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[YesAuto Design Decode] In recent years, “cross-border integration” seems to have become a popular trend. For example, the two originally unrelated things, the Internet and bicycles, were merged together to give birth to shared bicycles. A similar cross-border integration exists in the field of automotive design. With the increasingly fierce competition in the SUV market, major manufacturers are trying their best to launch distinctive SUV models to seize market segments. Running SUV is one of them.

At present, there are not many manufacturers involved in the domestic coupe SUV market segment. Previously, only high-end brands such as BMW and Mercedes dared to try new things. Now Skoda has followed in their footsteps and launched the first coupe SUV model: Kodiak GT Coupe SUV (for ease of description, some of the content below will abbreviate it as “Kodiak GT” or “GT model”). Why would Skoda launch such a new car? In the conversation with Chen Zhixiong, the chief stylist of Skoda, we learned the causes and consequences of its birth.

● When the crossover wind is blowing in the SUV field, why did Skoda choose to follow up?

BMW was the first to “eat crabs” in this field. In 2008, BMW launched the first-generation X6. This new model based on X5 is not only lower and wider, but also has an advantage over X5 in terms of handling. In recent years, some Chinese brands have successively launched coupe SUV models to target the civilian market. Will the coupe SUV become a new continent in the future market? Skoda has done research in the Chinese market. From the results of the survey, the acceptance of coupe SUVs by most users is still not high.

One of the main reasons for the low acceptance is that the coupe SUV pays much attention to individualization in its styling. Compared with traditional SUV models, it also faces a niche market. However, as more and more young people have the ability to buy new cars on their own, and many of them care about the “face value control” of the styling, the manufacturers will naturally not let go of such a piece where there are not too many rivals to participate in the competition. field. Skoda started the development of Kodiak GT 4 years ago. The platform architecture uses the same MQB platform as Kodiak. The heavy responsibility of styling design naturally falls on the then Skoda brand exterior design director Joseph Kaban. Body.

The entire styling design of the Kodiak GT was completed in the Czech Republic. In addition to the foreign designers, the Chinese team also participated. The cooperation between the designers of the two places will not only make Kodiak suitable for the global market, but also make this new car It is more in line with the tastes of Chinese consumers, after all, the first target market for this new car is China.

Kodiak GT focuses on sports and youth, and takes a differentiated route from Kodiak.

At present, the automobile market is becoming more and more diversified, and traditional models can no longer satisfy consumers' individual tastes, especially for many young consumers. In addition to price and functions, “appearance” has also become the focus of attention. Therefore, Kodiak GT This type of cross-border SUV model with a young sport personality label is very suitable for the new domestic consumer market.

When it comes to the positioning differences between Kodiak and Kodiak GT, the official likens Kodiak and Kodiak GT to bears and cheetahs, respectively. The bears show burly and robustness, which is intended to reflect Kodiak. Diak's large space and rough design; Kodiak GT is likened to a cheetah, dynamic and swift are its essence, compared to Kodiak, it is also more “slender” in body shape.

Both the Kodiak and GT models are inspired by the VISION S concept car. From the perspective of body shape, we can find that it is more similar to Kodiak. However, if we carefully examine the details of the design, we can also find many Design elements that can be seen on the Kodiak GT. In addition, Kodiak is also paying tribute to the popular Sport-Monte Carlo, a classic sports car of the Skoda brand. The fastback rear and straight waterfall grille are all derived from a Skoda sports car launched before World War II.

● The difference between the two cars can be seen from the side. The GT version has a shorter length and a lower height.

Kodiak and Kodiak GT body size comparison
Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm)
Kodiak 4698 1883 1676 2791
Kodiak GT 4634 1883 1647 2791

Let's first move to the side and take a look at the most obvious changes. The difference after the B-pillar is very obvious. The top line of the GT version of the model gradually sinks from the B-pillar, and after connecting with the D-pillar, it shows a visual effect of a slippery back, which is full of movement. The difference in body size is mainly in length and height. The width and wheelbase of the two are basically the same. In contrast, the Kodiak, which can fit 7 people, is visually more “bulky.”

