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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Among the Chinese car brands that we are familiar with, Changan Automobile has always given me the impression that it belongs to a relatively low-key one, as can be seen from its products. However, after the release of Yidong PLUS, Ruicheng CC, Changan CS85, CS95 and other models, everyone saw a different image of Changan Automobile, which began to become more agile and younger. If these products are in line with the current trend, then only after the emergence of Changan UNI-T did they discover that Changan Automobile was not satisfied with this, and they had begun to foresee the future trend.

Some people use genetic mutations to describe this Changan UNI-T

Changan UNI-T was built by Changan Automobile Chongqing and European Design Center. It is positioned as a compact SUV. It was launched just yesterday. It is very interesting to have such a time point. When the Changan UNI-T project was just established, the Changan CS75 PLUS had just passed the review and received a very good evaluation, so the morale of the entire design team was very high.

But when the first version of the renderings was in the hands of Chen Zheng, this plan was almost completely negated, and it was not enough to break through the conventional thinking mode. The effect appeared to be more like a small Changan CS75. PLUS, this is not what he thinks of products that can lead the trend in the next 3-5 years. The original styling concept was completely overturned, which also poured cold water on the design team.

It is common for car companies to build a product, but it is not so common for Changan UNI-T. When deciding to build this product, it gave it a bigger vision. Changan wants to build a car, a brand new car that belongs to the next generation. This puts forward quite high requirements for the design team. The conventional thinking before is obviously not enough. If you don't break it, you can build it.

This is indeed the case. When this car is finally presented to us, I believe most people will be like me. It is difficult to associate it with the previous products of Changan Automobile, because it looks too futuristic. Up. First of all, the design of the whole vehicle is very strong, and the final effect presented by the trend of appearance lines is relaxed. While emphasizing the shape, there is no over-design.

When it comes to the design team of Changan Automobile, one has to mention another famous designer-Yamada. In fact, as early as 2016, Chen Zheng began to have contact with him on projects, but it was more about the design direction. At that time, they were mainly studying the history of Changan Automobile and what is the core of the Changan brand. After that, Changan What kind of trend should the design direction of the brand develop? As Yamada Atsushi officially joined Changan Automobile, it also injected new DNA into the brand.

“Super Symbol” on Changan UNI-T

Chen Zheng said that “big design is like cooking small fresh food”. Different ingredients and seasonings and the amount of ingredients used in the final presentation will not be the same. Different people cook different tastes, and the car design is also the same. To explore the design of Chang'an UNI-T, let's see where it looks like it can be remembered at a glance. This is the so-called “super symbol”.

The most impressive appearance is the borderless design of the front grille. Compared with most models we have seen on the market, it has a very obvious feature, that is, the front grille and the front surround are integrated and break through. With the boundaries between the two, it looks more integrated and gives the designer more room to play. From the final presentation effect of Changan UNI-T, I think he is very successful.

The appearance design of Changan UNI-T is undoubtedly very successful. For ordinary users, such an appearance design is very eye-catching and can attract people's attention to the car at once. Secondly, the overall shape is very sporty, which is very attractive to the post-90s and even post-95 consumer groups.

Principles of interior layout design

When designing the interior of Changan UNI-T, the designer divided the entire interior area into three parts from top to bottom. First, the view of the top front windshield must be maximized so that the driver can see it horizontally. Observe in the most natural state to quickly obtain the road information ahead; the dashboard and central control in the middle part are the vehicle information and interactive function areas. This part requires the driver to look slantingly or slightly lower his head to quickly understand the vehicle information; The bottom part is the function control button area of the vehicle. This part is in the driver's blind area during normal driving. Therefore, this part uses the form of full physical buttons to facilitate the blind operation of the driver. The simple summary is a progressive relationship of safety→easy to use→good-looking.

At first, for coupe-like SUV models, the occupation of the rear seating space was more obvious, especially the head space and the view from the side windows. Changan UNI-T accidentally thought about getting up and down the seat. The rear seat is low and soft. After sitting on it, it looks like sitting on a soft sofa, giving people a feeling of depression. Passengers free up more space in the longitudinal direction.

Future product planning of Changan UNI (Gravity) family

At this Changan UNI-T design sharing meeting, Chen Zheng also gave a brief introduction to the future product planning of the UNI family. In the future, 5-6 series of models will be launched, including SUVs, sedans, new energy vehicles, and MPV models. Not within the scope of planning. It is reported that the second product of its family will be unveiled this year (within two months at the earliest), which is a larger SUV. After comprehensively analyzing the current product line of Changan, we estimate that it is the most likely to be a medium-sized SUV. The specific information about the car is still in the confidential stage, and we will continue to follow up and report.

to sum up:

The emergence of Changan UNI-T made us shine. Compared with the previous products of Changan Automobile, there have been greater changes. Such changes are like suddenly opening up the two lines of Ren and Du. The areas that were not prominent before are improving rapidly. . We can see designs like the borderless front grille, the V-shaped rear spoiler, and the combat-like shift lever are all impressive. Some of the designs that consumers love will slowly settle down. Become a symbol of this series of products in the future. For a brand new brand sequence, the importance of the first product is self-evident, and the performance of UNI-T is impressive enough, which makes us look forward to its future follow-up products even more.