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[YesAuto Design Decoding] In recent years, new brands have sprung up like mushrooms, and they all have their own unique ideas. The result of these ideas is undoubtedly the model. The competition is fierce, and the way to attract attention for the first time is to design. Especially if you want to stand out on a big stage like an auto show, how can you do without two brushes? But what we didn't expect was that there was a guy with a unique look, but the original intention was not different.

● For new car companies, attracting the attention of others is the top priority, and design is the best method, and Gaohe is no exception;

● Looking at the styling alone, you may be impressed by the diversified door opening methods, and this is indeed the focus of the initial development, many of which are from users of other models;

● Innovation is not an end, but a result. Products that meet consumer demands are the only way to win;

If the most watched models of this year's Beijing Auto Show are selected, then HiPhi X must be on the list. That pair of doors that break people's perception of opening methods is its magic weapon to successfully attract consumers' attention. However, from the designer's point of view, this statement has some truth but is not comprehensive.

Today, goals are set during vehicle development. This is not a specific target model, but an analysis of the needs of the target population. For Gaohe's first product, innovation is important, but this is only a result.

Although in the Chinese market, there is a constant explosion of SUVs, but from the overall data point of view, the traditional sedan is still the undisputed king. With the promotion of the two-child policy, consumer demand for 6-seater and 7-seater models is increasing day by day.

The MPV model has more space, but it always looks like a driver when driving alone. The SUV's shape can solve this problem to a certain extent.

For consumers who are more eager to express themselves, SUVs still look too bulky, and smooth traditional cars are more ideal. Many people give up their own needs because of family needs.

But when the Cross model appeared, the problem was alleviated. This is also the reason why the sales of such models have increased in recent years.

Of course, to be able to mass produce such a model requires technical accumulation. The smooth model and the spacious space used to be two opposite sides, but the pure electric platform technology allows the fish and the bear's paw to slowly have both. Compared with the traditional internal combustion engine system, the electric vehicle drive structure requires less space, leaving more space for the passenger compartment, so that the dual requirements of shape and space can be guaranteed.

Each model has bright spots. For example, the success of Tesla Model X has an important reason for the gull-wing door, especially for female consumers. The development process of HiPhi X is also keenly aware of this. One demand.

From the results, the diversified door opening methods have indeed become the core of this car's eye-catching. Many friends have even repeatedly asked me whether this car is in mass production. It seems that many people are willing to pay for it. Here is the manual@ other car company, have you learned it?

Whether it is a traditional car company or a new brand, the trend of building interiors over the years includes intelligence and technology, even for conservative Germans.

For drivers, driving may be fun, but passengers are inevitably boring and boring during the journey. Therefore, we have found screens for passengers in many new models, and Gaohe is no exception.

However, from the perspective of the height of the layout, the screen position of the HiPhi X co-pilot is relatively low. If you sit up and watch the line of sight in a downward position, we consulted the designer for this detail. It turns out that all this is the result of careful consideration.

After carefully observing the show car, you will find that in addition to the wide adjustable range of the second row of HiPhi X, the height of the second row of seats is significantly higher than that of the first row. What is the original intention of this?

Since it is developed in response to consumer needs, there will naturally be feedback from the local market. According to the information currently collected by Gaohe, Chinese consumers pay much attention to storage space and second-row aisle space, so they have focused on this part of the development.

Full text summary:

For the development team, unconstrained innovation is not difficult, the real complexity is to create within cost and regulatory constraints. HiPhi X is Gaohe's first product, and all it needs to do is to establish a brand image. Regardless of whether it is a variety of door opening methods or internal design, the core is to put the use needs first, which is obviously different from those new brands that put the cool concept first. Of course, the conclusion can only be given after experience. If you only look at the attention of the auto show, HiPhi X really helped Gaohe come out on top.