● The rear shape is very dynamic , and the detailed design retains more features of the VISION S concept car.

The tail styling should be the essence of the Kodiak GT. The D-pillar and rear windshield have a great inclination angle, which forms a huge visual contrast with Kodiak. The detailed design also retains more of the design features of the VISION S concept car, such as the avant-garde taillights, exposed exhaust system, and roof spoiler with spoiler structure on both sides have been inherited by Kodiak GT.

At the rear of the GT version, you can see many designs that Kodiak did not have before, such as a huge top spoiler with a spoiler structure on both sides, three-segment LED taillights, an integrated red reflector and a total of two exhausts on both sides. They are all derived from the Skoda Vision S concept car. These radical designs did not appear on Kodiak originally, but are reflected on the GT.

● The front part of the car is not much different from Kodiak.

Then we return to the front of the car. If we only look at the front part, can you see the difference between the GT model and Kodiak? The designer said that the difference between the two in the front part of the car is actually very small. The four components such as the front engine cover, headlights, and fenders are completely common. Only the U-shaped air intake under the air intake grille and the front The shape of the bumper shows the difference, so it is very challenging to judge the two cars only by the front of the car.

● The shape of the center console is not much different from that of Kodiak, and the flat-bottomed steering wheel is more sporty.

The center console of the Kodiak GT and Kodiak are also common, and the interior color matching still provides three options for selection, and the two cars have not opened the gap in styling. However, in terms of configuration, the GT model is equipped with a flat-bottomed steering wheel, full LCD instrumentation and the latest MIB 8-inch screen system, which improves both the sense of technology and the sense of grade.

The entire Kodiak GT series is only available in 5-seater models. The front seats have an integrated design, which is more sporty than Kodiak. The seat hardness is not much different from Kodiak, the filling is moderately soft and hard, and the support performance is good. The main driver's seat also has an electric lumbar support and 3-speed position memory function, which is the same as the Kodiak flagship version. The configuration of the models remains the same. The space performance is quite spacious. The 173cm-tall experiencers are sitting on the front and rear seats respectively, and their head space is more than 1 punch, and the margin of the rear legs can reach the level of about 3 punches.

The spacious rear head space also benefits from the size change of the panoramic sunroof. Unlike Kodiak's sunroof that extends to the C-pillar, the Kodiak GT shortens the total length of the sunroof by about 350mm, which can release The space above the rear seats to increase the range of movement for passengers.

At present, the official has not announced the trunk volume of the Kodiak GT. From the actual measured size, the difference between the two data does not seem to be large, but considering that the GT version has a more inclined and larger rear than the Kodiak The actual volume of the windshield should be affected to a certain extent.

● Article summary:

There is no doubt that the purpose of Skoda's launch of Kodiak GT is to point to the coupe SUV field that most joint venture brands have not yet explored. The new car design fully incorporates sports elements, and it is indeed more radical than Kodiak visually. , Especially the side and tail have distinctive visual effects. Although the roof line sinks behind the B-pillar in order to achieve the shape of the slippery back, the rear head space still does not appear cramped from the actual experience, at least not too depressing in terms of space.

The entire series only provides a 5-seater version, which makes this car a little bit different from the Kodiakla that provides a 7-seater version in terms of carrying capacity. This also allows the two cars to stagger the main attack direction and accurately face users of color control and pragmatism. . What is the future competitiveness of Kodiak GT? Judging from the current product positioning, there is no direct rival in the market for the time being. Skoda is the first to try in the field of joint venture medium-sized coupe SUVs. According to the previously provided information, the Kodiak GT is expected to be available in 2018, and is expected to provide three power options of 1.4T and 2.0T high/low power versions. Can this preemptive strategy bring sales to it? We will wait and see for the success of this event.