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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Today, every mature car company has a very recognizable design language. When observing the vehicle from a distance, these design languages can ensure that you can distinguish the brand in the first time. As time goes by and times change, design styles and details are also quietly evolving. Skoda, headquartered in the Czech Republic, is part of the Volkswagen Group, but their style is unique. Now, their latest works have also moved to the front of the stage.

● Despite joining the Volkswagen Group, Skoda has successfully created its own world through design. Its inspiration comes from Czech crystal products, which once again proves that the nation is the world.

● Of course, after successfully shaping the image, how to surpass the past has become a problem for the current design director.

It has been 125 years since Skoda was born. In 1991, it became a sub-brand of the German Volkswagen Group, and then its positioning changed. But it took a long time for Skoda to try to introduce a new design language, which is the bohemian crystal style we are familiar with today.

Similar to other design industries, how to continue the classic after its birth, or how to find a breakthrough, is an obstacle that the follow-up development team has to face, but it is not easy to solve.

For Skoda, the crystal design style makes them unique in a series of European car companies. But when Jozef Kaban left, how to continue to develop the design style of this Czech brand has become a question that requires careful consideration and a quick answer.

The brand-new design language is a good opportunity for car companies to establish or change the image. For Skoda, the brand image created by the crystal design language has been recognized. It is obviously out of place to overthrow and start over and completely subvert oneself.

○ Direction 1: No Subversion

On the contrary, when the pure electric era is coming, based on this mature design language, it is the right way to adapt to the characteristics of the new era models and people's aesthetic needs, and to change the detailed design. Of course, this is also the direction that the Skoda design team is working hard today.

Whether it is a fuel car or a pure electric car, consumers will continue to pursue texture in the next era, and the further realization of designer inspiration and creativity requires technical assistance.

○ Direction 2: Keep that trace of “taste”

When talking about European car brands today, everyone loves to mention the Bauhaus design concept. The minimalist style is indeed a popular trend these years. This is a direction strongly advocated by many postmodern designism, but it does not mean that it loses practicality.

When it comes to design, we always think of styling. In fact, most of the time it is left in our minds is a feeling, and the success of Skoda's design is to let users deeply feel what is called humanistic care through detailed settings. These genes will still exist in the next generation of Skoda products in the next generation.

○ Direction 3: Details update

Since there is inheritance, there will also be changes. The sturdy straight intersections in the existing crystal designs will begin to soften in the next era. While ensuring that shadows can still be created, more soft elements will appear. Of course, more details are still a secret.

The words written at the back:

A set of excellent design language is enough to make consumers remember their own brands, and in today's era of accelerated aesthetic fatigue, the speed of replacement of car design is faster than ever. As a member of the Volkswagen Group, the design of the Skoda brand has not become as rigid as German products. On the contrary, they use crystal as their creative inspiration, and the series of designs that they have nurtured are fresh in memory. Now, the design incorporating the new elements has been put on the stage. I wonder if it makes you shine?