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[YesAuto Design Palace] Welcome everyone to read the fourth installment of the special program “Design Trainees” in the graduation season of Autohome. In the previous installments, we have interpreted outstanding student works from various colleges and introduced the domestic automotive design colleges. In this issue, we will continue to bring you excellent design works of students, including some special ideas and interesting stories. I hope it will be helpful to your choice of school and employment.

Every year in the graduation season, our special column “Design Trainees” for the graduation season also achieved the fourth issue. In this issue, we interviewed three students from Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Technology. They have their own strengths and styles. . If you missed the exciting content of the first three issues, you can click here directly:

Design is a relatively comprehensive discipline, especially product modeling design, which requires analogy and cross-border exploration. So basically every designer is a “miscellaneous”. What they show through their work is the culture and thinking behind the design. The university is the period when our thinking is most collided and active. Let's take a look at the Tsinghua University Masters first. How to win offers from five overseas design colleges in one fell swoop!

● The main force of the team or the engineering science tyrant

Wu Wenyu from Tsinghua University is not only an engineering student of the School of Vehicle Engineering, but also the main player of the Tsinghua University football team. In the 2020 application season, he will take care of the team’s training and schoolwork at the same time. RCA, Umea University, Sweden, CCS, Detroit School of Creative Design, United States, Strate School of Design, France, Coventry, Coventry University, United Kingdom, a total of 5 college admission notices.

Let's take a look at the projects he has done in the course of cooperation with Jaguar Land Rover. The theme of this project is related to smart racing, and there are three keywords: Fearless, Desirable, Creative, (no fear, yearning, creation), and the target is young people in China.

Wu Wenyu conducted research on the target group, and China's Generation Z has a distinct personality. In the network age, niches and subcultures have become popular. They are good at making new interpretations of existing styles and adding new elements to become their own fashion. Therefore, in the face of the project, Wu Wenyu's approach is to combine the two new elements of AI and horse racing to make a new interpretation of Jaguar's classic style.

At the same time, Wu Wenyu also noticed that even in the era of artificial intelligence, when everyone is driving the “square box”, there are still some brands obsessed with the pursuit of natural and human sensual beauty. He believes that Jaguar is a sexy and yearning brand, so its racing car should also be a product with beauty and desire. This kind of indulgent feeling is like you can't help holding your girlfriend's thin waist when you are dating.

So in this direction, the side of the car must have a very significant arc characteristic, similar to the structure of the waist. At the same time, the direction in which the curved surface extends and the light and shadow changes brought about by the reflection on the ground are also shown, which can create a lighter feeling for the whole car. After determining a direction, the design of the front and rear of the car also follows this principle, and at the same time, the existing structure of the Jaguar model is added to make the whole car look more muscular.

It is worth mentioning that despite the raging global epidemic this year, at the end of the interview, we also learned that Wu Wenyu chose to face the difficulties and continue to study abroad. Here we also wish him all the best in his studies.

● It is both a transportation vehicle and a work of art

The Guo Zhiheng students from the Beijing University of Technology, in 2018, had been in the Nissan China Design Center internship experience, perhaps with his complete set Select Nissan single-seater sports car design direction is not without relevance, since the interview Zhiheng students revealed to We he appreciates the working atmosphere of Nissan Design Center and the high level of designers.

Let’s take a look at Guo Zhiheng’s design. Guo Zhiheng has his own views on the setting of a smart electric supercar. In addition to being a traffic vehicle, the car should also be a symbol and a work of art. Whether running or standing still, it should convey beauty.

From the sketches to the renderings, the design of this car fits the Chaparral's sense of volume and squareness. Combined with the digital model for some fine-tuning of the proportions, we can roughly see that the style of the whole work is more powerful and technological. Below are a series of renderings of the smart electric racing car.

As the instructor we invited for everyone said later: The professional consideration of a designer is comprehensive quality. The ability to cross-border exploration is as important as the continuous expansion of knowledge dimensions. Design thinking requires professional depth, but inspiration also comes from cross-border breadth. Stepping out of the ivory tower, the outside field is also a treasure place for inspiration.

Help Shopping girl realize her dream

Shao Xiaowei, also from Tsinghua University, said in an interview that, like other girls, she likes to go shopping with her girlfriends on weekends, and the idea of this “New Travel Plan for Shopping Women” came from this. At the same time, she emphasized that for a design that is only good-looking, the design that can solve the problem is more vital.

Through a lot of research on female friends, Shao found that although the impact of online shopping on offline physical malls is undoubted, for women, the shopping experience and sense of social rituals provided by offline malls and the services provided by malls are irreplaceable . At this point, obviously my male colleagues are very puzzled. Shao Xiaowei captured this kind of user portrait and deduced that under the impact of the network, the physical mall will improve services and retain female consumers to provide the demand for connecting vehicles. .

In Shao Xiaowei’s design, U-shaped spaces, two-seater sofas, and transparent materials are all trying to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, and details such as the shape of the chandelier, the connection between the table and the floor, the food storage room under the table, and other details are fully considered. The meticulous, so that the whole design is “large and fine.”

The meticulousness of women is undoubtedly revealed in Shao Xiaowei's design works, and in the 2020 spring application season, her meticulousness and hard work have also been exchanged for an offer from Umeå University in Sweden.

●A message from a designer

After reading the works, we also invited Chang Bing, vice president and general manager of the design center of Zhejiang Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., to propose three suggestions for the younger generation of automotive designers in this graduation season:

The first professional skills. For example, basic skills such as hand-drawing and modeling must be practiced well, but the techniques are just a stepping stone. The skills and techniques of car design are relatively easy to achieve, and can be achieved by subject classes and self-study. What really makes the difference between future designers is your love and attention to car design and future transportation. This is the key point that really affects your future design level.

Second, although you will become future car designers, it is not enough to just look forward to the future. We need to look back at history. There are many classic and memorable works in the more than 100 years since the birth of the car. These works also give us about Inspiration for future car design.

Third, future automotive designers should have comprehensive qualities, such as teamwork and communication skills, which are also important factors that determine the smooth realization of your design. In addition, designers need to have sufficient cultural attention. Design is always the appearance, and the culture in the field of transportation and mobility is the deep driving force . Paying attention to the content behind the design will make it easier to grasp the development of the design.

Finally, we also welcome all automotive design graduates and students in school to submit and register. We will continue to explore the outstanding works of major universities. Please send your personal resume and portfolio to the mailbox lianxisheng2020@autohome.com.cn , You will enter our selection range. Contributed works, we will report on the best. Stay tuned for the interpretation of the next issue.