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[YesAuto Engine Technology] Ever since the digital logic of vehicle tails has been changed in the Chinese market, many people can no longer distinguish the displacement of those Audi cars. People often ask me if I have a 5.0L displacement A6L (50TFSI), and many car owners are very satisfied because of this. Seeing that the Volkswagen Audi family played wildly with the numbers on the rear of the car in China, the competitors were also a little unable to sit still. Shanghai GM was one of them. Among the Buick and Cadillac brand models launched in the past two years, the 2.0T engine can be called 28T and 25T depending on the output power, the 1.4T engine is called 18T, and a 20T engine has recently appeared. Of course, the 20T engine that is the first to be equipped on the Angkewei is not a 2.0T with reduced power, but a 1.5T with enough power to expand.

Life experience: GM's latest Ecotec small displacement engine family

GM released a new generation of Ecotec small displacement engine family last year, the displacement range is 1.0L-1.5L, and includes a hybrid power system. However, at the press conference on March 19, 2014, GM only announced the 1.5L Ecotec and 1.4T Ecotec inline 4-cylinder engines that the new Cruze will be equipped with, as well as the European Opel and Vauxhall Adam models. 1.0T Ecotec inline 3-cylinder engine. After a year, on the domestically produced Buick Envision, another Ecotec small-displacement engine in the series has met with the world, this is today's 20T engine.

GM's new generation of Ecotec engine family
3-cylinder engine 4-cylinder engine Hybrid power system

1.0L PFI

(Manifold injection)

1.0L SIDI Turbo

(Direct injection turbocharged)

1.0L Bi-fuel LPG

(Dual fuel liquefied petroleum gas)

1.1L PFI

(Manifold injection)

1.4L PFI

(Manifold injection)

1.4L SIDI Turbo

(Direct injection turbocharged)

1.4L SIDI Turbo CNG

(Direct injection turbocharged natural gas)

1.4L SIDI Turbo E100

(Direct injection turbocharged biofuel)


(Direct injection)

1.5L SIDI Turbo

(Direct injection turbocharged)

Specific information has not yet been released

These newly developed new generation Ecotec engines adopt GM's latest modular concept, whether it is a 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder model, the bore is a uniform 74mm. Among the 11 new engines, the 1.0L engine with the shortest stroke is 77.4mm, and the longest is 86.6mm with the 1.5L engine. This long-stroke design can theoretically make the engine more inclined to output power at low speeds. This is particularly important for small displacement engines. In addition, for models with the same number of cylinders, including cylinder block, fasteners, ignition system, crankshaft and other components are shared, such a modular design can reduce production and research and development costs, and at the same time, there are relatively fewer suppliers for the entire series. Quantity is also conducive to quality control.

Technical analysis of 20T engine

The new 1.5T Ecotec engine (20T) has mainstream engine technologies such as in-cylinder direct injection, turbocharging, and integrated exhaust manifold. The maximum power is 169Ps (124kW), which is comparable to many mainstream 1.8T engines. At the same time, The maximum torque of 250N·m can be output in the range of 1700-4400rpm, which is more suitable for urban road conditions.

Engine parameter comparison


Angkewei 20T

Escape 1.5L GTDi

Tiguan 1.8TSI





Maximum power




Maximum torque




Fuel label




Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

6.6L/100km (two-wheel drive)

7.2L/100km (two-wheel drive)

8.6L/100km (two-wheel drive)

7.2L/100km (four-wheel drive)

7.6L/100km (four-wheel drive)

8.9L/100km (four-wheel drive)

Tire specifications

225/65 R17

235/50 R18

215/65 R16 low profile

235/55 R17 high configuration

to sum up:

Many people worry that the Angkewei 20T model equipped with a 1.5L displacement engine will be embarrassing as a “small horse-drawn car”, but after a test drive, we believe that this 20T engine can meet the daily driving needs of this medium-sized SUV of. The main reason is that GM's latest Ecotec low-displacement engine platform is well integrated with today's more advanced engine technology, so that the new engine has a relatively high starting point in technology. Therefore, despite the displacement of only 1.5L, relying on its own relatively excellent technology and adjustments, this 20T engine does not suffer from “hand-to-hand combat” with larger-displacement opponents. At the same time, it is in terms of fuel consumption and fuel consumption. The cost of taxes and fees has been reduced, which is believed to be a favorite of many Chinese consumers.