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[YesAuto Design Decode] Although it is mentioned about car design, everyone will always use “dancing in shackles” to describe that good design needs to be freely displayed within a certain limit. But when everyone sticks to the old rules, breaking the boundaries is bound to be a blockbuster. This is the design that Changan has put out on the new UNI family models.

After more than a hundred years, many parts of the car have appeared or disappeared. What remains must meet both functional requirements and aesthetic habits. The air intake grille is one of the iconic elements.

But I don’t know if you have noticed that no matter how you change it, the grille has a boundary for a long time. Countless generations of designers will even use a variety of materials to highlight the boundary.

However, the boundaries will always be broken. When the outer frame of the grille is weakened and then disappears, the lights and the grille are more like a whole. This is very similar to the processing ideas that many IT products hope to seamlessly connect today.

Of course, inspiration does not burst suddenly, but communicates with each other. The borderless grille design of Changan designers that breaks through the existing boundaries can also find feedback in natural and fashionable trends.

The words written at the back:

Today, many people are talking about breaking the game, hoping to stand out from the existing big framework, and what often triggers qualitative changes is a humble or accustomed detail. We have become accustomed to car styling. Changan’s design team tried to break the boundaries of the air intake grille, and the results have been shown before us. Can you accept this new era styling in front of the screen?