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Interpretation of Geely Xingyue L Design

Last Update:2021-06-21 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto Design Decoding] In retrospect, I have some fate with the Geely brand. Without mentioning other models, I take the two “Star” generations of Xingyue and Xingrui which are also based on the CMA super matrix architecture. I participated in the first show (the first public event in the media). It can be said that the improvement of Geely's car manufacturing level is clearly reflected in these two cars. Therefore, the reunion between the new models makes me look forward to it, and this year I will face another brand-new blockbuster, which is the Geely Xingyue L.

★ Following Xingrui, the flagship model of the “Xing” generation is here

Every new car launch is like the announcement of Geely's results. Xingrui, which entered the market as a “disruptor”, has successfully achieved monthly sales of nearly 10,000 vehicles. With the success of the former, the follow-up models need not only occupy a place in the sales of compact SUV market. Although consumption upgrades, people are no longer limited to the unilateral needs of space or power, so Xingyue L The arrival of Geely will play a role in upholding Geely’s brand value positioning.

★ Behind Xingrui and Xingyue L, who is at the helm of Geely's design direction?

In the process of accumulating design experience for many years, Guy deeply realized that the added value of the product is added to the brand. Through the design of the product itself, it can reflect the information of the place of production, which is equivalent to invisibly accumulating value for the brand. Based on the same reasoning, the same can be done for Chinese brands. But how to achieve it is a thought-provoking question. Excessive accumulation of Chinese elements is undoubtedly like adding too much pepper to cooking. It is necessary to try boldly and to master the scale. Only by finding the best balance can we make Products embark on an international route. In the era of Geely 4.0, we no longer pursue superficial Chinese elements, but make them minimalist and more abstract. This is actually in line with China's implicit and introverted aesthetic.

★ Geely International Design Team

The world's leading car manufacturers or design companies, their design teams are often very international. It is the differences brought about by cultural differences that create an atmosphere of collision in creative communication. The diversified team actually conforms to our eclectic national characteristics. Just like Geely's design team, there are experienced foreign designers like Guy, and there are also many local Chinese design elites, and Xingyue L is undoubtedly a brand new masterpiece that they have worked together to create.

★ What is “Symphony of Space and Time”?

At the beginning of the release of Xingrui, Geely once said that Xingrui’s car played the heart-stringing “Time and Space Variation” song, while in Xingyue L, Geely unveiled the design concept of “Symphony of Time and Space”, so how to understand? What about the concept of “Symphony of Time and Space”? In fact, it embodies the depth and inclusiveness of the design concept in the Geely 4.0 era of science and technology. The term “Symphony of Time and Space” contains three meanings: the symphony of inheritance and innovation, the symphony of the East and the West, and the symphony of humanities and technology. In terms of shape design, this change can be felt from a few details, one of which is what Mr. Guy mentioned before, evolving the traditional Chinese elements of ripples into the explosion and diffusion of cosmic energy.

The body color of “Cuiyu Blue” is the main color of Xingyue L. This color is inspired by mountains like the interior. The cascading mountains have both blue and cyan effects. The designer wanted to create a majestic feeling of the mountains, and apply elements that conform to the oriental aesthetics to the car body. In addition to the color of the appearance, in addition to this special “green feather blue”, there are six colors of oyster white, aurora silver, basalt gray, black jade black and Mars red to meet the needs of users of different ages.

★ What is “G-line” language?

In addition to the theme design concept of “Symphony of Space and Time”, Mr. Guy also talked about another word “G-line”, which stands for a design language that extends, rotates, and wraps infinitely, and has multi-dimensional details. Only the understanding of “G-line” Therefore, the main purpose expressed by the language can be better understood, and the subtlety of Xingyue L's interior design.

Full text summary:

How to bring out the essence of Chinese culture and interpret it in a modern way to make it more in line with the aesthetics of young people. This is the new direction guided by the design concept of Geely Technology 4.0, and this is also the most important way to promote Chinese culture to the world. Good way. And Xingyue L is undoubtedly the best job they have handed over by the Geely brand at this stage. It combines China’s cutting-edge manufacturing technology and Chinese preface industrial design, and is a unique product of the essence and experience of Geely’s 30-year car manufacturing technology. Whether it succeeds in the end depends on the market performance after listing, let us wait and see.