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[YesAuto Design Decoding] On April 16, 2021, the Shanghai Auto Show is about to kick off. There will be many blockbuster new cars at this auto show. Before that, the Roewe brand chose to show off its new models in advance- whale. Since 2006, SAIC Roewe has started the road of accumulating original styling designs. The “Lion Dance Project” launched in 2012 is an exploratory task for the brand's new generation of design language. The brand rejuvenation strategy launched in 2020 brings the characteristics of national tide design. Nowadays, the accumulation of so many years has begun to bear fruit. The car design under the Roewe brand is being recognized by more and more consumers, and the designers of Roewe will naturally not be satisfied with this. After the rhythm of the design concept, they give We brought the rhythm to awaken the design language. The goal of this new design language is very clear, that is, young consumers who are pursuing fashion and individuality. (The new car unveiled this time is a sludge model launched to show the design concept, and subsequent mass production may have detailed adjustments).

● Another brand new language after digital rhythm

From the day the brand was born in 2006, SAIC Roewe has started the road of accumulating original styling designs. More than ten years of continuous exploration and accumulation are now ushering in a fruitful day, and many models with digital rhythm as the design concept have been recognized by consumers. The Roewe RX5 PLUS, Roewe i6 MAX and Roewe iMAX8 that have been listed successively all use a brand new family design language and have won praise from the market.

In the context of the rejuvenation of consumer groups, people’s perceptions and attitudes towards vehicles have undergone fundamental changes, from luxury goods to necessities, and now become a “fast-moving consumer goods” expressing lifestyle. How to create a design that can capture the attention of young people and resonate with young people has become the primary goal of the team. Roewe's design team is obviously not satisfied with the current achievements. Facing the wave of consumer rejuvenation, they have been more familiar with the previous experience this time. After the digital rhythm, they introduced the design language of wake-up rhythm. And to realize it on the Roewe Whale, and position it as an exclusive car for the star chasers.

● Both personality and practicality

    Today’s young consumers’ car buying concept is different from the past. The Zhongyong’s design and stable products have long been unable to attract them, while Roewe Whale is trying to create a car that is balanced by the trend through personalized designs such as fastback shape, large space, and tail With practical models.

In this era of information explosion and everything is pursuing short, flat and fast, you may only have a few seconds to attract the attention of consumers. A good design is equivalent to a stepping stone. Only by attracting the attention of consumers can you get more. Make him want to know your time. One of the magic weapons of the Roewe Whale is to adopt a different shape from the previous fastback, with the nose of the dive forward, creating a strong sense of movement. The design of the double tail is more eye-catching than the front, just like a fighter jet. The styling is not only responsible for pulling the wind, but this design also effectively expands the head space of the rear row. At the same time, with the wheelbase of 2760mm, the vehicle takes into account the practicality of space.

● New front face

The new design language also brings a new front face shape. The name of the whale also reminds people of the largest creature in the ocean, the blue whale, which can be said to have its own flow attribute. This design not only meets the needs of styling, but also With the close cooperation of the design team and the engineering team, the entire vehicle will have 3 radars and 12 smart driving cameras to meet the needs of future intelligence.

● More details

In addition to the sporty styling, there are many details of the vehicle that are also worth playing with. The designer calls it a little “whale”, such as the Roewe LOGO in the front windshield area, and the rearview mirror blind spot monitoring indicator light adopts traditional Chinese The lion dance shape all reflects the pursuit of vehicle details by its design team. While striving to meet the design, engineering, safety and other elements, it also brings a bit of fun to consumers. At present, only the appearance of the vehicle has been announced, and perhaps there will be more such easter eggs in the interior of the future waiting for everyone to discover.

● Article summary:

As the first product that awakens the design language by rhythm, the Roewe whale presented by Shao Jingfeng and his team can be said to be quite amazing, jumping out of the previous design concept of the Roewe family, bringing us a refreshing product, and will pursue Personality is combined with practicality and practicality. Although only its appearance is exhibited this time, it is attractive enough. We also look forward to seeing the interior part of the vehicle as soon as possible to see what the design team will bring to us. Surprise.