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[YesAuto Design Decode] What does the Ford car in your impression look like? There may be 10,000 answers, but we are not going to talk about this question today, but to see what the future family design language of this century-old brand will look like. In order to make the matter grand, Ford applied this design language to a brand-new model, its name is: Ford EVOS, a coupe SUV. When the whole world is talking about “minimalism”, Ford EVOS seems to tell us: the style of car design should be diversified. When people think that beauty and practicality cannot be achieved at the same time, Ford EVOS tells us that it has to be!

■ Starting from the name, why is it called EVOS

When I saw this name, I believe that many friends, like me, see “E” and “EVO”, and they think it should be an electric car, and it is more sporty. In fact, EVOS is a fuel car. In the naming tradition of Ford cars, the prefix “E” is generally a multi-function model. Let us talk about a few familiar ones: Explorer, Escape, Expedition, Equator Titanium, etc. As for whether EVOS will have a Chinese name, I guess there will be one. You can look forward to it.

The design style of the EVOS concept car can be said to be very forward-looking. Many current trend elements can be seen in this concept car ten years ago. It is simple, technological and cool! Three years and three years, ten years have passed. The current EVOS, how does it appear before us?

■ Global strategic models developed led by China

Many coupe SUVs on the market are based on the original SUVs, with simple adjustments and then launched. And EVOS is a pure coupe SUV, it has a clear positioning at the beginning of the project, and there is no other car model as a foreshadowing. Most importantly, EVOS is a global strategic product developed with the Chinese market as the lead, which reflects Ford's emphasis on the Chinese market.

The designer told us that the Chinese design team has undergone very considerable development and expansion in the past two years. From a forward-looking design studio with a single function in the past, it has developed to a full-function design center covering the entire modeling research and development process, and has been deeply involved in the global product modeling development. They mainly design products for China, but the work content is not limited to this. The team and several other design centers around the world have very in-depth cooperation on global products. Through deepening cooperation, it is ensured that the design language of Ford's next-generation products has an international height.

■ Inheritance and evolutionary innovation of a century-old brand

Ford is a century-old brand, and each generation of design language cannot be very willful. How to evolve and innovate on the basis of inheriting classics is not an easy task for designers, especially in this era of great changes in car design. . In this regard, the designers believe that the inheritance of the classic elements of the brand is the DNA that distinguishes Ford from other brands, and they are more willing to understand it as the latest opportunity.

■ Brand new design, different from LOGO

From project establishment to mass production, EVOS only took about three years, and the speed can be said to be quite fast. In the consumer portraits of EVOS, they are upstarts who advocate individuality and are keen on new trends. They are more keen on design aesthetics, care about the artistic temperament with rich imagination, and at the same time have the pursuit of intelligent technology. It seems that they want a model that covers everything, but can such a model maintain individuality?

In fact, whether it is Sharp, Sharp or Explorer, they are not doll-like front faces, and the details are different. Ford EVOS brings a feeling to everyone. All the front face and detail processing, including the penetrating wind-bladed light belt and the breathing type 3D parametric scale armor, are all very innovative and dynamic elements to make the whole design Present it more completely.

If you are used to the refreshing and clean minimalist style nowadays, you may find the muscular side of EVOS very greasy. From another point of view, EVOS is not a model that goes with the flow. It is commendable to stick to oneself. In addition to the back shape, its detailed design is also worth digging. Currently, there is no official announcement of EVOS related data. For the time being, it is known that its body length is close to 5 meters, and the wheelbase is close to 2 meters. In terms of proportions, its riding space is quite worth looking forward to.

The rear design of EVOS emphasizes the echo, for example, the parametric scale-through taillights echo the headlights, and the design details on the lower bumper also echo the front bumper very well. Therefore, if you surround the entire car, you will find that its visual details are very uniform.

■ From function benchmarking to user experience as the center

User research is a very important part of the new car development process. During the development of Ford EVOS, a large number of users were invited to conduct long-term interviews and surveys, including their favorite styles, color and material combinations, car and machine functions, and safety requirements. The results show that in addition to the most basic sense of security, “self-revealing” and “social recognition” are equally important, and the intelligentization of the cockpit can accomplish this task well.

What needs to be explained again here is that the model shown this time is the first release version, with some orange trims added, and there will be some differences in subsequent mass-produced versions. The designer said that EVOS's interior color and texture matching design is based on the research results of the team based on the Chinese market. The first is very contrast and impact. Secondly, it is also a design that fits the current color and aesthetic trends in China.

In terms of interior materials, the design team fully considered the needs of Chinese consumers, using soft covering materials, combined with rich details. From the central IP area to the door panel area, it gives a fairly stretched interior atmosphere. In addition to the huge screen, the newly designed B&O whispering wall is also a highlight of the interior design. It can be said that the interior of EVOS is a qualitative change from previous Ford products. Both in terms of design and experience, they are completely different and a big step forward.

For a coupe SUV, space and beauty seem to have nothing to do with each other, but EVOS has successfully solved this problem. Thanks to the long wheelbase of nearly 2.9 meters, it not only brings ample rear leg room, but also allows designers to create an excellent head room for the rear passengers to leave enough distance. From the experience point of view, the rear row experience of EVOS is not much different from that of a traditional SUV, which I believe can dispel the worries of many friends.

Full text summary:

At the Beijing Auto Show last year, Ford displayed the “Potential Energy Aesthetics” art installation, showing the three dimensions of “movement, creativity, and power” in a relatively abstract way. Now this set of design language is adopted by the new medium and large SUV Ford EVOS This strategic model is presented. Ford EVOS not only adopts a new family design, but also includes the improvement of intelligent technology, and at the same time has good space performance. It can be said that it is a very different and very Chinese coupe SUV. Ford EVOS information is still relatively limited, including the power that everyone is more concerned about has not been announced for the time being, let us look forward to it.