the full-speed adaptive cruise system, collision warning system, lane departure warning system, lane change assist system, and parking warning system. Its adaptive cruise system can be started above 25km/h, and the system can control the vehicle speed to a complete stop, and after the vehicle is restarted, it can also automatically return to the preset cruise speed. This adaptive cruise system is more user-friendly than Volkswagen's ACC (the cruise control will be automatically cancelled when the vehicle speed is less than 30km/h), and it is quite practical when cruising at high speeds.

The functions of collision warning system, lane departure warning system, and parking warning system are not new. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the warning icon or sound alarm displayed on the dashboard, LaCrosse also provides a seat vibration warning function. In terms of the effect of warning, seat vibration is undoubtedly the best, because when the body is fatigued, the tactile warning effect is more direct than the sound and icon, and the driver can also make the correct in time according to the position of the seat vibration. Adjustment.

In addition, the collision warning system can also choose to turn on the automatic braking function. When you are driving in a congested urban area, I recommend turning off this feature. The reason is simple: when you are too close to the vehicle in front when you are merging, the automatic braking system will make trouble every time it is untimely. The original normal merging and overtaking will become unusually thrilling. Sometimes there are too many such “butler” type assistance systems, which is not a good thing for the driver.

Suspension comfort

For the chassis, the LaCrosse 3.0L not only uses a more advanced H-arm rear suspension, but also comes with a CDC full-time active hydraulic shock absorption stabilization system. The full name of CDC is Continuous Damping Control, which means continuous damping control system. Buick calls it a full-time active hydraulic damping and stabilization system. When the vehicle encounters a bumpy road, the system can greatly weaken the vibration from the road surface and the rebound of the spring, and can improve the damping of the suspension during intense driving, provide sufficient support force, and make the chassis respond more quickly.

To put it simply, the addition of this set of shock absorption system allows LaCrosse to have a driving texture comparable to that of luxury medium and large cars. The overall suspension feels harder than ordinary Lacrosse, running at high speed and has excellent stability on undulating roads, and those uncomfortable road information will be completely isolated from the car. When encountering bumps, the suspension's filtering of vibrations has not been reduced at all. Only when encountering large potholes, the body will appear slightly shaken.

Circumferential pile test

When cornering, the CDC system will appropriately adjust the damping of the shock absorber to control the body's roll. However, because the spring itself is relatively soft, the body will still have a certain degree of roll in more severe situations, but the response of the body when it is really opened is more flexible than imagined. The suspension response is not fast but very linear, so it can cope with continuous The rhythm is well controlled when the center of gravity shifts. Of course, the heavy body will soon overwhelm the tires. At this time, the heavy front also brings obvious understeer, but for the positioning of LaCrosse, such performance should be able to score 80 points.

The electric power assist of the LaCrosse feels very light, with little openness, and the front of the car is pointed accurately when winding the pile. In addition, the steering ratio of the LaCrosse is not large, and it is not as bulky as its body shape. However, the sturdy A-pillar still obstructs the line of sight more seriously, especially when driving such a 5-meter long car.

0-100km/h acceleration test

At the start, the torque of 296 N·m will easily break through the tire grip limit, and the heavy LaCrosse can also start off with the tires. The body does not rise too much, the whole acceleration process is smooth and powerful, the G-value curve is almost a straight line, and the V6 engine plays its own sonata to freeze the final time at 9.28 seconds. This kind of performance is not very good in the same engine displacement or the same level of car, but compared to the old LaCrosse's 9.5 seconds, it is 0.22 faster, which is a small improvement.

100-0km/h brake test

The heavier body mass has brought a lot of burden to the brake system. The nodding phenomenon is more obvious during emergency braking, and the braking force is not in place, and there is a feeling of unstoppable. Taking into account his weight of more than 1.8 tons, the final result of 41.58 meters is also reasonable, in the middle of the same level.

to sum up:

The performance of this 3.0L V6 engine of LaCrosse in the performance test is not satisfactory. The 0-100km/h acceleration of 9.28 seconds is far away from the official nominal 8.4 seconds. Obviously I am sorry for this power in the car series. Flagship identity in China. In the brake and fuel consumption tests, LaCrosse’s performance was expected and was at a normal level.

LaCrosse 2013 3.0L SIDI V6 Smart Enjoy Flagship

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Although the performance test did not perform well, the performance of LaCrosse on the daily road has convinced us: whether it is chassis comfort, sound insulation and noise reduction, cabin atmosphere and various luxury cross-class configurations, they are close to or even surpass the mainstream luxury mid-to-large The standard of the car, no matter in terms of face or practical use, it can give you great satisfaction. It can be said that LaCrosse has made the best interpretation of “American luxury”, and these are its biggest selling points.

With many luxurious configurations, the price of LaCrosse 3.0L has naturally risen. The price of 369,900 yuan is 47,000 yuan more than the old model. Considering the value of its extra IntelliSafe intelligent active safety system, coupled with the overall upgrade of the exterior and interior, this increase should be said to be quite reasonable.

However, medium-sized cars equipped with large-displacement 6-cylinder engines have not always been the mainstream in the domestic market. Those large-displacement medium-sized cars that are popular in the North American continent have become the standard bearers of the brand with few inquirers after crossing the ocean. The same is true for LaCrosse. Domestic consumers still value 2.4L and 2.0T models. In addition to enhancing its brand image by launching the 3.0L model, GM also hopes to impact the domestic medium and large-sized car market through its rich configuration and price advantages. However, most of the domestic market share of large and medium-sized cars has long been firmly occupied by the top three in the German department. What's more, when buying a car, Chinese people always value brand and face the most.

Of course, Toyota's crown is a special case, but it is obviously very difficult to replicate its success. After all, the reputation and reputation it has accumulated in the domestic market for many years are not available to LaCrosse. If you are not sensitive to the brand, you care more about the configuration and cost performance, in fact, LaCrosse is worth considering. If nothing else, the LaCrosse 3.0L will have a discount of 30,000-40,000 like the old model after the price stabilizes, and then it is the best time for you to make a move. (Photo/Text/Photo by Li Yi and Zhang Yuda, Car Home)

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