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[YesAuto concept car real shot] On July 29, the first concept car of Dongfeng's high-end electric vehicle brand Lantu was officially released. The car was named i-Land, representing the development concept of Lantu's new products. Starting in 2021, the Lantu brand will expand its product lineup at a rate of at least one model per year. So today, let’s take a look at the design concept of this new brand through i-Land.

to sum up:

They are all talking about new forces in building cars, but Lantu has been emphasizing “new strength.” Indeed, compared to many new power companies, Lantu is based on a brand built by a Fortune 500 company like Dongfeng Motor, and it does have its own strength foundation in many aspects. Compared with “new”, we actually need to pay attention to its “high”. There is no doubt that Lantu is a card that Dongfeng has explored in the high-end market. Can it break through the price ceiling of Chinese brands, and can it allow Dongfeng to stand at the commanding heights in the new energy era? It is worth our attention.